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Paul Shoots Himself in Foot but Ideas are Bulletproof

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The doctor, the family who said, who voted no to; executive acts of war, the patriot act, federal health care, federal policying in the tsa, dhs, cia, fbi, atf, irs, epa, ama, fed-wall street, etc. now votes yes for mitt romney a supporter and platform for everything the pauls had voted No for.

When a valiant soldier in the fight for liberty, freedom, truth and justice finally lays down his arms after a lifetime of service, all of the accomplishments, victories, battles and conquests are not lost, they do not stop shining as alarm lanterns in the watch tower against tyranny.

The idea of freedom and justice, the spirit of liberty is indeed bulletproof.

The movement of liberty is individual, it is the grassroot, the brush fire and has always been.

The pauls have helped create a movement that is beyond them, with the organizations such as freedom force foundation, oathkeepers, the tenth amendment center, we are change and individuals like joel skousen, andrew napalitano, alex jones, stan monteith, etc. there is no shortage of true liberty patriots.

Let ron retire, let rand go the way of r.a.n.d.; the war of information control is in full offensive, open tyranny is harder and harder to hide, the spirit of personal liberty and the infinite individual potential of each citizen is awakening, the center control of tyranny is failing to maintain dominance over the people.

There is no false flag exercise, no nuclear explosion, no bio weapon, no threat of terror, no son of a patriot not living up to his father’s example; that can kill the idea, this spirit or truth, so long as mankind is in existence.

It is the nature of mankind, it is right of mankind, it is our duty to understand, defend and protect.

Long live freedom from tyranny and oppression from others, long live individual liberty and justice for all.

Bless ron for his years of example, let us all be so diligent, effective and fearless in our defiance of tyranny, in our defense of liberty.

Thank you dr. paul.


Written by sovereignthink

2012/06/12 at 12:06 pm

Yes He Can, Ron Can Win, Ron Paul tipping point

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Yes He Can, Represent Us All; This is a Call to Write-in Ron Paul.

The man who can win in a national independent landslide is Ron Paul.

Obama had 50% of the vote based on withdrawing troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Syria, Pakistan and China

Obama ran on the platform that we can fight wall street, the banks, big agra, big pharma, big insurance, big banks, multinational corpratism and state secrecy.

Obama ran on making healthcare, education, small business and open government attainable.

Obama; like Bush I & II, has committed Extra Constitutional; Iran Contra, Watergate and Vietnam styled crimes.

Bush and Obama support extra judicial execution of unilaterally declared ‘enemies of the state’.

50% of Democrats would not vote for Obama, if there is another choice, if there is anyone like Obama platform that is not another Bush agenda copy. The Majority will not vote for the Neo-con, Federalists, Global Rulers of;  Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson, Fred Karger, Andy Martin, Thaddeus McCotter, Jimmy McMillan, Roy Moore, Rick Perry, Buddy Roemer, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum nor Jonathon Sharkey.

The majority will not vote for Obama, for Obama has been exposed as the full supporter of the Neo-Con Police State.

Under the Brown Shirts of the Bush’s of the Black Shirts of Obama their Police State is the Identical; it supports the same totalitarian despotism of tyranny.

Over 50% of Obama voters and over 50% of Bush Voters will take us into a landslide of Liberty, Freedom and Personal Sovereignty.

We will restore the Republic as the protectorate of the United States of America.

We can represent the Redeclaration of America over the destruction of the person.

We must place the person over the Corperson, the individual over the integrated.

Yes He Can and Ron Paul must Win


Democrats for Paul

ron paul tipping point


Written by sovereignthink

2011/08/16 at 6:03 pm

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