Upholding Individual, State then National Sovereignty against the Enforcement of Global Governence and Tyranny

Dems 4 Paul

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Democrats for Ron Paul

Obama ran on the ticket of ending the wars, fixing the health care market, supporting the unions and individual workers over wall street and multi national corporations, fighting the federal police state’s abusive power, operating in openness without the secrecy and the use of signing orders, upholding the constitutional separation powers within the federal government and restoring constitutional integrity to the government.

He ran on an agenda to fight the neo-con bush doctrine. Obama has not withdrawn the U.S. from Iraq, as promised, he has involved us in yet another undeclared war in Libya. He has expanded the hostilities from Afghanistan to Pakistan, utilizing drone strikes. He has presided over the murder of dozens of Yemenis, none of whom posed any threat to our shores. He has allowed torture for the WikiLeaker, and on U.S. territory. Obama is responsible for the biggest military spending in the history of the world, has bailed out fat cats from Wall Street to Detroit, and still has not closed down our torture chamber in Cuba, again as promised. Ron Paul, in contrast, opposes corporate welfare, and would not only exit, and forthwith, from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, but would do so for hundreds (yes, hundreds) of other nations ranging from Germany to Japan to vast parts of South America, Asia, and Africa. What on earth are we still doing in all these faraway places, the left wing of the Democratic Party might well ask?

Read my lips…no more Bush doctrine, no signing orders, presidential privilege, a withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, close Gitmo and torture, stop the police state, patients rights over big pharma, farmers over FDA, See all vs secrecy, etc.

Obama has done the opposite.

‘Ron Paul is the real deal’ jon steward od the daily show

We have seen an accelerated Bush, neo-con, new world order (NWO) agenda.

Stop the Tyranny and Stop the Empire.

Vote for the only non-‘establishment’ candidate that we have, that is feared by the left and the right.

Stop the B & O railroading (Bush and Obama RR) of the world by the institutional power elite, by electing the only state’s man that is not under the control of global governance, who is not an advocate of the NWO.

Vote for Ron Paul.

Write in candidate, Ron Paul, for the Right candidate.

We must stop the empire from striking back against the individuals fundamental natural rights.

Step out of the matrix of left and right.

Vote up to liberty instead of the Fabian left and right.

Divided we fall down into despotism.

United we rise as the individual sovereigns of our own lives.

Written by sovereignthink

2011/08/14 at 9:27 pm

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