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California Water Story – This is Chinatown USA – a planned, controlled fleecing of America

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In 2009 the water was turned off to the central valley in California in order to preserve the albatross that is the EPA and ESA.

It took three years to bankrupt generations of farmers that had been producing over 50% of the United States crops, doubling world food prices. Farmers that had paid for the California aqueduct have had their water rights foreclose on and dumped into the Ocean, only to reopen, ‘in the nick of time’, to Dole out some water and replant under the new China Bank owned tenant farmers.

Was there Fraud? The district court also found that:

  1. Federal FWS, Fish and Wildlife Service, failed to rely on scientific data available, in direct violation of the Endangered Species Act
  2. Limits Water flows set by the smelt biological opinion were arbitrary and capricious, relying on a deeply flawed and inappropriate methodology
  3. Federal FWS Fish and Wildlife Service’s manipulation of data created material bias, a violation of the Endangered Species Act;
  4. No support in the scientific evidence for the biological opinion’s assertion that operations of the state and federal pumps have contributed to the impacts of other stressors on the smelt. 

A blackout, water dump and the Forced wholesale of America. White House BlackoutRolling Bankruptcies of Municipal Utilities

“It is prohibited to attack, destroy, remove or render useless objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population, such as foodstuffs, agricultural areas for the production of foodstuffs, crops, livestock, drinking water installations and supplies and irrigation works, for the specific purpose of denying them for their sustenance value to the civilian population or to the adverse Party, whatever the motive, whether in order to starve out civilians, to cause them to move away or for any other motive,” states Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions, 1977


States Bailout Accounts Zeroed Out – Trillions More For Bankers

Utah Austerity – Strip Mining Bryce Canyon for Cheap “Federal Coal” Exports to China

Food Safety Modernization Act Unconstitutional – Caps Agriculture, Destroys Local Farms

Feminizing Uranium Added to Water Supply – Worldwide Water Conspiracy

Fluoride Water World – Fluoride Poisoning – Somba Poisoning

The Legacy of Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Fine Prison System

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The Legacy of The Former Governor; Arnold Schwarzenegger;

What I will remember most about the Gubernator?…The Legacy of Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Fine Prison System

Bigger than China Town, He Shut off the Water to the Entire Central Valley not just ‘the san fernando valley’, Bigger than the Inflationist Wizard he Sold Our Straw Men an Emerald colored Tax Debt Based Currency, Bigger Than Roger Rabbit He Openly Legalized the Goontoons Holding Centers.

His kind of Villainy, His Brand of Corruption has come a very long way since his elders where depicted on the Big Screen. Not to be outdone his absolute power corruption is drawn from a Much Darker Place.

During Arnolds Reign, Judge Doom was caught by Eddie Valiant in the foreclosed ACME Corporate factory but the Judge was not Un-Masked as a Counterfeiting Corporatoon Disguised as a Human Being and Masquerading as a Public Servant.

The Evil Corporation was not dissolved and Laughter did not win. ToonTown Broke Down and was Sold For Scrap.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Legalized the Judges Bribery, so Judge Doom simply Threw Eddie in a Detainment Center for Contempt of Court and Held him as a Political Prisoner without Criminal Charges for a year and half; just long enough for things to blow over and the Public Forgot that they used to have a Domain, a  Community Trust or Toons that did what they were drawn up to do or a Republic For which used to stand for Them. Or Private Citizen Investigations, Or what Justice looks like.

Richard Fine was put in an L.A. Prison because he exposed county and state wide bribery as well as the low conviction rate for the government involvement in illegal activity of nearly every single L.A. Judge and wouldn’t tell them where he gotten the Judges financial information; ‘Name Names, and Drop the Charges or Go to Jail!’

Fine Exposed the biggest judicial bribery ring in the history of America, all of the non-partisan state judges were on the county or city take and payroll!

Dictatorially Governor Arnold held an emergency meeting of the legislature, legalized the county paying for the state judges ‘non-partisan’ judgment in county cases And  Fine was sent to prison.

 Millions and Millions of victimless “criminals” are slaves to their Corrections Industry (a bigger industry in the US than auto manufacturing)

Fine Exposed Fraud, the Usury but was silenced and what could have become national exposure was killed and halted in California Concrete.

Usura the Tyrannical Policey State placed him in a cell as it always does


LA Prohibition Mayor Anton Re-Empowers the Capone’s of Pot – Hemp Industry and Exocannabinoid Advocates to Riot

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LA Prohibition County Mayor Antonovich To Re-Empower the Al Capone’s of Pot – Hemp Industry and Exocannabinoid Patients and Researchers to Riot

Freedom Under Attack – L.A. County moves to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated areas – Antonovich and LA County BoS-es Ban Successful Industry for ‘Fear of Robbery’ and to Keep Crime Down.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has moved toward enacting a complete ban on flourishing businesses that may be targets of robbery in a Depressionary economy in the unincorporated areas of the county. Loss of industry and Freedom will remove new tax dollars, jobs, local economy growth, industry development and lawful regulation back to a criminalized  industry of the Black market whereby the most criminal not the most friendly, clean and efficiant are empowered.

In a unanimous vote, the supervisors directed county staff to prepare an ordinance banning pot dispensaries. Mike Antonovich is the author of a motion to Criminalize Medical exocannabinoid Clinics. This would criminalize the regulated commerce of prescribed and controlled distribution as well as agricultural processing and development.

As the County board of supervisors he is the acting city council and now mayor for the unincorporated communities many different cities and independent individuals of Los Angeles County in this Decision. Spearheading the decision of Prohibition for all of the people in the unincorporated areas that exocannabinoids and the Hemp industry in general is not welcome in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County’s Economy. “It leaves the unincorporated portion vulnerable,” said Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, author of the motion. The board, he said, needs to protect residents’ “safety and property values.”

Antonovich believes this Industry is Dangerous on its face and the Unincorporated communities and population of LA County are in danger from it.

Attorney Tulane M. Peterson, added:  “This is a public safety issue. It is not a debate over the medical properties of a drug.” An official with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office said pot-dispensing locations tend to draw crime and violence. “(Dispensaries) are turning a lot of money and have attracted the attention of armed robbers,” Assistant District Attorney Jacquelyn Lacey said.

How Did we Get Here?

After WW1 W.G. Harding was going to return the United States to Pre-War conditions by removing the War or Maritime measures and Institutions. In War time curtain rights can be violated and infringements into the economy were temporarily authorized, Harding wanted a return to Normalcy, a ramping down of the Wartime Policey State.

After Harding’s sudden death the return to Normalcy was lost, most of the Federal War time Policies, subsidies, tariffs, institutions and departments became permanent fixtures in the American tapestry of Federal Institutional Heraldry.

Due to The Charter Mongering consolidation (Most of the major Corporations in the nation had relocated to New Jersey in the decade before the war) and the creation of the Federal Reserve that had taken place just before the Great War; the nation was primed for massive centralization and consolidation.

In order to Secure this newly Consolidate setup, Harding’s Return to Normalcy had to be removed, The New Federal Regulations were needed to be permanently Institutionalized (war time tariffs, subsidies etc. to protect monopoly holds).

Once this was done a bubble needed to be created to consolidate and liquefy the wealth that was still outside of this new system.

In the 20’s we had Families that had owned land for 50-100 years that invested in this new debt speculation system and Lost their Homestead and Their Posterities Savings in the Glass-Stiegel Like Speculation crash.

Federal Police Enforcement of Prohibitions on Alcohol and Drugs allowed the empowerment of mafia crime and fraud into business (with black market, mark-up, artificial bubbles and lawlessness rewarded) as well as local, state and federal government corruption.

We never found Normalcy, never ended prohibition and criminal cartel empowerment and never a return to a Government of State Over Federal for Individual Over All.

Everyone had bought in to the System, the Depression Hit and the 100 year old family farm went to Mr. Potter at the Bank. Farms were seized over any infraction or often outright foreclosure Fraud, the government and Banks Just Seized Property. It was a national emergency, It was an Economic War. A Buying War, A Policy War, A War for Public Opinion, A Propaganda War. And the Goal, the Enemy? Kill the Competition and  the competition was the individual private producer. We were all number, tagged, tracked and enlisted into this management system, so that we could be tracked and managed. Which is UN Constitutional, UN Natural and UN Moral. It is Personal Control From Afar, Remote Rulership, and Centralized Global Governance.

Plastics out of soybeans? 1928-29?


“I may have a job for you, that is, unless you’re still married to that broken-down building and loan. Ha, ha, ha. It’s the biggest thing since radio and I’m lettin’ you in on the ground floor.”

Will you tell that guy I’m giving him the chance of a lifetime? You hear – the chance of a lifetime.

“Now, you listen to me! I don’t want any plastics, and I don’t want any ground floors, and I don’t want to get married – ever – to anyone! You understand that? I want to do what I want to do. And you’re…and you’re…”

Since 1914 Individual States and Communities had the Big Business Money Trust working the individual legislatures to issue total prohibition of intrastate Hemp, Drug and Alcohol Industries. Social Reform Through Prohibition was a Red Herring

Hemp was big competition and threatened the big business’ of petroleum, cotton, soybean and lumber, especially with Mechanical advances in processing and technology.

Hemp Cellulose –

  • Higher Per Acre Yield than Corn,
  • Higher Quality, Cleaner Cellulose
  • Much Lower Water, No Pesticide,  Min. Soil Nutrient Depletion

Hemp Protein –

  • Higher protein yield per acre than soybean
  • Most Complete plant Protein contains all 21 known amino acids (soybean imbalanced amino acids, Hemp no increased estrogen production)
  • Much Lower Water, No Pesticide,  Min. Soil Nutrient Depletion

Hemp Fiber –

  • Higher Per Acre Yield than Cotton
  • Over 24” average fiber length (cotton average over 3”)
  • Strength of fiber is 20x-100x stronger
  • Much Lower Water, No Pesticide,  Min. Soil Nutrient Depletion
  • Material Development potential surpasses cotton into Structural Hemp vs Steel (lighter, stronger, cleaner, cheaper) for Automotive or Construction industries

Hemp Bio Mass –

  • Higher per acre yield than Crab/Blue weed Grass
  • Density and Carbon Highest yield of Any Weed
  • Equivalent Water Needs, No Pesticide,  Min. Soil Nutrient Depletion

Industrial Hemp can be very Small Scale with Extremely High output, in almost any terrain or climate, minimum/low water crop, that can be fully processed on site. A single plant can be processed for Cellulose from the core of the stalk, Protein from the seed, Fiber from the sheath of the stalk, Bio Mass from the stems and leaves.

This Entire Industry has been intentionally bared from American Life and World Commodity Markets, at the profit and for corporations that pollute to Kill Us and Kill Us to control us.

It is all Still Happening again and again the same way Today and what is Left of Value, Liberty, Freedom, Production and Life in the ‘private’ business sector is under it’s final attack.

  • Small Insurance co-ops and Independent/Alternative Method Doctors – Big Corporate Insurance and Health Care wrote the Obama Care Bill/ Obama can Issue Insurance requirement waivers to big business (Teachers Union, McDonald’s, WalMart, Target, etc)
  • Small Farms and Independent Food/Vitamin Processors – Big Agra and Big Global Corporations wrote Food Modernization Act. Making it illegal for any Individual’s to process, buy, sell, trade or give away private garden produce and also spent tens of millions on congress in the few months leading up to the Lame Duck Session alone.
  • Alternative Online Networks and Information Outlets – Main Stream Media and Global Communications Corporations wrote the Communications Act of 1996, the Millennium ‘Dream’ Copyright Act of 2000 and now the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act COICA. Allowing warrantless, unilateral removal of a crimeless website from America’s World Wide (except for the USA) Web.
  • Homeowners and Personal Private investments – Central Banks, Real Estate Lenders and Wall Street/Global Bet Hedge Funds wrote the financial regulations and have received Immunity for blanket Fraud.

28 trillion has been stolen by the private Federal Reserve Bank paid to these very same ‘special interest’ groups and with the desired and stated intention of consolidation and bankrupting the American People, we are being fleeced into more slavery.

97% of all the Federal Reverse ‘bailout’ went to fortune 500 offshore corporations inline with that agenda. Every ‘Dollar’ that the Fed’s Bank is giving to select corporations and offshore banks is a Tax Debt Note Obligation that the Private Federal Reserve Bank is Unilaterally and Secretly Attempting to Make the Citizens of America (and the next 10 generations) Obligated and Enslaved to pay.

And those family homes and savings are being fraudulently foreclosed on.

We do not owe this fraudulent Criminal Debt.

We must Remove the Lien that has been placed on the UnaLienable Human Lives of Every Person Under this Anti-Liberty Beast Machine.

War is a Racket.


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