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TheAlexJonesChannel blocked from Google search results

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After You Tube Restores Alex Jones’ View Count on September 1st…

There is already a New Censorship afoot, Google has block the Alex Jones Channel Youtube home page from all search results.
‘TheAlexJonesChannel’ (  used to come up under in the top 5 search results with the simple search of ‘alex jones’ in Google.
Now even a search of ‘TheAlexJonesChannel’ or ‘alex jones youtube channel’ do not return a listing for the Alex Jones Youtube Channel homepage. This is like searching for ‘National Public Radio NPR’ or ‘Fox Business Channel FBC’ and not getting there homepage only websites produced by the individual reporters.
This is a Targeted Google Search Kill Switch, to silence key voices of ideas at specific crucial times.
We all need to get out and talk face to face with family, friends and neighbours. Have a neighbourhood grill-out with free hotdogs, get a bell and fliers, get a soapbox. We must create and establish, simple open lines of communication against the loss of liberty and justice, before the big kill switch is thrown and we don’t have the internet or cell phones.
BART Police use Kill Switch to prevent Protest over Killer Police
Google Removed TheAlexJonesChannel from search results

Google Removed TheAlexJonesChannel from search results

It is a total kill switch, a media blackout, a deliberate attack.
The only return that is coming up are the actual Youtube video results produced and posted by TheAlexJonesChannel.
The old link that was to the TheAlexJonesChannel homepage has been completely blacklisted from search results on Google.
Time to admit to doing evil Google and that you are fighting the wrong side of this information war with violations of civil liberty, threat fusion collusion and even simple equity with regard to the  access of the public domain.
Silence opposition, ends justify the means, RAND corp. game theory, central control and power, to make a profit. This should be the Google creed, as it is for every other multinational Corp-erson. 
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News Corp Spying Operations Small Time Compared with Giant Google

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The Murdock News Corp company, News of the World, stole personal information from private citizens and government officials.

Murdock closed the168 year old paper, News of the World, for misconduct.

There were hearings held by the government, to determine the extent of the criminal involvement of Rupert Murdock.

As well the top two law enforcement officers of the nation have stepped down.

This is Tyranny that the British will not stand for but the Americans seem to eat by the truck load, is as much as, Google street view sweep steals everyone’s information. (not just from those that will sell newspapers and not just in London but in nations throughout the world)

Google finally admits that its Street View cars DID take emails and passwords from computers

Google’s popular Street View project may have collected personal information of members of Congress, including some involved in national security issues.

Google accused of criminal intent over StreetView data

Google is “almost certain” to face prosecution for collecting data from unsecured wi-fi networks, according to Privacy International (PI).

A History of Google Government Ties

As most of us know, the internet was established by the Pentagon. It now serves as the most effective surveillance medium known to man. Thus it makes perfect sense Google is driving around sucking up data from unsecured wi-fi networks.

Unless Rupert Murdock is going to have a higher moral standard than our Federal Officers and the USA Military Industrial Corporations; shouldn’t Rand Corp and CIA Corp, close down their company for stealing personal information from private citizens and government officials?

Shouldn’t Eric Schmidt and Larry Page stand to answer questions before a grand jury?

And, as the top two law enforcement officers, shouldn’t the head of the NSA and CIA step down in disgrace?

Is there no resistance to tyranny; no defense of liberty or justice, left in the American republic officials or the American public?

Have we given such credence in this nation to fighting terrorists or blind loyalty to the homeland, that we will allow such full spectrum spying and surrender total personal regulation?

The answer is yes. Such behavior is only the tip of the iceberg when one considers parallel vacuum-cleaner surveillance of all electronic communications by the NSA.

Total Threat Fusion Surveillance Information Integration and Awarence

Total Threat Fusion Surveillance Information Integration and Awarence

ECHELON: The Global Eavesdropping Scheme Dwarfs Murdoch’s “News of the World”

Google Gate – An Intelligent Prison is this Smart Grid

Google Gates Jobs gate; The RanD Giants Conspiracy

Stop, Think, Connect the Dots; The Patriot Act, FEMA, DHS, Infra-Guard, TSA, NSTIC and TrustMark Citizenship


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Google Gate – An Intelligent Prison is this Smart Grid

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Cyber-Transformation Actions–US Program to Detect “Resentment” and Other Terrible Human Emotions

featured on – Alan Watt ‘Cutting Through The Matrix’ – January 18th, 2012

Global Governance – Individual Austerity Control – A Recent Timeline to Total Enslavement

Barrack Obama has launched National Cyber-Transformation actions in the United States with the announcement of the Commerce Department’s new division of The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace NSTIC, announced at Stanford University Jan 2011.

The United States Executive Using STUXNET, WIKILEAKS, CYBERATTACK, Identity Theft as well as Venezuela/China styled National Security rationale of denouncing out rage toward public authorities, inciting hatred, engender resistance among the general public or endanger public order as crimes against the state.

 “A Swiss professor working with a Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist who heads the Mind Machine Project there outlined how this program operates through computerized scanning of phone calls and electronic messages sent through e-mail and social networking mechanisms,” reports the Buffalo News.

The system works by detecting “resentment in conversations through measurements in decibels and other voice biometrics,” more specifically the emotional spikes that characterize “hatred and deep resentment toward government.”

“As for written transmissions scrutinized by the computer program, it can detect the same patterns of fixation on specified subjects,” states the report.

Once an individual has been identified as harboring “resentment toward government,” the information can be “passed along to authorities so surveillance can begin.”

Google Spies World Wide (‘We know all’)

**News Corp ‘News of the World’ Spying Operations Small Time Compared with Giant Google**

Google is integrated in management of major police forces email and communication systems through out America, they provide intelligence to federal threat fusion centers, DHS, FBI, ICE, Local law enforcement, CPS, etc. This might be why their activities do not get called in for hearings. (These activities would provide ‘dirt’ on everyone).

Department of Homeland Security Mind Reading Division

– Malintentions Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST)

The Big Brother Orwellian; Google Gates Jobs gate; The RanD Giants Police State

2012 – Is the Government Watching and Warring with the Public?

NDAA: citizen detainment – SOPA: civilian targeting


How many times do you flush, too much hot water, which of the 250 devices in my house am I using? National Security needs gets to know.

Now we need a Big Brother ‘Black Box’ to keep us safe at Home and a Smart Grid to keep us safe in the World?

And Mainstream Corporate Statism Industry is to Take Over by these Physical Controls?

The New Freedom is; we are being asked to give into Uniform Spying Equipment Installed in each Home to Monitor Everyone Equally and Totally.

We are being told that in order to enjoy the level of freedom that we currently have, we must be safe, we must do the democratic thing and Install Big Brothers Home Monitors. We must create a smart grid that will allow Corporate Statism to monitor and control every aspect of your life.

One of the Corportate Statism’s pushers, Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller said this was not for just military or intelligence concerns. “It is a lot more than that. It suddenly gets into the realm of traffic lights and rail networks and water and electricity,”

Nancy Pelosi slipped the fact that “Every aspect of our lives must be subject to inventory” in order to fight global warming in reference to her China visit

Mark Klein reported the multinational corporation he worked for was doing this at the government’s request.

The “vacuum-cleaner surveillance” approach grabs everything. “Despite what we are hearing, I simply do not believe their claims that the NSA’s spying program is really limited to foreign communications or is otherwise consistent with the NSA’s charter or with FISA [the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act],” Klein said in 2006.

Interstate 15 all through Utah is License Plate Camera Tracked, Virtually Every Mile, Every Traffic Light in Every One Traffic Light Town! Everywhere we go, they know. Taxed by the Mile and Toll Roads or Freedom to Travel?

Orwell’s eyes would be spinning at this Unnatural in name of Saving Nature, this terrifying war on terror, this Intellegent Prison, this Smart Grid.


 ‘Publicly Available Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness Initiative of 2010’or Media Monitoring Initiative (MMI) under which;

The Office of Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS), National Operations Center (NOC), will launch and lead the Publicly Available Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness (Initiative). The NOC and participating components1 may also share this de-identified information with international partners and the private sector where necessary and appropriate for coordination (of SPYING on the Public).

And in the latest Privacy Compliance Review of the Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness Initiative in 2011


Based on OPS/NOC’s demonstrated compliance with the June 22, 2010 PIA and consistent with the statutory mission of OPS/NOC, PRIV and OPS/NOC decided to further broaden the program’s capability to collect additional information in a limited number of situations in order to respond to the evolving operational needs of DHS and OPS/NOC. PII on the following categories of individuals may be collected when it lends credibility to the report or facilitates coordination with federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, foreign, or international government partners:

i. U.S.and foreign individuals in extremis situations involving potential life or death circumstances;

ii. Senior U.S. and foreign government officials who make public statements or provide public updates;

iii.U.S.and foreign government spokespersons who make public statements or provide public updates;

iv. U.S.and foreign private sector officials and spokespersons who make public statements or provide public updates; and

v. Names of anchors, newscasters, or on-scene reporters who are known or identified as reporters in their post or article or who use traditional and /or social media in real time to keep their audience situationally aware and informed.

vi. Current or former public officials who are victims of incidents or activities related to Homeland Security

vii. Known terrorists, drug cartel leaders, or other persons known to have been involved in major crimes or terror of Homeland Security interest who are killed or found dead.

Google Gates Jobs gate has seen the 20 year Implementation of a Globally Centralized Big Brother system, under an electronic Smart Grid, an Intelligent Prison Planet and the birth of the Electronic Citizen Rating Eco-system in Determining Individual Trustmark (e-C.R.E.D.I.T.)A Price Tag and Tracking Tag for Every Person in the World, the Human Resource, the marked beasts of burden. Personal Austerity.

This has been reached with total government and private market integration since 1900. The Modern incarnation is that of complete mobile phone movement recording and storage, auto filtering and filing all electronic communications, all purchases and transactions, monitored in home activity and energy usages, Centralized Circuit (C.C.) Fusion Center integrated Cameras and monitoring systems with bio, plate, behavioral monitoring systems, expanded enhancements into private/municipal surveillance grids, as well as network accessible IP cameras in the Hands of Every, Thought Crime, Suspicious Activity and MALINTENT Reporting, Child in America.

This in addition to centrally regulated integration and data basing requirements of the public and private; financial, transportation, communications industrial, and commerce sectors, have allowed government enforcement near TIA (total information awareness) and intelligence factoring of individual predictive capacity up to 80% of actuaries.

Under the Banner of Central Planning, of Lowering Costs, Integration, Limiting Waste, preventing APGCH, Identify Theft, Patient and Consumer Protection, Patent and Copy Right Protection, Child Protection, Drugs, Terrorism, Domestic Extremism, Inciteful Radicalism and for Security in Home Land Investments, we have been enslaved in a valueless Credit system of speculation and fear.

There can be no Speculation on Personal, Private, Individual; Freedom, Liberty and Justice. We the people either have it or we don’t.

The most rare, the most unique, the most singular creation on earth is the individual human being.

For any Individual to be rated, determined, planned, controlled, ordered, regulated or limited by force, fraud or coercion is the gravest of all Crime.

It is the Crime in Violation of the Law and the Principle.

It is Tyranny and Oppression over the heart, mind, will, spirit, soul, value and potential of an infinite singularity of untold capacity for creation. 

It is slavery of every action and a lien on every increase that any individual ever dares to dream to do.

Standup, Speak the Truth, Go Local and Re-Public



National Security

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