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US State Department trained Egyptian Bloggers for Revolution

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Iraq was a good war – it sparked the Arab spring or did it?

The Sunday Times in London by Colleen Graffy

 ‘…public diplomacy that was used during the cold war was shifted to harness the 21st-century power of the internet and mobile phones. In 2008 the State Department joined forces with Google, Facebook and others to teach social activists around the world how to use social media to advance positive changes for civil society.

‘This included learning how to switch over Sim cards from mobiles and protect online identities. One attendee was from Egypt: he said he and his fellow activists planned to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak through the use of social media. ‘

25 Oct 10 Tweet @Colleen_Graffy Colleen Graffy

Egyptian govt can censor 1 million newspapers but not 60 million cell phones. Social media is changing landscape:

Google CEO very, very proud of overthrowing government

Obama Calls for invasion of Libya as Google Overthrows Egyptian Government

Egyptian Internet Kill Switch – United States Internet M.A.D. Switch

Stop, Think, Connect the Dots; The Patriot Act, FEMA, DHS, Infra-Guard, TSA, NSTIC and TrustMark Citizenship


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New World Order Timeline 2011-2016

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Anti NWO Paintings – Full Gallery artwork by sovereignthink


NWO flow chart, New World Order 2011 timeline

NWO flow chart, New World Order 2011 timeline

1. (WWII)

World War II


– Dollar World Reserve Currency

– Military Industrial Complex


2. (FRB)

Federal Reserve Bank

– World Reserve Currency

– Empowered; endowments, wealth funds, foundations and trusts

– Debt/Tax/Lien/Usura Based Fiat System


3. (BIS)

Bank of International Settlements

– International corporate law

– Global corporatism

– Multinational corp-ersonhood citizenship


4. (IMF)

International Monetary Fund

Global fiat loan sharking

Lien upon public


Public domain ownership


5. (WB)

The World Bank

– International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)

– International Development Association (IDA)

– International Finance Corporation (IFC)

– Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)

– International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)


6. (UN/NATO)

The United Nations /North Atlantic Trade Organization

– UN-ationhood

– World Army


7. Bank of England

– Foundation X

– UK money trust

– Anglo Power Elite


8. (CoR)

Vatican/ Club of Rome


– Humankind as cancer

– Climate Change

– Agenda 21

– Codex alimentarius

– Deindustrialization

– 501c3 – Transhumanism


9. (EEC)

European Economic Community


European Union

Euro Currency

United States of Europe

Under European Constitution



Africa Command

Middle East

– Internal color revolutions

– Arab Spring

– Rebel uprisings

– NATO peace keeping


11. (SAU)

South America Union


South America Command

– UN Governance Regulation

– Population Relocation

– Debt Obligation


12. (SDR)

Special Drawing Rights

– International financial austerity regulations

(OWC) – One World Currency – The BANCOR

– Global Bank Corporation

– International world fiat reserve currency


13. (C&T)

Cap & Trade

Co2 Regulation

– Deindustrialization Enforcement

– International Carbon Tax

– Carbon Credit Exchange

– Life Cycle Taxation, Life Lien


14.  (PACIACOM) Pacific Command

China/Archipelago/Eastern Pacific Islands


Australia/Eastern Pacific Islands


Shanghai Cooperation Organization

– China

– India

– Russia


15. (TIA)

Total Information Awareness

– Digital

– Telecom

– Real World Smart Grid Hardware

Threat Fusion Crime Prevention Integration


16. (TPC)

Total Population Control

– Food & Water

– Currency

– Medication & Health

– Laws, Regulation & Enforcement


17. (NWO)

New World Order

Global Governance

– Technocratic Feudalism

– No National/Personal Sovereignty

The State is God

– sovereignthink

Global Elite Graph – A Global Governance Timeline (full)

See I a Wicked Witch of the East in the Illusionary Al Qaeda

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We have never been at war with the Taliban base of Afghan Freedom Fighters; we have always been at war with the Al Qaeda, Middle East Terrorists Bases.

See I, a database in the CIA Database.

The CIA base of Operators hasn’t changed in 30 years.

The Al Qaeda operations haven’t changed in 30 years. 

Why is the Federal Reserve Propping Up the Bank of Libya?

The Emerald city, Greenbacked, Illusionary Dangers ‘behind the curtain” threaten, in bad theatre, the existence of the Freedom and Liberty within the United States, to give the Federal Reserve Bank Private Stock  Holders, other multi-national money power interest holdings.

WAR IS A RACKET Major General Smedley Butler


Al Qaeda’s Dark Secret Exposed


CIA Operative Appointed to Run Al-Qaeda Connected Libyan Rebels


Webster Tarpley: The CIA’s Libya Rebels-The Same Terrorists who Killed U.S. NATO Troops in Iraq

RT: Al-Qaeda Works for The CIA

Al-Qaeda 100% Pentagon Run

For this doublethink, this myth, this illusion, we have given away our sacred honor.

Speak out against Imperialism and Government Sponsored Terrorist and Violent Action taken in our names.


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