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See I a Wicked Witch of the East in the Illusionary Al Qaeda

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We have never been at war with the Taliban base of Afghan Freedom Fighters; we have always been at war with the Al Qaeda, Middle East Terrorists Bases.

See I, a database in the CIA Database.

The CIA base of Operators hasn’t changed in 30 years.

The Al Qaeda operations haven’t changed in 30 years. 

Why is the Federal Reserve Propping Up the Bank of Libya?

The Emerald city, Greenbacked, Illusionary Dangers ‘behind the curtain” threaten, in bad theatre, the existence of the Freedom and Liberty within the United States, to give the Federal Reserve Bank Private Stock  Holders, other multi-national money power interest holdings.

WAR IS A RACKET Major General Smedley Butler


Al Qaeda’s Dark Secret Exposed


CIA Operative Appointed to Run Al-Qaeda Connected Libyan Rebels


Webster Tarpley: The CIA’s Libya Rebels-The Same Terrorists who Killed U.S. NATO Troops in Iraq

RT: Al-Qaeda Works for The CIA

Al-Qaeda 100% Pentagon Run

For this doublethink, this myth, this illusion, we have given away our sacred honor.

Speak out against Imperialism and Government Sponsored Terrorist and Violent Action taken in our names.


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