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Obama Calls for invasion of Libya as Google Overthrows Egyptian Government

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Obama Calls for invasion for Libya as Google Overthrows Egyptian Government

As Egypt falls as yet another country, Libya, is set to be invaded in the UN US Global game of risk. 

Gaddafi is armed to the teeth with nerve gas, mustard gas, med-long range missiles and high tech weaponry supplied from the British, just as the British are immediately making new sales in Egypt where the Muslim brotherhood are taking control.

We are seeing the enactment of the ‘arch of crises, the breakup of the ‘Axis of Terror’. We are seeing crisis creation. A World War in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, the West Bank, Lebanon are all under constant threat of a Google Rainbow Revolution like Elbaradei and Mubarak in Egypt or Invasions and Actions chasing Al Qaedain from nation-to-nation Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and now Libya.

Announcing the International Move, of the next nation to be attacked, in their Global game of Risk.

Let all the individual people rebel and create a state of sovereign being for themselves. Billions of foreign dollars, arms and rainbow revolutions seem to dominate and over power the personal accomplishments of resistance.

We need to truly throw off the yolk, we must clearly throw back the curtain, we require a peaceful and sound accounting.

We in The Republic of the United States of America can be the example and Light of Liberty for the Individual and Justice for All once again in the world.

Unlike most nations in the Middle East or indeed the world, we in America can revolt against the Globalist Forces and Multinational Corporate Trusts without threat of invasion. It is a position that the United States soundly holds.

We in the US can audit the federal reserve, allow local regulation, local corporate chartering (instead of federal and international law) and patent deregulation.

We can create the industry and export products for true sovereign individualizing, self sustaining, self determining, self empowering, decentralizing technologies that can free people from authoritative controls over individual water, food, clothing, shelter energy and production.

We can export technological tools for individual survival and base autonomy.

We in The Republic of the United States of America spend more on our current military budget than all of the rest of the world’s nations total budgets combined.

This is the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned the Pubic to drastically change and safe guard against or it would consume our Nation’s Liberty, Justice, Freedom and Posterity.

This Industry Must Be Re-Publiced.

We must remove the Corporate Charters, Dissolve them and Redraw them to refocus research and development (RanD) and manufacturing away from missiles and bombs, away from more tanks and planes, away from keeping a plane in the air forever and  instead on powering a home forever.

We have the power to beat our swords to plowshares.

The power of those plowshares, from what was Once the Mightiest Sword On Earth, could till all the soil and make all that is barren a garden for human life.

A plowshare with the power and ability to truly offer every member of humanity their personal Freedom, Liberty and Potential.

We own this Sword,  This sword acts in our name, This sword is the sword of Justice and Its True use is only for the Defense of Liberty.


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2011/02/28 at 6:06 pm

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