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US Loses World Trust Rating

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US Loses World Trust Rating – Getting the Credit Deserved?

World Money Trusts Institutions, led by US Bankers, have created unlimited fraud with the Federal Reserve debt note system.

The US dollar will take a huge hit as the trust and belief in the stability of theUnited Statesfalls.

The world does not believe that theUnited Stateswill be able to meet the obligation to pay the debt notes off on time.

What was once an example of the greatest nation of wealth, production and generosity, has become to the greatest nation of debt, service and violence.

How this was done;

– first in removing congress obligation to mint and coin the republic’s money through the contract with the private Federal Reserve Bank,

– second by removing the gold and silver that is contractual by law for the payment of debts in the public domain

– and third through the corruption and removal of just, legal protections of the community trust such as with; SANTA CLARA COUNTY v. SOUTHERN PACIFIC 1886, allowing corporations federal protection as freed property and personhood under the 14th amendment; as well as the repeal of the Glass-Stiegel Act, enabling savings banks with fractional reserve ability, to act as a speculation investment firms.

We are not obligated to the fraudulent debt, nor are we subjects to the holder’s lien. 

We are obligated to our children and to nations abroad, to stand up against all debt fraud committed against the inalienable rights of human beings.

We will not stand by any longer over;

The Surrender of Sovereign Constitutional Authority to the Federal Reserve,

The Elimination of Commodity tied Currency to Debt Obligation Currency and involuntary, corrupt Lien Notes

The Wholesale destruction of the Public Domain and Community Trust to Multinational Foundations and their central planning, consolidated, New World Order

There are quadrillions of dollars in debt notes that were created by fraudulent bankers through the corruption of theUnited States’ public domain. Debt which is greater than the World’s GBP hundreds of times over.

The Debt Ceiling Increase is an attempt to ‘cover’ theUSdebt notes with ever larger involuntary obligation, liens and austerity on the children of men.

The Super Congress is to act outside the constitutional republic and democratic representation to which they have sworn, in order to ensure that this enslavement takes place.

The US Credit Rating should fall, for we must not pay fraudulent debt but instead bring the perpetrators of the fraud to Justice, and there by remove all of the world’s fraudulent debt.

We will stand against these central banks tyrannical actions and corruption of real value.

We will be as the army of Icelandic citizens who decried the fraud and simply said no.

The World is right we will default on the fraudulent lien, this will be destabilizing for the current system of corruption, it will destroy it, for this is an economic war andAmericahas been losing.

OurLiberty, Freedom and Justice are tarnished. Our example of, for and by the people has been lost. Our high road has been made low.

We must turn away from inaction to become saviors and protectors of Truth, Equity and Justice for all, under restored constitutional and natural law.

Reawaken the Spirit of 1776, Restore Truth, Equity and Justice, Re-Public our nation.


Our Troops do NOT Protect Our Freedom and We Should Stop Thanking Them for Doing So

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2011/08/08 at 3:37 pm

The Balloonist of the Emerald City – The Inflationist of the Greenback DC

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Yellow Bricked Rhodes – IMF, World Bank, UN – SDR the Keynesian BanCor

Expansionary fiat monetary policy normally involves a lowering of short-term interest rates by the central bank.

However, when such interest rates are either at, or close to, zero, and money can’t be given away because of the Hostile Economic Environment, standard fiat monetary policy can no longer function, and quantitative easing may be used by the monetary authorities in order to lower interest rates further out on the yield curve to lower than Zero in an attempt to force stimulate the economy.

With Quantitative Easing.

Quantitative Easing (QE) is an unconventional monetary policy used in fiat central bank systems to stimulate their planned and controlled economy. With no external buyers or purchasers available, (citizenry, business or foreign investors) the central bank creates money which the bank itself uses to buy government bonds and other financial assets backed by future public tax obligations (or Monetizing Debt), in order to increase the money supply and add additional reserves to the banking system; This Raises the prices of future products and financial assets purchased (which lowers the yield or quantity at purchase).

However Risks and Fraud in this system always include the policy being more effective than intended in specific economic areas and hyper inflation occurs (Weimar or Zimbabwe)


of not being effective enough in other areas, with the loss of sustainable value, banks opt simply to sit on the additional cash in order to increase their capital reserves for share holders and consolidate real commodity holdings by waiting for the increasing default and foreclosure trends in their present loan portfolio to subside.

Gold, silver, coal, oil any real commodity back currency in what is needed to have a true free market that is Just, Honest and Equitably of, for and by the people. It is required for the capital, the currency, the exchange to have, hold and represent real value in a legitimately open capitalist system.

When we start adding money to the bank in the Game of Monopoly, because the amount provided by parker brothers has run out, odds are the game will never end and the player will just go round and round a board filled, with no more room to build or change and with enough to pay every time. Not enough change or ‘freedom’ in the system and the game hits a draw, the merry-go-round broke down and further play becomes pointless.

If we do not stop playing this game nothing will every change and No one else will ever get a chance to enjoy playing.


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