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Bomb Scare Epidemic – Bomb Threat Terrorism

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After the Boston bombing, on 4/23/2013, I started a search page on the simple term…

‘bomb threat’

Below are some of the top results…and they lead me to this question?

The bombing appears to be far smaller, yet like 9-11 it appears we are under a national psychological attack, an attack that will allow us to accept even further government groping and intrusion into our bodies and lives.

Shocking Footage: Americans Ordered Out Of Homes At Gunpoint By SWAT teams

Will this new psychological moment define another generation of Americans?


This will not just be a generation that does not know meeting a loved one at the gate but a generation that doesn’t know a USA which is not a police state?


Is this only in Boston…or is this the new national bomb state?

Is this the next defining terror event that is ‘not allowed go to wasted’, hyped, exaggerated and faked?

Here are my search results for ‘bomb threat’…

Students say Houston teen charged in bomb threat made calls while 

Houston Chronicle-3 hours agoShare

An 18-year-old Westbury High School student is behind bars, accused of making two bomb threats this month that prompted the evacuation of 

Oak Hill: Two days, two bomb threats

Lewiston Sun Journal-3 hours agoShare

WALES — A bomb threat cleared Oak Hill High School on Tuesday morning shortly after RSU 4 Superintendent Jim Hodgkin returned from Oak 

South Hills Village Evacuated After Bomb Threat

CBS Local-Apr 22, 2013Share

BETHEL PARK (KDKA) – One man has been arrested after a bomb threat forced the South Hills Village to be evacuated Sunday evening.

3 Alabama hospitals evacuated after bomb threats

Fox News-Apr 22, 2013Share

CULLMAN, Ala. – Telephoned bomb threats forced the evacuation of three hospitals in north Alabama overnight, and police say an escaped 

Bay Area schools see spike in bomb threats since Boston attack

KTVU San Francisco-11 hours agoShare

The Bay Area has seen a discernible uptick in the number of bomb threats and reports of suspicious packages in the week since the Boston 

Edison, Woodbridge schools see empty bomb threats

Edison Sentinel-2 hours ago

EDISON — Last week saw three bomb threats at Edison High School, with one on the same day as the bomb attack at the Boston Marathon.

Bomb threat forces evacuation of Seabreeze office building

Daytona Beach News-Journal-Apr 22, 2013Share

People wait outside the Raymond James building on Seabreeze Boulevard in Daytona Beach as police respond to a bomb threat Monday 

Police Arrest Jail Escapee Accused Of Making Three Bomb Threats hours agoShare

CULLMAN, Ala. (WHNT) – A man is under arrest accused of calling in bomb threats to three hospitals. Deputies in Cullman County arrested 33 

Hobbs teen charged with making bomb threats –

KRQE-Apr 22, 2013Share

 a place for troubled teens. Police say he admitted to smoking spice and making the calls. Moreno is now charged with making a bomb threat.

Man arrested for making bomb threats at SLC Marathon

ABC 4-20 hours agoShare

The so-called joke was this: according to police Zinn “sent an email to the SLC Marathon Marketing group requesting to place bombs at the 

Layton school evacuated after bomb threat

Salt Lake Tribune-18 hours agoShare

Layton school evacuated after bomb threat. Police » Pipe bomb containing rifle gunpowder could have caused serious injury if joined with lit 

Police respond to spate of Southern California bomb threats

Los Angeles Times-Apr 19, 2013Share

Bomb squads from Hollywood to East L.A. to Berkeley have been busy as law enforcement officers responded to multiple bomb threats in the 

police respond to multiple bomb threats, suspicious packages over 2 

Arizona Republic-Apr 19, 2013

Police have responded to several bomb threats and suspicious packages since Wednesday, the most recent a possible bomb threat reported in 

Hackers Threaten To Bomb The White House Within 24 Hours

Hollywood Life-by Chloe Melas-1 hour agoShare

The hacker group that posted the financial information of Michelle Obama and other celebs just threatened to bomb the White House within the 

Highland Park High School student arrested in bomb threats

Dallas Morning News-Apr 17, 2013Share

A 16-year-old Highland Park High School student was arrested Wednesday, accused of making multiple bomb threats that prompted early 

Tour Bus Passengers Evacuate After Bomb Threat Reports – RTTNews

RTT News-2 hours agoShare

Around 1:30PM Monday, bomb threats were reported on a bus passing through San Juan County in the southeastern portion of the state.

After multiple scares, officials say false bomb threats carry heavy 

WWL-Apr 19, 2013Share

Friday’s bomb threat at the Marriott was the second on Canal Street in less than 24 hours, and the fourth in the city of New Orleans in three days 

Bomb Threat Evacuates Stamford Courthouse 22, 2013Share

bomb threat caused the evacuation of the Stamford Courthouse early Monday when state and local authorities brought in K-9 units to clear 

Another bomb threat: This time, Ogden school evacuated

Salt Lake Tribune-14 minutes agoShare

In the latest of a rash of post-Boston Marathon bombing threats, students and staff at an Ogden elementary school were evacuated late 

LA bomb threat: Hooters and Cal State evacuated

GlobalPost-Apr 19, 2013Share

While one of the threats, against UC Berkeley, was treated by local police as low risk, the other threat against Cal State Los Angeles was taken 

Relocated to Mountains and Found Rural People Living Under Federal Camera Control

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Restoring free agency and sovereign liberty in Utah will not be easy because,

DEA wants to scan license plates on I-15 in southern Utah; , Deseret News. They have them.

Now, I moved back to Utah and found a fully federally integrated policy state in action;

The county imprisonment system (known as purgatory prison) is a privately owned and operated corporation; the I15, ‘interstate corridors’ and even the stoplights of the very smallest towns, are all under constant federal and police enforcement surveillance cameras, (the Threat Fusion Eye sees all, guilt is presumed, your activity will be held and used against you). The federal government and multinational corporations, via federal regulation and international corporate law, have taken over the private and public domain ofUtah.

A federal surveillance camera on every street corner.

citizen threat fusion federal surveillance tracking

citizen threat fusion federal surveillance tracking

All public activity is suspected guilty until proven innocent, is recorded as evidence to be held and used against you.

southern utah cameras

But it gets worse, the state is not only fully integrated with the federal/multi national corporate system but the individual citizens of Utah are integrated and dependant as well; those that are under the employ or who are directly dependant to federal/state welfare/income, is extremely high; in addition those that work for, ‘Out of State/nation’, multi-national corporate profit, make up a vast majority of those employed within the state.

The small minority of local business remaining, is almost entirely service sector; and the very, very small percentage left after that, makes up the state’s true GDP (or intrastate wealth creation).

This true GDP being the actual; production, commodity creation and manufacturing of goods done within the state for the profit of citizens of the state. Nearly all this true GDP is agricultural with small fractions in art and raw materials.

Hard goods, furniture, clothing, building materials and textiles have decreased massively to become a shell over the last 30 years; this has also happened in nearly every manufacturing sector and base commodity production within the state.

Made inUtahhas become an almost nonexistent term, within just 35 years.

Now even small local ranchers and farmers are unprotected and under attack. This is going on while the states natural resources and land have become more federally ‘owned’ and controlled, than ever before. The local intrastate control and ownership of industry has been destroyed by federal executive power, under selective ‘wavers’ via EPA and the FDA regulation and policy enforcement.

The old ways and works of the LDS church have been neutered with 501c3 laws and corrupted into supporting federal force over free agency.

If Utah declared sovereign state control with; ownership over their land management; enforced corporate state law over federal and international corporate law; restored legal, lawful and just financial exchange; and secured all civil, private and personal intrastate activities for their people, then Free Agency and individual sovereign liberty in Utah could be restored.

For within each state…

We must police ourselves, we can care for our own needy, we are the stewards of our land and of our personal production and we are responsible for our children’s education, health and safety.

We must defend against involuntary liens on the inalienable; the food, clothing and shelter of the free citizenry’s private property and absolute authority over the creation of their personal domain.

We must have hostility in our hearts for tyranny against the Free Agency of any man, woman and child. Under the Oath in which; congress shall make no law with regard to the individual’s fundamental natural right to defend and determine their; person, profession, production, exchange, crops, contracts, religion, speech and press; indeed all private voluntary actions encompassed in an individual’s personal pursuit of happiness.

We must protect everyone’s Fundamental Natural Rights, those rights being; any action or activity of agency that every individual can claim or do simultaneously without forcing someone else to serve in the action of their agency.

Congress Shall Make No Law against free agency, No law against these sovereign and self determined, infinite individuals’ potential pursuits of happiness.

A moral society must lead by an instigating will setting an example for voluntary choice of others to follow, tyranny rules by instigating a force of will over the involuntary action of others to obey.

We must stop enforcing the will of the State and Federal Government over the voluntary action and will of the local community and society; we must stop casting their stones at each other and start endorsing individual sovereignty to restore the stewardship over our authority as individuals.

We must defend free agency.

Then we must secure it.

SupportUtah’s authority over its land (repel federal claim on the Utahan’s public domain for multinational corporate gain)

SupportUtah’s legal tender act (trade and exchange locally and do it in gold and silver)

SupportUtah’s truth and justice (ensure local officers, agents, councils and servants of the community are defenders of local liberty, justice and open honesty, from internal and external violations)

SupportUtah’s independence (demand a state bank, a state commodity depository and state corporate law)

SupportUtah’s sovereignty (enact local and state interposition against illegal federal regulation and violations of power; with full prosecution of SEC, EPA, ATF, TSA, IRS or DHS officers)

  1. Utah Garden Challenge Actually Government Registration In Disguise
  2. Utah Man Cited For Trying to Pay $25 Doctor’s Bill in Pennies
  3. Utah lawmaker seeks to limit TSA pat-downs
  4. Utah Monetary Declaration: States Can Financially Break Away From Federal Government
  5. Utah Considers Return to Gold, Silver Coins
  6. Utah Approves Guest Worker Program for Illegal Immigrants
  7. Utah’s $1.5 billion cyber-security center under way
  8. DOJ sues Utah over state’s illegal immigration enforcement law


‘In short, the government of each state is, and is to be, sovereign and supreme in all matters that relate to each state only. It is to be subordinate barely in those matters that relate to the whole; and it will be their own faults if the several states suffer the federal sovereignty to interfere in things of their respective jurisdictions. An instance of such interference with regard to any single state, will be a dangerous precedent as to all, and therefore will be guarded against by all, as the trustees or servants of the several states will not dare, if they retain their senses, so to violate the independent sovereignty of their respective states, that justly darling object of American affections, to which they are responsible, besides being endeared by all the charities of life. ‘

-John Dickinson (Fabius), Letter III, 1788

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2011/06/28 at 3:17 pm

Google CEO very, very proud of overthrowing government

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Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt supports Overthrow of government and total transparency? Yes, I think so…but who can trust a RAND, CIA and NSA Created Corporation’s CEO? A Google Run Rebellion and Uprising? Not the Google rebellion Murdoch had in mind?


Google’s cyberactivist Wael Ghonim, an executive at the company emerged as a leading voice of the Egyptian revolution and spearheaded the uprising.

Mr Ghonim is head of marketing for Google Middle East and Google North Africa.

How did he help facilitate and become one of the leaders of the Egyptian Re-publicing? For the last half year he created brush fires in the hearts of Egyptians Everywhere with the page ‘We are all Khaled Said’. Named in honor of a 28-year-old Egyptian protester who was tortured by Egyptian police.

The ‘We are all Khaled Said’ Facebook page, Twitter Account, Google technology and excellent search tools that Ghonim used, helped spark the uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

And Just like Khaled Said, in a DHS Police Styled Secret Arrest, Ghonim was illegally captured by the Egyptian Government’s Military Police.

“We are All Wael Ghonim.” Became the Battle Cry of the People, the “I am Spartacus” of Egyptians in Google’s Revolution Factory, Alliance of Youth Movements and the Color Revolution 2.0

As the revolution seemed to be losing steam, seemingly against all odds, Mubarak fled, had a stroke and 30-year-old Ghonim was released from police custody after 12 days.

Credited with re-energising the movement, Ghonim’s release has placed him and Google as the warriors of the people and victory.

“We are very, very proud of what Wael Ghonim was able to do in Egypt, they were able to use a set of technologies that included Facebook, Twitter and number of others to really express the voice of the people. And that is a good example of transparency. And we wish them very much the best. I have talked to him. We are very, very proud of what he has done.” said Google’s CEO and Leader Mr Schmidt in Barcelona.

Would the reaction of Mr Schmidt be the same if any of the United States Execs; Nikesh Arora, Shona L. Brown, David C. Drummond, Alan Eustace, Patrick Pichette or Jonathan Rosenberg, created the website ;

‘We are All Kenneth Michael Trentadue’, ‘Bernard von NotHaus‘ or ‘Richard Fine‘  

What if this same executive at Google US Sparked a revolution in America, Demanded a new government here, and called for transparency into the Federal Reserve and Federal Agencies as a good example of a Free and Just People?

I for one do not want a Google Executive run and controlled Revolution in America.

However, Silence No One and Speak the Truth.

An Informed Public Will Resist Tyranny
We are the Resistance.
Resistance is Victory.

Don’t Be Evil? 10 Ways In Which Google Runs The World




American Internet Kill Switch 2.0 or Switched Killer Internet – Target Kill Switch Mislabels Over 80,000 Innocent Americans

Google Gates Jobs gate; The RanD Giants Conspiracy

Video Exposing Google Chief Schmidt Censored by You Tube

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