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Relocated to Mountains and Found Rural People Living Under Federal Camera Control

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Restoring free agency and sovereign liberty in Utah will not be easy because,

DEA wants to scan license plates on I-15 in southern Utah; , Deseret News. They have them.

Now, I moved back to Utah and found a fully federally integrated policy state in action;

The county imprisonment system (known as purgatory prison) is a privately owned and operated corporation; the I15, ‘interstate corridors’ and even the stoplights of the very smallest towns, are all under constant federal and police enforcement surveillance cameras, (the Threat Fusion Eye sees all, guilt is presumed, your activity will be held and used against you). The federal government and multinational corporations, via federal regulation and international corporate law, have taken over the private and public domain ofUtah.

A federal surveillance camera on every street corner.

citizen threat fusion federal surveillance tracking

citizen threat fusion federal surveillance tracking

All public activity is suspected guilty until proven innocent, is recorded as evidence to be held and used against you.

southern utah cameras

But it gets worse, the state is not only fully integrated with the federal/multi national corporate system but the individual citizens of Utah are integrated and dependant as well; those that are under the employ or who are directly dependant to federal/state welfare/income, is extremely high; in addition those that work for, ‘Out of State/nation’, multi-national corporate profit, make up a vast majority of those employed within the state.

The small minority of local business remaining, is almost entirely service sector; and the very, very small percentage left after that, makes up the state’s true GDP (or intrastate wealth creation).

This true GDP being the actual; production, commodity creation and manufacturing of goods done within the state for the profit of citizens of the state. Nearly all this true GDP is agricultural with small fractions in art and raw materials.

Hard goods, furniture, clothing, building materials and textiles have decreased massively to become a shell over the last 30 years; this has also happened in nearly every manufacturing sector and base commodity production within the state.

Made inUtahhas become an almost nonexistent term, within just 35 years.

Now even small local ranchers and farmers are unprotected and under attack. This is going on while the states natural resources and land have become more federally ‘owned’ and controlled, than ever before. The local intrastate control and ownership of industry has been destroyed by federal executive power, under selective ‘wavers’ via EPA and the FDA regulation and policy enforcement.

The old ways and works of the LDS church have been neutered with 501c3 laws and corrupted into supporting federal force over free agency.

If Utah declared sovereign state control with; ownership over their land management; enforced corporate state law over federal and international corporate law; restored legal, lawful and just financial exchange; and secured all civil, private and personal intrastate activities for their people, then Free Agency and individual sovereign liberty in Utah could be restored.

For within each state…

We must police ourselves, we can care for our own needy, we are the stewards of our land and of our personal production and we are responsible for our children’s education, health and safety.

We must defend against involuntary liens on the inalienable; the food, clothing and shelter of the free citizenry’s private property and absolute authority over the creation of their personal domain.

We must have hostility in our hearts for tyranny against the Free Agency of any man, woman and child. Under the Oath in which; congress shall make no law with regard to the individual’s fundamental natural right to defend and determine their; person, profession, production, exchange, crops, contracts, religion, speech and press; indeed all private voluntary actions encompassed in an individual’s personal pursuit of happiness.

We must protect everyone’s Fundamental Natural Rights, those rights being; any action or activity of agency that every individual can claim or do simultaneously without forcing someone else to serve in the action of their agency.

Congress Shall Make No Law against free agency, No law against these sovereign and self determined, infinite individuals’ potential pursuits of happiness.

A moral society must lead by an instigating will setting an example for voluntary choice of others to follow, tyranny rules by instigating a force of will over the involuntary action of others to obey.

We must stop enforcing the will of the State and Federal Government over the voluntary action and will of the local community and society; we must stop casting their stones at each other and start endorsing individual sovereignty to restore the stewardship over our authority as individuals.

We must defend free agency.

Then we must secure it.

SupportUtah’s authority over its land (repel federal claim on the Utahan’s public domain for multinational corporate gain)

SupportUtah’s legal tender act (trade and exchange locally and do it in gold and silver)

SupportUtah’s truth and justice (ensure local officers, agents, councils and servants of the community are defenders of local liberty, justice and open honesty, from internal and external violations)

SupportUtah’s independence (demand a state bank, a state commodity depository and state corporate law)

SupportUtah’s sovereignty (enact local and state interposition against illegal federal regulation and violations of power; with full prosecution of SEC, EPA, ATF, TSA, IRS or DHS officers)

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‘In short, the government of each state is, and is to be, sovereign and supreme in all matters that relate to each state only. It is to be subordinate barely in those matters that relate to the whole; and it will be their own faults if the several states suffer the federal sovereignty to interfere in things of their respective jurisdictions. An instance of such interference with regard to any single state, will be a dangerous precedent as to all, and therefore will be guarded against by all, as the trustees or servants of the several states will not dare, if they retain their senses, so to violate the independent sovereignty of their respective states, that justly darling object of American affections, to which they are responsible, besides being endeared by all the charities of life. ‘

-John Dickinson (Fabius), Letter III, 1788

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