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Utah Constitutional Currency

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Utah Constitutional Currency – Bi-Metalists Wage War again

Life in Prison for Federal Competition – Silver Death Sentencing for silver exchange among private citizens. Feds announce…act of terrorism, Silver Now Counterfeit – Silver Dollar Death Sentence.

But wait…Utah Liberates Silver – Enlisting All Citizens of Utah

Is it really true? Read it for yourself. Utah Sound Money Legal Tender Act (TEXT – Enrolled); Then yes Utah Currency is very real, Utah Silver and Gold Staged to Kill the Bank – Utah Vs Fed

Call to alarm!

Utah Silver Liberation Army – Theatre of Operation Beachhead Utah

Call to action!

Silver Liberation Army – Everyone Buy Two Pieces of Utah or Idaho Silver

The next battle to win…$500 Dollar Silver – Idaho/Utah Silver State Bank ACT

Defy the Central Bank. End the Feds control over the destiny of Utah, Idaho, Texas, Montana, Oregon, etc. and…Demand State Public Owned, State Commodity Backed Banks!

Once this spirit of liberty, justice and individual empowerment is awakened, there will be no stopping the re-declaration of independence under local re-publicing and constitutional decentralizing of federal authorities and unjust powers.

Our Checks and Balances will be Uncensored.

Each State will create their own Independent State Projects Act of 2011.

And impose State Interposition Act, State Nullification Act to maintain and safeguard the freedoms of the public within their State.  


Liberty, Truth and Justice is restored as the example is set in Utah.


Silver Coins Now Counterfeit – Silver Dollar Death Sentence

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The Dead Liberty Dollar and the Silver Death Sentencing?

Yes, Defendant Convicted of Minting His Own Currency.

 On March 18th Bernard von NotHaus received what may well amount to life in prison for minting and gold silver coins to compete against the private Fed board. His Companies NORFED and Liberty ‘medallions’.

Feds May Seize Private Liberty Silver Dollar Coin Collections –  Government considers Liberty Dollar founder, coin collectors, silver savings and exchange advocates as domestic terrorist.

Silver Coins Outlawed – possession of Liberty Silver Made Illegal – Silver supporters equate to Terrorists?


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