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Utah Constitutional Currency

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Utah Constitutional Currency – Bi-Metalists Wage War again

Life in Prison for Federal Competition – Silver Death Sentencing for silver exchange among private citizens. Feds announce…act of terrorism, Silver Now Counterfeit – Silver Dollar Death Sentence.

But wait…Utah Liberates Silver – Enlisting All Citizens of Utah

Is it really true? Read it for yourself. Utah Sound Money Legal Tender Act (TEXT – Enrolled); Then yes Utah Currency is very real, Utah Silver and Gold Staged to Kill the Bank – Utah Vs Fed

Call to alarm!

Utah Silver Liberation Army – Theatre of Operation Beachhead Utah

Call to action!

Silver Liberation Army – Everyone Buy Two Pieces of Utah or Idaho Silver

The next battle to win…$500 Dollar Silver – Idaho/Utah Silver State Bank ACT

Defy the Central Bank. End the Feds control over the destiny of Utah, Idaho, Texas, Montana, Oregon, etc. and…Demand State Public Owned, State Commodity Backed Banks!

Once this spirit of liberty, justice and individual empowerment is awakened, there will be no stopping the re-declaration of independence under local re-publicing and constitutional decentralizing of federal authorities and unjust powers.

Our Checks and Balances will be Uncensored.

Each State will create their own Independent State Projects Act of 2011.

And impose State Interposition Act, State Nullification Act to maintain and safeguard the freedoms of the public within their State.  


Liberty, Truth and Justice is restored as the example is set in Utah.


Utah Silver and Gold Staged to Kill the Bank – Utah Vs Fed

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Utah Re-Declares Independence – Gold and Silver to be Legal Tender for tax payment, tax free!

This bill recognizes gold and silver coins that are issued by the federal government as legal tender in the state for payment of taxes and exempts the exchange of the coins from tax liability.

Utah Gold and Utah Silver allow individual citizens in Utah to completely remove themselves from the involuntary Usury and Lien that is the foundation of the privately owned fiat based Federal Reserve Debt Note System.

There is a Re-Publicing in Utah, a Re-Turning in Utah with the ‘Utah Sound Money Act’.

The Re-Constituting of the Constitution is an affirmation that; the free and sovereign individuals of Utah are Re-claiming the value, the Responsibility, the stewardship and Real valuing, of their very lives.

Freeing Intra-State Utah Barter and Direct Local Exchange must be taken to Streets of the Communities, Neighborhoods, Towns, Hamlets, Churches and Families.

One Real Silver Dime is worth over 30-40 regular dimes. That’s $3.00-$4.00 for direct Utah silver Exchange. A breakfast at a diner is instantly once again $0.20 or two real Kennedy Dimes.

We must swell this momentum and demand a non-factional reserve, 100% Utah citizen owned, Gold and Silver backed State Bank. We must demand a State Commodity Treasury Depository for exclusive loans to 100% locally owned, locally controlled, locally beneficial and locally honest Public Domain investment local corporate charter companies.

We can Reclaim complete control of our lives and Retain Liberty for ourselves and generations to come.

It is our True Responsibility to instill Real Value.

It is Real Freedom under Honest Currency

This bill:

  • recognizes gold and silver coins issued by the federal government to be legal tender in the state;
  • does not compel a person to tender or accept gold and silver coin;
  • provides that the exchange of gold and silver coins for another form of legal tender does not create any individual income or sales tax liability;
  • requires the Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee to:
    • study the possibility of establishing an alternative form of legal tender;
    • recommend whether an alternative form of legal tender should be established


Silver Liberation Army – Everyone Buy Two Pieces of Silver 

State Interposition Act, State Nullification Act

Utah Sound Money Legal Tender Act (TEXT – Enrolled) 


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