Upholding Individual, State then National Sovereignty against the Enforcement of Global Governence and Tyranny

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There Are No; Dumb Down Masses, Zombie Drones or Brainless Others…yet

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How the Balloonist of the Emerald City, the wizard of OZ, wants us to think of each other and ourselves. Cowardly, brainless, heartless, homeless and powerless. There are no brain-dead deltas, no sub-human ‘humanezes’,  all mankind is still created equal nd infinite in their potential, however there is the mislead public. They are the mislead public of the Right wing, Republican only party. They are the mislead public of the Left wing, Democratic only party. Unable, in the misleading, to see the Democratic Republic Nation founded on Constitutional Individual Sovereignty.

What is the Power in their; Fear Puppet, their Scarecrow, their StrawMan Illusion.

The Inflationist of the Greenback DC would like to divide us along the Yellow Bricked Rhodes toward their IMF, World Bank, UN – SDR the Secret Keyness-ian BanCor

Left? People to go that way…

Remember, There Are…

No Dumb Down Masses

No Zombie Drones

No Brainless Others

or to the Right? Then Again People do go this way….

Fear Puppet, their Scarecrow, their StrawMan, Illusion

Fear Puppet, their Scarecrow, their StrawMan, Illusion

Remember, Silence No One and Speak the Truth

An Informed Public

Will Resist Tyranny

You are the Resistance

Resistance is Victory

People do go both ways and allow freedom of movement, freedom of choice and infinite potential.

There are No Dumb Down Masses, No Zombie Drones, No Brainless Others

There are No Dumb Down Masses, No Zombie Drones, No Brainless Others


The Power of Ideas – A Nation Divided DEM v REP or rather A Nation United The Democratic Republican Party

Under the Double eagle of justice and courage


Under the Double eagle of fear and terror

We must love violently, we must hate passionately, we must live bravely


DIY Politics – What you can do that WILL change the World

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Things are Broken…What do we do?

I have heard so many people call into shows and ask the host what do we do?

Well I have an answer.

Buy a bell and ring it. Find the right bell for you. A little souvenir bell that sounds Ten feet, a hundred feet, a thousand feet.

Tell those that stop what you think, what you see, what you are concerned about and how you want them to help. Have a paper, footnoted and proofed. Provide Information.

Tell them what is broken and how we can fix it.

Focus on Local Problems and Local Protections

Ring your bell on the lunch hour.

Ring your bell one the weekend with a few packs of hotdogs on the grill. Free for a chat.

Ring your bell and tell them something alarming about the Violations of Fundamental Natural Rights.

Teach Learn Talk Understand and Engage

Raise the alert, send up a Flag, Launch a Flare,

Ring the Alarm Bell

Ring the Liberty Bell.

First… Buy a Bell.

V For Victory

Resistance is Victory

You are the Resistance!

Buy a Bell, Post a V, Fully Peacefully Resist


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