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If You See Something, Say Something…Well I see Criminal Propaganda Asking Fellow Holiday Shoppers to SPY on Each Other

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If you see something say something…Well I see Pure EVIL Federal Government Propaganda

The Government is Asking Neighbors and WAL-MART Holiday Shoppers to Report “SOMETHING” on Each Other

I SEE… The Government Creating a Hyper Paranoid Society Where We SEE some TSA stranger Touch our children’s genitals because we ‘could’ be blown up at any moment and now that SAME government is on a tele-screen tell Everyone to spy on the very holiday spirited shoppers standing next to them, just going about their lives. Telling them with some horror film slogan, with something as vague and terrorizing as ‘If you See Something… Say Something’

I see the Federal Gevernment Sewing Seeds of Suspicion Amoung Christmas Spirit. Surely Far more Dangerous and ANTI-CHRIST mas than the Grinch.

Walmart Partners with DHS on “If You See Something, Say Something” Campaign 

What are these private corporations doing spying on us for the Government?


If You See Something, Say Something - A.D.A.M.S. MALINTENT- 1984 Arrives in America

If You See Something, Say Something - A.D.A.M.S. MALINTENT- 1984 Arrives in America

If You See Something, Say Something

to the Wal-Mart employees, your Communities INFRA-GUARD Officers? 

If you See something Say Something? There is a Massive Federal Standing Police Army. Federal Conditioning for Total Policey Enslavement.

We have both parties that are focused on a Planned Economy.

Both Parties have sold Individual Sovereignty, Freedom, Private Property and Private Business out the window for Central Governance.

And Global Corporations are a tool to Global Central Governance.

 A.D.A.M.S. Fall  – 1984 Arrives in America  

A Research Division of the Pentagon has now Openly announced that its Computer Scientists will be working on the Project for Anomaly Detection At Multiple Scales (A.D.A.M.S.). Under this Project they are looking for improved and consolidated ways to scan billions of e-mails a day to identify ‘suspects’ in advance so that individuals can be monitored and crimes can be stopped before they are committed.That’s the goal of the latest $35 million project announced by DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

This evil DARPA Enforcement Project has been crowned A.D.A.M.S., for Anomaly Detection at Multiple Scales.

Is the pursuit of this Adam’s Complete Devouring of the Tree of Knowledge and Total Information Awareness going to be what finally casts the United States out of what was Once the Pursuit of the Individual’s Own Eden?

Big Sis Wants Mal-Intent Behavior Scanners At Sports Events, Malls

Department of Homeland Security Mind Reading Division – Mal-Intentions Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST)


Dangerous Federal Products RECALLED – Dangerous Federal Breech of Civil Liberties Causes Cry for Recall

I see Felony Action in ‘If you See something… Say Something’ akin to lighting a bunch of matches to make smoke and then yelling Fire! FIRE!! in a Crowed Theater; Only with truly Criminal Intent and Deadly Ends. 

‘If you See something… Say Something’ CALL WAL-MART, SA SOMETHING  to WAL-MART that you will not shop in their FED CORP stores.


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