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Sovereign Liberty Belling

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Sovereign Liberty Belling 

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Unencumber – Vote out the incumbent

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Individuals for Unencumberment by Unemployment for Incumbents

I for U by U for I

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Not with riots, guns, fire or bombs or terror. But Peaceful Rightful Voting. I Swear it.

Just follow the Thought out. We have a power and a voice in our Vote. That voice and power has changed dramatically over the years in the actual way that it is represented and applied. The effect we see in the actual power and change of our vote has diminished so much that the majority of us have all but given up voting for things or parties. Both are bad, government is corrupt and nothing changes (except to get worse).

We may vote in local elections with conviction, or even state elections but Nationally?…we usually vote for someone to vote against someone else. It is a vote in distain or often we just abstain.

But I say that… Voting is still powerful. No, Voting Is Still Revolutionary.

We have a vast majority of the population that knows that the federal government is doing a very bad job and violating the Law. The lesser of two evils, ‘doesn’t matter anyway’, is on every one’s lips.

But it can matter. The congress and senate have one of the lowest approval ratings in history.

So We vote them out. Everyone of them.

The unregistered voter is the majority. The Alternative is the majority.

We have the alterantive.

If we all just don’t vote for the incumbent someone else will win. Most of us can then vote our conscience (that candidate that didn’t win the party or the third party) and send a very strong message.

‘So…If we don’t ‘think’ the job they are doing is just alright or if they are not looking out for our freedom, economy, security, independence, property and liberty, then we vote them out Right?’

No! We never vote incumbent.

Vote the incumbent out. Do it for as long as it takes.

We have the votes but the congress and the senate set up camp, have long histories and promises and deals and doesn’t think of being booed out with incumbency return rates near 95%.

One term and then a break. Each representative held accountable for what was done while they served us in office. Someone new will be there to check and see every term.

There is no stronger message than everyone of them getting thrown out!! A polar shift, a politcial reversal check from one term service to the next. A tidal wave of a signal. New fresh feet not encumbered by 12, 24, 36 or more years in office. Breaking what has become the way of doing things. Long standing relationships with Lobbyists, Committees, Organizations, Unions, Corporations, Etc.

There shouldn’t be special drawing rights on our congressmen and senators time, energy, pork, favors, minds and votes.

Long tenure leads to justifying policies, acts, expenditures, policies, treaties, orders, organizations, decisions and laws. Not being able to say this has been a complete failure and remove or reverse the law, policy, act or dissolve the organization, expenditure.

There is a build-up of plaque and bad legislation left to do harm while the symptom that is created becomes the new problem to be solved. And find an open and honest way to make sausage.

Un-Encumber Vote no On (Incumbent)

I am talking to the large block of us that is not registered and does not usually vote. I mean with The B&O Railroading, The ‘Bush & Obama’ Railroading, The Left & Right Railroading of this Nation what is the point in voting, right? Choose the monkey that scares me the least?

Vote now. Un-Encumber Vote out the Incumbent Stand up in unison non violently and redress our grievances.

There are such amazing ways to peacefully draw a line in the sand and say ‘wait a second’, in this nation. So many chances and so many outs written in to the law.

Un-Encumber Un-Incumbent

Especially on your county and state level. This is where you can be protected as a community from infringements against liberty. Get a Good Sherriff!

Vote all incumbents out This is the most lawful of acts. The good can come back after each break They will be that much more careful and checked They can serve once and come back to serve locally To rebuild local responsibility To really see what is ‘going on at home’ They to will be responsible for…

Voting out the next Incumbent! It will ignite the people in participation debate discussion The ability to dismantle the house of cards To know that there is a game and they are being played That Incumbents have made of our Federal Systems and National Socialism Security

Vote against the Incumbents power structures and restore value to what wealth we have left. Build a system that is constitutional Allow a system that is not wasteful Each new term will be an audit for the last Exposing years of secrets, corrupt agendas and truth Protect a system that treats the citizen as free and sovereign income bent?

vote out your incumbent Shuffle the deck until we find those that Protect our individual rights as sovereign human beings We are the People are the dealer We are supposed to stack the deck Never stick with the cards someone deals us Shuffle the deck Don’t hold bad cards

Vote out incumbents Cheater will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law Truly hold our elected officials accountable To perform the duties and uphold the laws they have sworn to uphold. Coin our money out of gold and silver and of general commodity backing so it can’t be abused in hidden taxes of inflation and fractal controlled, central economic goverence. Do not federally police the citizenry (With the exception of acts of Treason, Counterfeiting, Piracy on the High Seas) The power of policing the citizenry is persevered to local governance Do not criminalize free peaceful actions Remove ancient incumbent infringements against individual liberty The powers of the government are lent to it by us the citizenry Government only has the powers that we have to lend. We do not have the power to lend the Government the power to initiate force, coercion or fraud over any citizen in good standing You would think that it wouldn’t have to be said but… We do not Assassinate of our citizens. We do not Torture. Starting… … … Now!

Vote Those incumbents out now! And point out the violators of Individuals rights As someone who wishes to control the freedom and sovereignty of others

Make it known Eternal Incumbency is Sheer Lunacy! Vote Away Incumbency See past The Left and The Right and truly see the man and woman standing to your left and your right You all have to safeguard each other We all raise each other up or hold each other down

Take it on locally make sure that your welfare is not a burden forced on them. Vote ourselves control of the system Vote ourselves freedom from the fear of the system. Vote ourselves the liberty to build and own and create value in our lifetime to pass it on to our children to our children’s children

Remember always Incumbent = NO Vote the incumbents to go home Retain your right to your home. To not have someone make claim to your food, clothing, shelter and means of survival.

Vote away the incumbents failed and illegal measures, acts, wars, commissions, resolutions, taxes, bills, motions and committees Vote the power of the lobbyists away, the special interests, the pork, the grants, the no bid contracts, unfunded mandate, unapportioned norepresentation taxation

Vote away generations of law added to law, added to law to the point of something not even dreamed of in ‘Duck Soup’

Vote away the incumbent entrenched agendas

Vote out the incumbent empires

Vote Incumbent free! It is safe It is peaceful It is Revolutionary It is the American thing to do It is what a sleeping giant looks like when it wakes up. It is time… To Defeat the Incumbent Empire Apologize and then… Create something beautiful and unique with what is now truly yours.

Sovereign Think

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