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Cass Sunstein’s Crippled Epistemology and Conspiracy Theories Theory

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Cass Sunstien’ s Crippled Epistemology on Conspiracy Theories Theory

Sunsteins’ Question; Why do people accept conspiracy theories investigations that turn out to be false or for which the evidence is weak or even nonexistent?

My Sovereign Question; Why do over 75% of American Believe that the Federal Government in someway is Violating the Law without Redress or Correction. Once you see THAT America and ask that question, then the first question is already answered. We the people have seen that almost anything is possible. 

It is tempting for Cass Sunstien; with his Training in “Law and Behavioral Economics” the Study of a Planned Control Economy, to answer in terms of individual pathology and he often uses them out of context to widely held conspiracies.

Perhaps some limited conspiracy theories investigators are a product of mental illness, such as paranoia or narcissism. And indeed, there can be no doubt that some of the Billions of in people in the world who accept conspiracy theories investigations are mentally ill and subject to delusions.

However Laws and Practices have long been established for the humane treatment for the mentally ill that pose a real danger to others. This is a very, very, very small portion of society that could be dangerous and would exist as a threat without conspiracies at all. Thus They can be removed from the equation since the subject ‘Conspiracy Theories and Crippled Epistemologies’ has no direct bearing on their threat and, as history has shown, we can’t stop Conspiracies, Crime will continue, especially at the highest levels and to solve the crime we will have to form Theories.

We Must Note despite this Sunstein and the Mass Media Promote with Cognitive Infiltration and counterspeech, threat levels and fear in the general Cognition that Conspiracy Theorists are paranoid, crazy, delusional, extreme, mentally ill and dangerous, while promoting an atmosphere of terror, fear and conspiracy around every corner.

An Example being The Wal-Mart Tele-Screen Cognitive Cluster “If you See Something…Say Something” because ‘something’ could be endangering you in the Wal-Mart but Conspiracy Theory Investigation is delusional, dangerous and breeds mistrust?

Contact the nearest Wal-Mart DHS INFRA GUARD employee or TSA Agent nearest you isn’t Dangerous?

Having a TSA employee with the Authority and Immunity to touch my wife’s, my child’s Genitals isn’t Dangerous?

But we have many communities and even nations, where such theories are widely held. It is not plausible for Sunstien to suggest and have us believe him that all or most members of those communities are afflicted by mental illness.

The most important conspiracy theories investigations according Sunstien are hardly limited to those who suffer from any kind of Physiological or Chemical Imbalance Induced Pathology.

Suntein supports the Idea that the Billions of Conspiracy Theory Holders World Wide Suffer from the Crippled Epistemologies Pathology of Conspiracy Theories.

The most effective explanation, the simplest explanation is usually correct. The number and magnitude of true and confirmed conspiracies that were denied for so long have caused the world population to expect, guard against and look for any form of Corruption and Tyranny.

For Sunstein’s purposes, the most useful way to understand his view on the pervasiveness of conspiracy theory investigations is to examine how people acquire information and how the majority of information is handled.

For most of what they believe that they know, human beings lack personal or direct information; they must rely on partial and complex government data, what other people testify to and intentional Counter-MisInformation, Counter-Speech and Cognitive Infiltration.

In some domains, people suffer from what Sunstein describes as a “crippled epistemology,” in the sense that they know very few things, and what they know is wrong, yet in spite of incontrovertible evidence, to which they do not have access or refuse to incorporate, they continue choose the False Theory.

Many extremists fall in this category; their extremism stems not from irrationality, but from the fact that they have little (relevant) information, and their extremist views are supported by what little they know. Conspiracy theorizing often has the same feature. Those who believe that Israel was responsible for the attacks of 9/11, or that the Central Intelligence Agency killed President Kennedy, may well be responding quite rationally to the informational signals that they receive.

Sunstein totally ignores and looks past Three Critical Factors of the Real World and Those of Us that He plans to Cognitively Infiltrate and are Dangerous.

  1. Since 1946 the United States Government started Operating Under Ever Increasing Secrecy, leading to Belligerent Government Sharing of Information for Civil Oversight and Increased Mistrust Dramatically
  2. The number of times that the public has been lied to by the Federal and Local Governments (Your Social Security Number will never mandatory and used as Identification, that would be Unconstitutional, Gulf of Tonkin Incident was Misunderstanding)
  3. The Size and Scope of Conspiracies that have been accomplished and hidden in the recent past and throughout History


Conspiracies that have given rise to mistrust of Government Activity

  • 1910 meeting on Jekyll Island of Banking Elite to Secretly Establish the Massively Unpopular National Bank (The Federal Reserve Bank)
  • Burning of the Reichstag
  • Prohibition Promoted by Big Distilleries and Mafia
  • The Mafia
  • Project Paperclip
  • McCarthy ‘Red’ Infiltration into Government
  • The Watergate hotel room used by Democratic National Committee was, in fact, bugged by Republican officials, operating at the behest of the White House.
  • In the 1950s, the Central Intelligence Agency did, in fact, administer LSD and related drugs under Project MKULTRA, in an effort to investigate the possibility of “mind control” or cognitive disruption control.
  • Between 1932 and 1972 in Tuskegee, Alabama, The Tuskegee syphilis experiment was conducted by the U.S. Public Health Service, to study the natural progression of untreated syphilis that was given to unwitting ‘negro’ patients.
  • Operation Northwoods, a rumored plan by the Department of Defense to simulate acts of terrorism (Via Hijack planes flown into buildings or blown up over major cities, bombings, shootings, government infiltration, etc.) and blamed on Cuba to rally support for an unpopular act of War with Cuba, really was proposed by high-level officials to the Kennedys (though the plan never went into effect at the time)
  • Government COINTELPRO operated without warrant and oversight throughout the 1950’s, 1960’s 1970’s to gather intelligence, infiltrate and destroy the civil rights movement (including MLK), the Anti-War Peaceniks and Anti Federal Government Organizations (Peaceful and Violent, Lawful and Criminal Alike).
  • Iran-Contra was an illegal weapons; for cash, for oil, for drugs, for illegal foreign political action, US Government operation.
  • There is Missing Military Industrial Complex Funding reaching into the Billions
  • Fluoride, uranium, radium, lead, aluminum, mercury, BPA and other toxins are knowingly added to public municipal drinking water supplies throughout the Nation under Federal Water Treatment systems, guidelines and requirements. This continued fluoridation is against new recommendations of ADA; which now recognizes ingested fluoride as a deadly harmful toxic poison with no beneficial results and recommends only topical application for Fluoride use.
  • The Government has implemented a biometric, full history, threat fusion database system through the New DHS for a national ID registry, as proposed under the Conspiracy Theory of the National ID act in the 1990’s.
  • False Flag Operation Tactics taught in Military Field Manuals and School of the Americas
  • We did and Indeed do Torture.
  • Etc.

By not including this data as a main contributing factor, concern and motivation of the Private Investigators in his Epistemology Sunstein indeed has a Crippled Epistemology with regards to Conspiracy Theories.

These Have Only been Partially Proven and Uncovered Because of Dedicated Ridiculed Personal Private Conspiracy Theory Investigations. We Owe it to These Individuals to continue to Demand and Investigate the Truth.

The Cass Sunstein’s, Left/Right Big Government, Planned Economy, Debt Based Currency, Theory Holders Crippled Epistemology

A truly Crippled Epistemology and one that is Dangerous to National Security, a Free Personal Enduring Exchange in Economy and a Just Public Domain, is the Private Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal reserve Bank Puts the US into Debt with every Federal Reserve Debt Note (Dollar) that they print, they have created over 1,000,000,000,000,000 Notes of Debt (In Just One Market alone, Derivatives) that the United States Citizens are obligated to, on top of what ever additional lien that was created when the treasury bond was sold, or quantitative printing that was done to create it. That is a number greater than the GDP of the entire world over again many times.

Yet as this system collapses under fictional sized numbers, this system of Private Fiat, Currency Control From Afar, this system of controlled planned economy, this system of attempting to create Laws to Control the Behavior in Economics, we are being asked to go Global with a bigger UN, IMF, SDR, Carbon Credit system that is exactly the same only bigger with more regulation from afar and less individual freedom or ability of Redress.

There is no proof that controlled central planning can work in a society of Free and Independent Sovereign Citizenry.

Yet this Incorrect Epistemology continues, facts are ignored, the very world condition and consequences are ignored.

Fraudulent Private Debt Based Currency has placed the world in Monolithic Monopoly Money Debt, Ignored Because More Debt, New Additional Different Debt is the solution of those that are Conspiring to Prop-up the Crippled Sunstein Theory.

And the Machine that is being created to Enforce this Crippled Epistemology and Doublethink Newspeak of Cass Sunstein is a Danger to Personal Freedom and Liberty. (if only in the literal price tag for the secret police)

With the Dollar Dead as a the World reserve Currency What’s After the Fed? We’ll Either Go Global or Go Local – Special Drawing Rights (SDR) or State Bank Initiative (SBI)

It will either be accepting the Fraudulant Quadrillions in Global Banker Debt and Going Under IMF/UN Regulation, Austerity, SDR mandates and Global Carbon Taxes


It will be everyone accepting the Debt free, interest free federal greenback with a low fixed rate (interest and printing rates) as well as New State Owned Commodity Banks and State Commodity Depositories

GO LOCAL! Resist Rulership From Afar, it produces Corruption and Tyranny.

Reclaim Local Sovereign Authority, Privately Personally Re-Public Your Local Domain and Local Offices.

The State Banks Commodities and State Commodity Depository Act  


(Full Unedited UN’play’giarized Original 29 page Abstract PDF)

Conspiracy Theories


Cass R. Sunstein

Adrian Vermeule

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