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Technopticon – Modern Prison System

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Our modern world is a technopticon where all travel, trade and sacred trusts are targeted, tracked and treated with the threat of force from tyranny.  Omnipotence is the purview of god and not government. These total information awareness (TIA) programs are illegal, unconstitutional and immoral; CarnivoreProject ECHELONXKeyscorePRISM

NSA Spying Timeline – Here (building our modern digital panopticon)

We must rise up to end these ‘safety’ programs and hold those creating and using them accountable or surrender to a total slavery of technocratic feudalism never before seen by man.

Sovereignthink Technopticon Articles (up-to 8/2013)

An Intelligent Prison, is this Smart Grid -Black Box Big Brother Will See All!
Barrack Obama has Launched Sister National Cyber-Transformation Actions In the United States with the Announcement of the Commerce Department’s New Division of The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace NSTIC Announced at Stanford University Jan 2011The United States Executive Using STUXNET, WIKILEAKS, CYBERATTACK, Identity Theft as well as Venezuela’s National Security Rationale of Denouncing Out rage toward public authorities, inciting hatred, engender Resistance among the general public or endanger public order.
6/25/2010 Targeting
DARPA, the CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS, CPS, ATF, ICE, Private Corporate Spies and Open Access to Your Email What Could Go Wrong? -A.D.A.M.S., for Anomaly Detection at Multiple Scales.
A Research Division of the Pentagon has now Openly announced that its Computer Scientists will be working on the Project for Anomaly Detection At Multiple Scales. Under this Project they are looking for improved and consolidated ways to scan billions of e-mails a day to identify ‘suspects’ in advance so that individuals can be monitored and crimes can be stopped before they are committed.
10/29/2010 Targeting
Department of Homeland Security Mind Reading Division – Malintentions Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) -Most preventive screenings look for explosives or items that pose a threat.

This Phillip K Dick ‘Blade Runner’ machine proposes to detect the person — not the device — that may pose a threat.

Not Someone Carrying a Bomb Rather Someone that May Want to Carry a Bomb.


11/29/2010 Targeting
Malintent Profiling – Malintentions Future Attribute Screening Technology (MFAST) -Mind Reading Division(Mr.D)
Big Sis Wants Mal-Intent Behavior Scanners At Sports Events, Malls

DHS – DIRECTORATE FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY – HUMAN FACTORS DIVISION – Malintentions Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST)Most preventive screenings look for explosives or items that pose a threat. This Orwellian machine proposes to detect the person — not the device — that may pose a threat. Not Someone Carrying a Bomb Rather Someone that May Want to Carry a Bomb.

1/6/2011 Targeting
Obama Unleashes Cyber NSTIC -Obama is planning to Grant the U.S. Commerce Department Authority over cybersecurity efforts to create an Internet NSTIC TrustMark IDentity for Americans 1/11/2011 Targeting
Political Witch Hunt Begins Are You a TrustMarked NSTIC Registed Citizen or an Enemy Belligerent -Political Witch Hunt Begins Are You TrustMarked in the Ecosystem Governance Authority

Those that Oppose ANY STATE ACTIVITY, Including and Especially State Tyranny
Are going to be Vilified as Unpatriotic, Paranoid, Extremist, Rage of the Right Wing, Conspiracy Theorist, Hate-monger, Activists, Fear-monger, Racist, Person of Concern, Enemy Belligerent, Home Grown Domestic Terrorists, ANTI Government, individual’s that if you see something say something.

1/15/2011 Targeting
National CyberSecurity Operation Perfect Citizen – Trustmark Citizenship -Perfect Citizen, TrustMark Identity and the SmartGrid CyberSecurity Agenda
The National Security Agency has Deployed Multiple Levels of Surveillance Sensors Within Strategic Computer Networks and Critical Infrastructure Hubs. As Part of Operation PERFECT CITIZEN these sensors will be triggered and database any Unusual and Anomalous Activity that is suggesting an impended Cyber Attack, Extremist Activity or Domestic Threat.
1/18/2011 Targeting
Citizen Spy Immunity Under New Bill -What is the Citizen Spy Network?

Doctors, cable man, realtors, teachers, meter readers, carpet cleaners, priests, etc. have all been given infra guard training for a citizen Spy Network that is integrated into the Smart Grid Fusion Center System.

1/28/2011 Targeting
D.H.S. (Department of Homeland Security)
H.I.T.S. (High Impact Technological Solution)
U.S. (United States)
N.S.T.I.C. (National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace)
H.I.D.E. (Homeland Identification & Detection Ethics)
H.I.D.E. (Hostile Intent Detection Enforcement)
2/12/2011 Targeting
Privacy Compliance Review of the Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness Initiative of 2011 FULL TEXT -The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS), including the National Operations Center (NOC), launched the Social Networking/Media Capability (SNMC) to assist DHS and its components involved in the security, safety, and border control associated with the 2010 Winter Olympics as well as the response, recovery, and rebuilding effort resulting from the earthquake and after-effects in Haiti. This limited purpose was expanded in June to meet the operational needs of the Department. Since then, and to meet its statutory requirements, OPS, through SNMC analysts, monitors publicly available online forums, blogs, public websites, and message boards to collect information used in providing situational awareness and establishing a common operating picture. 1/13/2012 Targeting
Federal Judge Finds N.S.A. Wiretapping Program Illegal -It will have to be made retro-active, just like the Bush administration’s police state protectionist laws.
When the other branches of government have gotten in the way of executive branches illegal unconstitutional actions the executive branch will just change the law to allow a standing federal police army, warrentless spying, torture of family members to gain information, indefinite unappealable detention and flat out secret assassinations of citizens.
4/4/2010 Tracking
The Smart Grid and Privacy -Introduction

On December 19, 2007, the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 was enacted as Public Law 110-140. The bill, among other things, directed that Smart Grid technology be studied for its potential “to maintain a reliable and secure electricity infrastructure that can meet future demand growth”. “Smart” is often used to describe new features or capabilities found in inanimate applications or technologies. These technologies are not human smart, but innovative in that they often provide multi-directional real-time or near real time communication with the user device and provider(s) of a benefit or service(s).

6/26/2010 Tracking
Google Gate – An Intelligent Prison is this Smart Grid -Barrack Obama has launched National Cyber-Transformation actions in the United States with the announcement of the Commerce Department’s new division of The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace NSTIC, announced at Stanford University Jan 2011. 3/22/2011 Tracking
Relocated to Mountains and Found Rural People Living Under Federal Camera Control -I moved back to Utah and found a fully federally integrated policy state in action; The county imprisonment system (known as purgatory prison) is a privately owned and operated corporation; the I15, ‘interstate corridors’ and even the stoplights of the very smallest towns, are all under constant federal and police enforcement surveillance cameras, (the Threat Fusion Eye sees all, guilt is presumed, your activity will be held and used against you). The federal government and multinational corporations, via federal regulation and international corporate law, have taken over the private and public domain of Utah.A federal surveillance camera on every street corner. 6/28/2011 Tracking
News Corp Spying Operations Small Time Compared with Giant Google -The Murdock News Corp company, News of the World, stole personal electronic information from private citizens and government officials. Murdock closed the 168 year old paper, News of the World, for misconduct while google is getting away scott-free. Americans seem to eat ‘don’t be evil’ by the truck load, in as much as, Google street view sweep steals everyone’s information. (not just from those that will sell newspapers and not just in London but in nations throughout the world) 7/31/2011 Tracking
Publicly Available Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness Initiative of 2010 FULL TEXT -The Office of Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS), National Operations Center (NOC), will launch and lead the Publicly Available Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness (Initiative) to assist the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its components involved in fulfilling OPS statutory responsibility (Section 515 of the Homeland Security Act (6 U.S.C. § 321d(b)(1)) to provide situational awareness and establish a common operating picture for the federal government, and for those state, local, and tribal governments, as appropriate. 1/13/2012 Tracking
Headline Update the NSTIC of Things and the NSTICing of everyone -NSTIC-ing everyone with everything ever said or done ever. Total Information Awareness (TIA) is Total Justification of Judgment (TJJ) not justice. 7/22/2012 Tracking
Senate Bill 773 and 778 ‘‘Cybersecurity Act of 2009’’ -S. 773To ensure the continued free flow of commerce within the United States and with its global trading partners through secure cyber communications, to provide for the continued development and exploitation of the Internet and intranet communications for such purposes, to provide for the development of a cadre of information technology specialists to improve and maintain effective cyber security defenses against disruption, and for other purposes. 3/7/2010 Tyranny
`Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2010′ TXT -To advance cybersecurity research, development, and technical standards, and for other purposes. 3/7/2010 Tyranny
Internet Kill Switch -The New ‘Cyber Security’ Act is Death of Internet Freedom
or Destruction of the Gutenberg World Wide Free Press.
Shut Down of Online Freedom of Speech and Online Press in (majority) Side Stream Web Media. All in the Name of National Security, this is their offer; Give us your freedom a we will keep you safe.
6/25/2010 Tyranny
Global Elite Fear Internet’s Power -Elite’s Social Scientists Provide Most Limited Options within Margin of Exposure in Almost 50 years.
‘Not since 1963 have we been so close to total exposure’, says global elite leader at critical Conference!
7/20/2010 Tyranny
US State Department trained Egyptian Bloggers for Revolution -Private Spy for Pentagon to Avoid Constitution Stumbling Block – Elite Fear Exposure and Awakening.

Project Vigilant is a Private organization that tracks 250 million IP addresses a day, and there are only around 300 million people in the USA. If you remove most of the Governments Employees and those that don’t have internet access every private citizen could be tracked.

8/3/2010 Tyranny
Private Spy Corporation works for Pentagon to Avoid Constitution Stumbling Block of Liberty and Freedom -Iraq was a good war – it sparked the Arab spring or did it? The Sunday Times in London by Colleen Graffy’…public diplomacy that was used during the cold war was shifted to harness the 21st-century power of the internet and mobile phones. In 2008 the State Department joined forces with Google, Facebook and others to teach social activists around the world how to use social media to advance positive changes for civil society. 8/3/2010 Tyranny
Private Spy Corporation works for Pentagon to Avoid Constitution Stumbling Block of Liberty and Freedom -Private Corporation, Project Vigilant, Spying on Citizens for Federal Secret Police
Private Spy for Pentagon to Avoid Constitution Stumbling Block – Elite Fear Exposure and Awakening Project Vigilant is a Private organization that tracks 250 million IP addresses a day, and there are only around 300 million people in the USA. If you remove most of the Governments Employees and those that don’t have internet access every private citizen could be tracked.
8/31/2010 Tyranny
Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act – Text -SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE.

This Act may be cited as the ‘Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act’.


11/27/2010 Tyranny
Rigged Lame Duck Congress – Takes Flight Against Internet with Total Censorship Controls -Lame Duck Targets Small Online Muckrakers and Alternative Information Sites Under; Operation In Our Sites and 2010 Combating Online Counterfeits Act

Part of the Agenda for the Global Elite is to Continue to rein the Information Exposure that the Internet has unleashed.

11/30/2010 Tyranny
COICA Gives Federal Police Editing Power of the Internet – Goodbye Guttenberg -Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved HR 3804
The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA)
The bill gives the Attorney General the Right and Power to shut down websites whether the website/owner has actually committed a crime. This is allows a Total Unilateral Police State of Authority Over the Individual’s Digital Guttenberg Press Access.
12/4/2010 Tyranny
Internet Censorship COICA, Food Modernization, Population Relocation, Forced Medication, Total Population Controls -EPA Water Fowl and River Zoning, Wildlife Superhighway (Wilderness Corridors) and Industrial Work Zone (Smart Growth Cities), Club of Rome, EU, NATO, NAFTA, GATT, IMF, WORLD BANK, Agenda 21 Now at Cancun Agenda Festival.
How did we get here?
12/6/2010 Tyranny
Internet Theatre of War WWW Lock Down Due to False Flag WikiLeak CypherPunks and Hacker Provocateur Terror Hype and Propaganda on Info BombShells -The Internet Is the Frontline of the Information Theatre of War, Will the War be Lost, Side Tracked by WikiLeak Misdirection, Hacking Fear Mongering and Cypherpunk Terrorists? This is Information Warfare, a Bomb of Information, Corporate Information Bombs, Business Intelligence, Military Intelligence, Government Intel, National Security Intel, etc. The Federal Information Intelligence is the Largest Intelligence gather System ever Created. 1984 Big Brother Tele-Screens BBTS and Ministry of TRUTH, Pale by what we live under today but WWW puts Their BBCCTV is under threat 12/10/2010 Tyranny
Camera on Camera Crime – Illegal to Take a Picture of Feds Taking Our Picture -If you see something say something  – I See Camera on camera crime and unequal camera protection under the law. When the Criminals Control the Cameras 1/4/2011 Tyranny
Forced Relocation and Smart Grid Prison Populations – Global Elite Cancun -The Global Elite scientists Announce Massive Agenda that stalled in Copenhagen, Due to Climate Data Fraud, Starting with the Renewed call for Mandatory Rationing in Developed World Consumption and Production. 1/10/2011 Tyranny
Obama NSTIC Creates Second Class UnTrusted Citizen vs First Class ID Trusted Entity Citizen -Obama Unleashes N-STIC for Trusted e-Citizen Registry
Individual Citizen Registration for Personal Trusted ID entity Card.
National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC)
1/11/2011 Tyranny
Envision It! Trusted ID-entity Citizens and Non-ID-Restistry UnTrusted Citizens -Envision It! Those that can blog anonymously and those that cannot, those that can bank, sell, gamble, shop and those that cannot.

Envision It! You must Register to do things that you can already do now.

1/13/2011 Tyranny
Stop, Think, Connect the Dots; The Patriot Act, FEMA, DHS, Infra-Guard, TSA, NSTIC and TrustMark Citizenship -Stop, Think, Connect the DHS Dots to Patriot Act, Infra-Guard, TSA, TIA, NSTIC and TrustMark Citizenship 1/13/2011 Tyranny
The United States and Venezuela Launch Chinese Style Hostile Internet Takeover -The United States and Venezuela Launch Chinese Style Hostile Internet Takeover Speech

Venezuela curbs Internet time for dissent

Caracas, Venezuela (UPI) Dec 22, 2010

1/20/2011 Tyranny
Egyptian Internet Kill Switch – United States Internet M.A.D. Switch -Egyptian Internet Kill Switch is turned On – Turning Off the Freedom of Speech and Ensuring the Government Desired Riots to Create Division and Fear. 1/28/2011 Tyranny
Internet Kill Switch? DHS Switched Killer Internet – Target Kill Switch Mislabels Over 80,000 Innocent Americans -Millions more mislabeled as Terrorists, Enemy Combatants, Enemy Belligerents, Domestic Extremists, Dangerous Activists, Persons of Interest and Individuals with MALINTENT.Homeland Security Tries And Fails To Explain Why Seized Domains Are Different From Google – Special Agent James Hayes 2/18/2011 Tyranny
Google Gates Jobs gate; The RanD Giants Conspiracy -Google Gates Jobs gate has seen the 20 year Implementation of a Globally Centralized Big Brother, under an electronic Smart Grid,

An Intelligent Prison Planet and the birth of the Electronic Citizen Rating Eco-system in Determining Individual Trustmarks (e-C.R.E.D.I.T.) System

2/28/2011 Tyranny
The NDAA Kill Switch Police State and the i-9/11 economic event -With The Kill Switch NSA Domestic Terrortist Police State…
Now that Obama will sign the NDAA of 2011 into law…
In the near future…
There could be an e-9/11 event, in which the stock exchange and major financial institutions have their systems ‘hacked’.

Like a 9/11, a 2008, except this would be hacker ‘terrorist’ driven and justify internet and national takeover.

12/10/2011 Tyranny
Is the Government Watching and Warring with the Public? -Is there a big brother Media Monitoring Initiative and  Situational Awareness Initiative toward the public?

Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America
1/13/2012 Tyranny
Killing the Internet with an NSTIC – Citizen Registry in Corp/Gov ID systems -Is the Government Watching and Warring with the Public? I used to not be wary of expressing myself or utilizing the internet, however now that there is going to be a centralizing federal/private integration of online identity security measures, in the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), I am terrorized by the idea. 2/19/2012 Tyranny
Government Attacks People’s Rights -The privacy-invasive bill known as CISPA—the so-called “cybersecurity” bill—was reintroduced in February 2013. It passed, is it dangerous? 4/22/2013 Tyranny




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Open Tyranny

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Open Tyranny

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Military Engagements at Mexico Border and in the US



The Borders and Our Pants – Two things Wide Open by the Federal Government

Government Mass Scale Humiliation of the Individual



Pants Wide Shut – TSA Grope Stapo to Strip Search Anyone

Terrorist Police State Security System Now Turned on Citizens as Target Threat


Foundation X – Joel Skousen

Foundation X

Lord James of Blackheath, Speech on Foundation X (House of Lords, 01/11/2010)


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Global Climate Elite Cancun  – Global Population Relocation

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