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There Are No; Dumb Down Masses, Zombie Drones or Brainless Others…yet

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How the Balloonist of the Emerald City, the wizard of OZ, wants us to think of each other and ourselves. Cowardly, brainless, heartless, homeless and powerless. There are no brain-dead deltas, no sub-human ‘humanezes’,  all mankind is still created equal nd infinite in their potential, however there is the mislead public. They are the mislead public of the Right wing, Republican only party. They are the mislead public of the Left wing, Democratic only party. Unable, in the misleading, to see the Democratic Republic Nation founded on Constitutional Individual Sovereignty.

What is the Power in their; Fear Puppet, their Scarecrow, their StrawMan Illusion.

The Inflationist of the Greenback DC would like to divide us along the Yellow Bricked Rhodes toward their IMF, World Bank, UN – SDR the Secret Keyness-ian BanCor

Left? People to go that way…

Remember, There Are…

No Dumb Down Masses

No Zombie Drones

No Brainless Others

or to the Right? Then Again People do go this way….

Fear Puppet, their Scarecrow, their StrawMan, Illusion

Fear Puppet, their Scarecrow, their StrawMan, Illusion

Remember, Silence No One and Speak the Truth

An Informed Public

Will Resist Tyranny

You are the Resistance

Resistance is Victory

People do go both ways and allow freedom of movement, freedom of choice and infinite potential.

There are No Dumb Down Masses, No Zombie Drones, No Brainless Others

There are No Dumb Down Masses, No Zombie Drones, No Brainless Others


The Power of Ideas – A Nation Divided DEM v REP or rather A Nation United The Democratic Republican Party

Under the Double eagle of justice and courage


Under the Double eagle of fear and terror

We must love violently, we must hate passionately, we must live bravely


Failed Cancun Conference Produces $600 Billion UN Planned New World Economy: Controlled Population Relocation, Re-Wilding Industrial ‘Zones’, Social Reformation, Carbon Austerity Equitization

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Failed Cancun Conference Produces Massive $600 Billion UN Governance Agenda for Population Relocation and Controls, Re-Wilding Industrial ‘Zones’, Social Reformation, Carbon Austerity Equitization

The Global Elite scientists Announce Massive Agenda that stalled in Copenhagen, Due to Climate Data Fraud, Starting with the Renewed Mandatory call for Rationing in Developed World Consumption and Production. “…Time Has Run Out”.

Global warming is now such a serious threat to mankind that climate change experts are calling for Great Depression WWII rationing in western countries to bring down carbon emissions and limit population growth.

Cancun Agenda

Population Relocation, Re-Wilding Industrial Nations, and Social Reformation Austerity Equitization; Three Stage Plan for the World Organization and Order against Anthropogenic Climate Change:

  •     The first stage of vulnerability assessment and economic valuation of priority measures corresponds to the enactment of this Special Program in the 2009–2012 period, the main result of which will be the design of an integrated program of adaptation, executed progressively.
  •     The second stage, strengthening strategic, large-scale adaptation capacities, from 2013 to 2030, includes as priorities: attaining equilibrium between degradation/deforestation and restoration/reforestation; the adoption and implementation of sustainable agriculture and livestock production systems; the eradication of measures that encourage environmental degradation and cause GHG emissions; the implementation of relocation programs for human settlements and infrastructure in high risk areas, and the implementation of policies aimed at climate stability and sustainable development.
  •     The third stage, The consolidation stage, between 2030 and 2050, will result in attaining a positive balance between reforestation and deforestation, development options that ensure environmental sustainability, and a strengthened national planning system based on criteria to decarbonizes the economy and minimize vulnerability to climate change.



Target Youth – UN Year of the Youth – Engineering a Generation for the New World Policey State

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