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National CyberSecurity Operation Perfect Citizen – Trustmark Citizenship

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Perfect Citizen, TrustMark Identity and the SmartGrid CyberSecurity Agenda 2011

The National Security Agency has Deployed Multiple Levels of Surveillance Sensors Within Strategic Computer Networks and Critical Infrastructure Hubs. As Part of Operation PERFECT CITIZEN these sensors will be triggered and database any Unusual and Anomalous Activity that is suggesting an impended Cyber Attack, Extremist Activity or Domestic Threat.

Presently a Centralized Total Systems Operation Monitoring Program has not been put online as has been recommended. Global Security Elite Fear Internet Could Bring About A Total Collapse of the Established Systems and Global Social Order.

Operation PERFECT CITIZEN is designed to detect cyber assaults on private companies and government agencies running critical infrastructure as well as disarm extremist activity and identify potential domestic threats and terrorist activity. PERFECT CITIZEN Agenda is supported by Numerous Governmental Departments, Commissions and Agencies, the U.S. Military Armed Services as well as Full Executive Corporate Assistance

PERFECT CITIZEN Occupational Training and CyberSecurity Readiness Through Early Student Cognitive Training and Threat Awareness Programs  

PERFECT CITIZEN Strategic CyberSecurity Human Resource Development Project for the Purpose of Fulfilling Future Increasing CyberSecurity Personnel Demands


National Strategy for Trusted Identities in CyberspaceNSTIC

State and Corporate TrustMark Registration Service Providers

Identity Ecosystem Governance Directorate

Domestic SMART GRID Integration

Network Surveillance Sensors/Dark Fiber Junctions

Corporate CyberSecurity Infra-Guard Perfect Citizen Employee Integration

Integrated Metro, Transit and First Responder Surveillance Network

National Security

CYBER Security Military Command

CyberSecurity Infra Guard Threat Fusion Centers

Future Attribute Screening Technology – FAST

Department of Homeland Security DHS MALINTENT

Anomaly Detection At Multiple Scales ADAMS

PERFECT CITIZEN Human Factors Behavioral Sciences Projects

Office of Science and Technology Policy OSTP Executive Office of the President

Human Factors Division, National Institute of Science and Technology Directorate NIST and DHS

These projects advance national security by developing and applying the social, behavioral, and physical sciences to improve identification and analysis of threats, to enhance societal resilience, and to integrate human capabilities into the development of technology.

Wake Up to the Control Grid Police State Agenda of Total Population ControlTPC


Political Witch Hunt Begins Are You a TrustMarked NSTIC Registed Citizen or an Enemy Belligerent

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Political Witch Hunt Begins Are You TrustMarked?

FBI, DHS, TSA, NSA, DoD,  NSTIC and IDentity Ecosystem Governance Authority

Those that Oppose ANY STATE ACTIVITY, Including and Especially State Tyranny 

Are going to be Vilified as Unpatriotic, Paranoid, Extremist, Rage of the Right Wing, Conspiracy Theorist, Hate-monger, Activists, Fear-monger, Racist, Person of Concern, Enemy Belligerent, Home Grown Domestic Terrorists, ANTI Government, individual’s that if you see something say something.

Stop, Think, Connect the DHS Dots to Patriot Act, Infra-Guard, TSA, TIA, NSTIC and TrustMark Citizenship

Obama Creates Second Class UnTrusted Citizen vs First Class ID Trusted Entity Citizen with N-STIC for TrustMark IDentity Ecosystem Registry 

Individual Citizen to Register for State or Privately Provided Personal Trusted IDentity Card under The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) and the ID-entity Ecosystem Obama Granted the U.S. Commerce Department Authority over CyberSecurity efforts to create an Internet ID for Americans and the NSITC TrustMark has Field Tested Well.

Target Youth – Engineering a Generation for the New World Policey State

Snapscouts Youth SpIes “If you See Something Snap Something” Keep America Safe!

Snap Scouts - If you see something Snap Something - Politicalized Youth

Snap Scouts - If you see something Snap Something - Politicalized Youth


















If you don’t Signup to be a TrustMarked Citizen or If you don’t Register in the NSTIC IDentity Ecosystem? All the things that you can do now will not be allowed to if you don’t become Part of the Federal Trusted Mark.

Stop, Think, Connect and Try to Imagine that this is voluntary

Online Citizen Registry will be made mandatory for the following

  • Credit card purchases
  • Online banking
  • Accessing electronic health care records
  • Securely accessing her personal laptop computer
  • Anonymously posting blog entries
  • Logging onto Internet email services using a pseudonym

Integrity Trustmark Citizens and Trustmark Companies Will Eventually Have Exclusive Access to these services in order to Track these specific activities to the Individual.

Banks will be ‘Hacked’, WikiLeaks and Cyberpunks hackers will require the Registry of Every Citizen.

We will be told this is also needed for Security Against Provocative and Belligerent Online Extremism, Domestic Civil Disorder and Dangerous Political Speech.

Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right, Blamed and Accused in the Middle with You Outrage on the Right, Belligerence on the Left, Awake in the Center With You

They have seen these polling numbers but don’t seems to understand them.

61% Think United States is in decline

75% Think the Government can’t be trusted

Congress is in teen and single digit approval ratings

Obama Administration has the Largest Changed Rating in History

The Power of Ideas – A Nation Divided DEM v REP – A Nation United The Democratic Republican Party

We live in a Nation that LEFT AND RIGHT is awakening to having our children’s genitals touched for the Signal National Party’s ‘Security’ Measures. Both Party’s Support and Have Every Paycheck, Transaction, Debt, Deposit, Phone Call and Email tracked tagged and data-based by corp/government agencies. Both Administrations have given tens of Trillions of Dollars (each of which is a note of debt to the private bi-party supported Federal Reserve Bank) being given to the very companies and banks that gave us bad loans, high debt, moved jobs to china, froze the public domain with copy right law and invaded the private domain with Corporations Posing as and Claiming the Rights of Real People.

We live in a Nation that has been divided into Democratic or Republican Since just after the Civil War.

 Am I A Conspiracy Investigator and True Defender a Belligerent Against Tyrannical Actions Toward My Fellow Man or Am I A Serious Domestic Risk, Enemy Belligerent and Challenge to Policey Implementation Like the SPLC and Mr. Potok tells me that I am?

Cass Sunstien’ s Crippled Epistemology on Conspiracy Theories Theory

Those of use that oppose State and Federal liens and writs placed on the Sovereign Individual’s Fundamental Natural Rights have been labeled Criminal and Dangerous to Society.

This Can’t Be Allowed to Stand For as Soon as we Criminalize Speaking Out Against the State The State will Become Completely Tyrannical.

Fight for Today’s Attainable Local Public Duty of Overseeing the RePublic

Within a Democratic Republic

It is the Duty of the Public

To Ensure that the Government,

Acting Under the Authority of the Public,

Is Just, Equitable, Honest and Lawful

While Remaining Within the Authority and Powers

Granted and Vested By the Public


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