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Government Attacks People’s Rights

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The Latter Daily News

April 22, 2013

By Sovereignthink

CISPA is Back: FAQ on What it is and Why it’s Still Dangerous

The privacy-invasive bill known as CISPA—the so-called “cybersecurity” bill—was reintroduced in February 2013. Just like last year, the bill has stirred a tremendous amount of grassroots activism because it carves a loophole in all known privacy laws and grants legal immunity for companies to share your private information. EFF has compiled an FAQ detailing how the bill’s major provisions work and how they endanger all Internet users’ (indeed all electronic data) privacy. Please join us in speaking out against CISPA by contacting Congress now.


U.S. House of Representatives Shamefully Passes CISPA; Internet Freedom Advocates Prepare for a Battle in the Senate

CISPA vote records

These Utah Yea votes must not gain reelection or hold trust in public office ever again.

They have violated their oath and duty by voting away our privacy, rights, freedom and liberty.




Bishop, Rob

UT 1st



Stewart, Chris

UT 2nd



Chaffetz, Jason

UT 3rd



Matheson, Jim

UT 4th

Here is what they have to say…

Rob Bishop as the only Nay vote has not posted a comment.

Of course Jim Matheson Voted Yea because he needs to fill his NSA spy center in Bluffdale and has not yet released a statement of justification (as of 4/22).

Here is Chris Stewart’s justification for CISPA

Stewart Votes to Protect America’s Security

Apr 18, 2013

Press Release


Washington, D.C. – Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) released the following statement after voting in favor of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) that passed the House of Representatives today.

“As a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, I have been involved in a number of classified and unclassified briefings on the threat of cyber-attacks against Americans. These attacks are designed to steal personal data and trade secrets, shut down computer systems, destroy infrastructure, and otherwise harm American citizens and American companies.

Based on these briefings and conversations with the members of the Utah business community it has become clear to me that businesses and their customers are increasingly vulnerable to these attacks. They want and need the ability to know of the latest threats and to adjust their cyber security systems to protect against those threats. If we don’t act now and protect ourselves, it could lead to a catastrophic event.

Although there were initial concerns with how the bill would protect the personal data of individuals, Chairman Rogers and Ranking Member Ruppersberger have addressed those concerns and have improved the bill as a result. Although there is no perfect solution, this bill does a decent job of allowing companies to learn of and protect against cyber threats while still preserving the core principles of small-government conservatives like me—it doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t create another government bureaucracy, it addresses privacy concerns, and there are no mandates on companies or individuals.

It’s the fundamental job of the federal government to provide for our common defense. I have a responsibility to my constituents to do everything I can to protect our security and to protect our future. I think that the Cyber Security Protection Bill helps do just that.”


Jason Chaffetz Release in Defense of CISPA

Each day, hundreds of thousands of attempts are made to access data from US corporations, government entities, critical infrastructure and even private individuals.  These cyber attacks come from foreign governments as well as criminal entities, terrorist groups, and individuals both foreign and domestic.  While government entities can warn one another about specific attack sources, tactics and methods to help thwart the theft of private information, the private sector currently has no such option.  Corporations can be sued for sharing attack signatures with each other or with the government.  Likewise, the government cannot share classified information with the private sector that might help prevent future attacks.  As a result, cybercriminals can jump from one entity to another using the same tricks over and over again.

To help facilitate collaboration between the private and public sector to identify the source and manner of specific cyber attacks, Rep. Mike Rogers introduced and the House of Representatives recently passed by an overwhelming bipartisan majority The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).  As a strong proponent of civil liberties, I voted for this bill only after I was satisfied that Constitutional and civil liberty concerns in the original bill were resolved.

CISPA attempts to address cyber threats by removing outdated legal barriers that prevent organizations from pooling information to fight these crimes.  Equally important, the bill provides a mechanism for government to share classified information about cyber attacks and methods. Organizations now have the option of designating a high ranking employee to receive a security clearance that enables communication about classified threats.

The goal of this legislation is to provide tools to protect private information from being stolen without relying on government interference or control.

These improvements and amendments, among others:

  • Narrowed the definition of “cyber threat information” by removing references to intellectual property (thus removing any concerns that this bill was a sort of back door SOPA).
  • Prohibited the federal government from using library records, book sales records, book customer lists, firearms sales records, tax return records, educational records, and medical records that it receives from private entities under CISPA.
  • Significantly narrow the definitions in the bill regarding what information may be identified, obtained, and shared.
  • Sunset the provisions of the bill five years after the date of enactment.
  • Prohibit the federal government from retaining or using any of the information it receives under CISPA for anything other than one of the five permitted uses identified below.
    • 1) Cybersecurity;
    • 2) investigation and prosecution of Cybersecurity crimes;
    • 3) protection of individuals from the danger of death or physical injury;
    • 4) protection of minors from physical or psychological harm such as child pornography and rape; and
    • 5) protection of the national security of the United States.

I take privacy, civil liberties and the Fourth Amendment very seriously.  I think my work fighting against the TSA, and opposing and voting against overintrusive legislation such as SOPA, the Patriot Act, and the indefinite detention provisions in the NDAA demonstrates my commitment to civil liberties.

The final version of CISPA with the adopted amendments mentioned above will provide vital tools to assist companies in protecting themselves and their customers from cyber-attack.  It contains no new government mandates or regulations.  It protects the internet from government interference or control.  It makes our country safer, and it maintains our precious civil liberties at the same time.  For these reason I voted yes on CISPA.

Let your senators know that this will not stand and to vote this treasonous house down.


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Obama Anti-Universal Health Care Passes Every Branch

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Obama Care Does not cover preexisting conditions, if you had been getting checkups like you should and we know about a health problem too bad, should have let it go and gotten free coverage from Obama Care.

Now, with $2.11 for federal  tobacco tax and $0.87 for ca state tobacco tax, for a total of $2.98 out of a $5.00 for a pack of cigarettes, $2.02 is left to the retailer and manufacturer to split.

$1.01 for the retailer, who paid the clerk, the cleaning staff, the city permits of operation, the county and state licensing and filing fees, the insurance, the shipping cost, rent or mortgage, etc.

$1.01 for manufacturer, who complied with the EPA, factory unions, drought season, irrigation fees, processing costs, mandatory label changes, more shipping costs, leases or mortgage, etc.

$2.98 for the government and $2.02 for the sellers.

The thing is, funds from the tobacco tax go to pay for cancer research, health education, and many other fine things in the medical industry.

Now on top of that I as a smoker must pay this abomination of a ‘tax’.

I am forced, like social security, to buy into a health care insurance system; however a system that will not cover or pay for care of my pre-existing conditions (i.e. smoking and all related illness,).

This is like paying into social security but any ‘old age’ related costs or illness will not be covered.

Yet those who don’t smoke will draw healthcare from funds derived from the federal and state sales taxes paid for by each individual cigarette pack tax dollar; near 300% tax for the manufacturer and retailer and 150% tax overall (where is the Boston tobacco party when you need it), as well as my President Obama Care Tax.

I know that smoking is a cause of cancer, it kills and such, but people have been smoking for centuries and cancer rates have gone up by 300%-5000%, ONLY in the last few decades (statically depending on; age, demographic and type of cancers)

Smoking has not increased by 300%-5000%, we would all be smoking 4 packs a day; there is another environmental cause.

Yet we now have Obama Medicine, at least as big an enactment as the creation of social security, with no state ratification, we have created ‘again’ an American universal health care system that is really just federal regulation to create monopoly over state and individual liberty. (see Flexner and ama)

Yet, I with this; legislatively, executively and judicially certified federal law, I am already excluded from their universe.

Smokers don’t fit into their global plan, I guess I get to die for my country without their cancer cures or heart transplants.

 Are you a smoker, a drug user, over-weight, are you old or outspoken?

Would you also like to sacrifice for this countries central medicine system? You already are.

Let us instead Republic our communities, cities, counties, states and union against violations of liberty, agency and freedom under the local liberty tree.

What is the Tree of Liberty


Joel Skousen on Obama Care Medicine


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Bill Gates on death panels your not supposed to ‘talk’ about but come on…and vaccines being able to bring down the world’s population.


Rand Paul Just because it is declared constitutional doesn’t make it so…

Start a Page search for (Alien and Sedition acts, Fugitive Slave act, interposition, etc)

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