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Headline Update the NSTIC of Things and the NSTICing of everyone

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NSTIC-ing everyone with everything ever said or done ever. Total Information Awareness (TIA) is Total Justification of Judgment (TJJ) not justice.


National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC)

January 7, 2011 ~ 11 AM – 12:30 PM
Stanford University


Secretary Gary Locke, U.S. Department of Commerce, and Howard A. Schmidt, Special Assistant to the President and Cybersecurity Coordinator at The White House,  spoke at an event about the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyber Space (NSTIC). As part of the event a panel of CEO industry executives also discussed current and future real world applications of trusted identities.


The NDAA Kill Switch Police State and the i-9/11 economic event


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2011/12/10 at 8:50 pm

The Kill Switch Terrortist Police State.

In the near future… now that Obama will sign the NDAA of 2011 into law?

There could be an e-9/11 event, in which the stock exchange and major financial institutions have their systems ‘hacked’.

Like America’s Economic 9/11 of September 11th, 2008, except this would be ‘terrorist’ driven.

NSTIC, Google & SEO

by Kristine Schachinger, December 29, 2011

In case you missed it, Google is now a credentialed provider of Trusted Identities for the federal government. This means that the NSTIC, or National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, framework now has federally recognized and certified identity providers.

But who are these providers exactly, what is the NSTIC and how does this affect the users in matters of privacy, anonymity or even SEO? Below is a video that helps easily explains what it means to be working with the #NSTIC and how these issues are addressed, or not addressed by the NSTIC Framework.

Obama Unleashes Cyber NSTIC

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Obama is planning to Grant the U.S. Commerce Department Authority over cybersecurity efforts to create an Internet NSTIC TrustMark IDentity for Americans

On Jan 7th at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Presidential Branch Officials; the U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt announced The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace or NSTIC. Where by creating two tears of online ID-entities Trusted and Untrusted. The project has already been under field testing since mid twenty-ten.

Obama NSTIC Creates Second Class UnTrusted Citizen vs First Class ID Trusted Entity Citizen

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Obama Unleashes N-STIC for Trusted e-Citizen Registry 

Individual Citizen Registration for Personal Trusted ID entity Card.

 National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC)

The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace

My First Black President is Creating a Second Class UnTrusted (Non-Registered) Citizen vs ID Trusted Entity Citizenship


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D.H.S. (Department of Homeland Security)

H.I.T.S. (High Impact Technological Solution)

U.S. (United States)

N.S.T.I.C. (National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace)

H.I.D.E. (Homeland Identification & Detection Ethics)

H.I.D.E. (Hostile Intent Detection Enforcement)

Stop, Think, Connect the DHS Dots to Patriot Act, Infra-Guard, TSA, TIA, NSTIC and TrustMark Citizenship

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2011/01/13 at 11:33 pm

Obama Creates Second Class UnTrusted Citizen vs First Class ID Trusted Entity Citizen with N-STIC for TrustMark IDentity Ecosystem Registry 


Will a standardized system for verifying Web identity ever catch on?

By Mark Milian, CNN

updated 7:36 AM EST, Wed February 15, 2012

(CNN) — My neighbor recently discovered a four-digit passcode that unlocks the front doors to our apartment building.

He shared the code with me, as well as with his girlfriend, buddies and a few other neighbors. I shared it with some people, and so did others. Within a few weeks, the building’s security system was buzzing constantly for people who didn’t actually have one of the dozen or so physical keys given to tenants.

On 1-year anniversary, organized NSTIC looking for fast track

By John Fontana for Identity Matters | <:time datetime=”2012-04-18″>April 18, 2012

With $16.5 million in funding and $10 million earmarked for pilot programs, the government-led plan to facilitate the build out of an identity layer for the Internet has a year of organization under its belt, an implementation challenge for its future and a few critics chirping in its ear.

Last April, the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) was an Obama Administration mandate, a press conference and one ambitious guy sitting in a Commerce Building office above the nation’s oldest aquarium.

NSTIC set to hand out $2.5 million to direct ID effort

By John Fontana for Identity Matters | July 3, 2012 ZDNET

The organization driving the government-led digital identity strategy known as NSTIC said Monday it will name in the next few weeks a private organization that will shepherd the overall plan toward completion.

The move represents a significant milestone in the effort to create an “identity ecosystem” that provides secure identities for online transactions while limiting the disclosure of personal information. The system calls for both public and private accredited identity providers and a choice of identity credentials.

First NSTIC steering group meeting set for Aug. 15-16?

By John Fontana for Identity Matters | July 19, 2012 ZDNET

Vail, Colo. – The private-sector group named last week to lead the effort to create a digital identity strategy known as NSTIC will hold its first meeting Aug. 15-16 in Chicago.

In addition, the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) will name in early September the winners of its pilot program to participate in a pilot program.

Finally On Wikipedia

 as of 7/22/2012

The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) is a proposal by the Obama administration to create secure online identities for Americans in cyber space. The aim of the proposal, according to Howard Schmidt, the White House Cybersecurity Coordinator, is to create an ‘identity ecosystem’ where individuals and organizations can complete online transactions with confidence that the individual who they are conducting business with is not impersonating someone else.

Schmidt also outlined that the NSTIC would also reduce the need to remember potentially insecure list of usernames and passwords. Schmidt highlighted that enrollment in the ‘identity ecosystem’ of individuals would be entirely voluntary and individuals can choose whether or not to obtain a credential. The measure also gives individuals control over what private information they use to authenticate themselves over time.


The impetus for the policy move by the Obama Administration is part of the Cyberspace Policy Review published in June 2009. The NSTIC proposal was released in draft form in June 2010 along with a website set up by the Department of Homeland Security to elicit feedback and ideas from people. On April 15, 2011, the final draft of NSTIC was released by the White House. In this version of the draft the role of the federal government was toned down and highlighted its role as merely a facilitator in establishing the ecosystem. The effort has to be led by the private-sector.


The proposal has generated a lot of criticism since it was released in draft form by the White House. A lot of criticism been centered around privacy implications of the proposal.

Shortly after the draft’s release, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, in conjunction with a number of other consumer-rights and civil liberties organizations,sent the Committee a statement in response to the draft NSTIC policy, requesting that the White House provide a clearer and more complete plan to create and safeguard Internet users’ rights and privacy.

The Obama White House released its final NSTIC guidelines in April 2011. While EPIC head, Marc Rotenberg, called NSTIC “historic,” he also cautioned that “…online identity is complex problem and the risk of ‘cyber-identity theft’ with consolidated identity systems is very real. The US will need to do more to protect online privacy.”

Additional Reading

The Complete Biometric Citizen Registry of Corp/Gov ID  for access to e-systems

The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace

Illegal Presidential War Powers Require Impeachment

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Can the President Use Illegal War Powers for Operations on US soil – Are there  Posse Comitatus Statutory Exceptions?

Ron Paul Speech to the House of Representatives May 25, 2011.

The last nail is being driven into the coffin of the American Republic. Yet, Congress remains in total denial as our liberties are rapidly fading before our eyes. The process is propelled by unwarranted fear and ignorance as to the true meaning of liberty. It is driven by economic myths, fallacies and irrational good intentions. The rule of law is constantly rejected and authoritarian answers are offered as panaceas for all our problems. Runaway welfarism is used to benefit the rich at the expense of the middle class. Who would have ever thought that the current generation and Congress would stand idly by and watch such a rapid disintegration of the American Republic? Characteristic of this epic event is the casual acceptance by the people and political leaders of the unitary presidency, which is equivalent to granting dictatorial powers to the President. Our Presidents can now, on their own:
1. Order assassinations, including American citizens,
2. Operate secret military tribunals,
3. Engage in torture,
4. Enforce indefinite imprisonment without due process,
5. Order searches and seizures without proper warrants, gutting the 4th Amendment,
6. Ignore the 60 day rule for reporting to the Congress the nature of any military operations as required by the War Power Resolution,
7. Continue the Patriot Act abuses without oversight,
8. Wage war at will,
9. Treat all Americans as suspected terrorists at airports with TSA groping and nude x-raying.
And the Federal Reserve accommodates by counterfeiting the funds needed and not paid for by taxation and borrowing, permitting runaway spending, endless debt, and special interest bail-outs.
And all of this is not enough. The abuses and usurpations of the war power are soon to be codified in the National Defense Authorization Act now rapidly moving its way through the Congress. Instead of repealing the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF), as we should, now that bin Laden is dead and gone, Congress is planning to massively increase the war power of the President. Though an opportunity presents itself to end the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, Congress, with bipartisan support, obsesses on how to expand the unconstitutional war power the President already holds. The current proposal would allow a President to pursue war any time, any place, for any reason, without Congressional approval. Many believe this would even permit military activity against American suspects here at home. The proposed authority does not reference the 9/11 attacks. It would be expanded to include the Taliban and “associated” forces—a dangerously vague and expansive definition of our potential enemies. There is no denial that the changes in s.1034 totally eliminate the hard-fought-for restraint on Presidential authority to go to war without Congressional approval achieved at the Constitutional Convention. Congress’ war authority has been severely undermined since World War II beginning with the advent of the Korean War which was fought solely under a UN Resolution. Even today, we’re waging war in Libya without even consulting with the Congress, similar to how we went to war in Bosnia in the 1990s under President Clinton. The three major reasons for our Constitutional Convention were to:
1. Guarantee free trade and travel among the states.
2. Make gold and silver legal tender and abolish paper money.
3. Strictly limit the Executive Branch’s authority to pursue war without Congressional approval.
But today:
1. Federal Reserve notes are legal tender, gold and silver are illegal.
2. The Interstate Commerce Clause is used to regulate all commerce at the expense of free trade among the states.
3. And now the final nail is placed in the coffin of Congressional responsibility for the war power, delivering this power completely to the President—a sharp and huge blow to the concept of our Republic.
In my view, it appears that the fate of the American Republic is now sealed—unless these recent trends are quickly reversed.
The saddest part of this tragedy is that all these horrible changes are being done in the name of patriotism and protecting freedom. They are justified by good intentions while believing the sacrifice of liberty is required for our safety. Nothing could be further from the truth.
More sadly is the conviction that our enemies are driven to attack us for our freedoms and prosperity, and not because of our deeply flawed foreign policy that has generated justifiable grievances and has inspired the radical violence against us. Without this understanding our endless, unnamed, and undeclared wars will continue and our wonderful experience with liberty will end.


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Obama Uncle Tom or Uncle Sam

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The night Obama won, Ralph Nader asked if Barack Obama would turn out to be either, an Uncle Sam to the people or an Uncle Tom for the Multinational Global Corporations


That was the question President Barrack Obama needed to answer with his actions as president, Nader had pointed out.

Was President Obama going to continue to go along with corporate power, as he had from the moment he entered politics in the state senate?

Would he serve the global corporations that have hijacked the country and have no allegiance to the United States except to offshore our jobs to communist and fascist dictatorships abroad, who know how to keep their workers in place?

Has he been a great president or has he been a toady for the corporate powers, the multinationals, which have brought both parties to their knees against the working people of this country?

Today Ralph Nader is saying that Obama’s rhetoric, policy and track record must be challenge by democratic base in open debate.


What have his actions as president been? According Mr. Nader and my tally

  • He did not raise the min wage to $9.50 as promised, it is still $7.25
  • Did not press for deregulation of workers ability to form and empower trade unions
  • Did not revise NAFTA and the job depleting off shoring
  • Did not bring the troops home
  • Has engaged the United States in several additional wars under the authority of the UN and without legislative approval
  • Continued the expansion of the military industrial complex, war on drugs, Guantanamo, torture, rendition, foreign policy and secrecy of the Bush doctrine
  • Spearheaded one of the largest increases in the violations of natural rights and loss of civil liberties in this nation’s history, through the massive expansion and militarization of Bush’s Department Homeland and federal police enforcement.
  • Continued the practice of presidential signing orders and presidential directives
  • Extended bush tax cuts, waivers and incentives on corporations and the very, very wealthy
  • Created HMO and insurance PAC drafted fascist state/corporate waiver healthcare model
  • Has implemented carbon caps, regulations and taxation with multinational corporate waivers, under presidential EPA powers, accelerating the off shoring of  jobs to nations with no environmental safe guards as well as caused massive manufacturing and power facility closures through out the country
  • Put the American taxpayers fully on the hook for over 600 trillion in toxic and fraudulent debt
  • Gave over 27 trillion dollars in bailouts directly to Wall Street firms, financial institutions and global corporations with no oversight (through TARP, QE1, Federal Reserve Practices,  etc)
  • Helped create in 2009 the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) as a New Deal for American recovery, it has awarded 275 billion dollars and actually given 175 billion to date
  • Obama Signs NDAA 2011-12 into Law, ending 222 years of the Bill of Rights?!!

  • Now, near the last year of his Presidency, he has announced a 500 billion dollar New, New Deal or New Deal 2,  for additional local infrastructure projects in the American Jobs Act (AJA)


Obama: “You Know I Tell The Truth”

That is the Obama Deception.

With the stimulus and bailouts that have been granted to date, President Obama has channeled over 27 trillion dollars directly to the global corporate state; while his direct local business and infrastructure bailouts are only over 900 billion dollars (275 billion from ARRA and other acts as well as 500 billion promised via the AJA)

All other examples of Bushism aside; with only 3.5% of total direct bailout dollars going to small businesses and local incorporation; and while 96.5% of direct bailout dollars are going to multinational corporations, Ralph Nader’s question can be answered.

President Obama has shown himself to be; 3.5% Uncle Sam for America and 96.5% Uncle Tom for the Multinational Corporations, for Global Governance

Look at the numbers, see the whole picture for what it is; a deindustrialization and removal of power from the American people.

Is Obama Uncle an Uncle Tom?

Obama Energy Agenda Blackout – Bankrupt United States Energy and Sovereignty

Obama Signs NDAA 2011-12 into Law, ending 222 years of the Bill of Rights?!!

NDAA: citizen detainment – SOPA: civilian targeting

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NDAA is a Declaration of War on the United States by the United States

Did you order water bordering?! You’re g*d-d@mn right I did!

Impeach Obama 2012 – No Nixon Pardon 2013

Mitt Romney Obama light or just Obama white?

‘This Is A Two Party Dictatorship Unless You’re A Billionaire!’ – Ralph Nader


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