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Obama Uncle Tom or Uncle Sam

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The night Obama won, Ralph Nader asked if Barack Obama would turn out to be either, an Uncle Sam to the people or an Uncle Tom for the Multinational Global Corporations


That was the question President Barrack Obama needed to answer with his actions as president, Nader had pointed out.

Was President Obama going to continue to go along with corporate power, as he had from the moment he entered politics in the state senate?

Would he serve the global corporations that have hijacked the country and have no allegiance to the United States except to offshore our jobs to communist and fascist dictatorships abroad, who know how to keep their workers in place?

Has he been a great president or has he been a toady for the corporate powers, the multinationals, which have brought both parties to their knees against the working people of this country?

Today Ralph Nader is saying that Obama’s rhetoric, policy and track record must be challenge by democratic base in open debate.


What have his actions as president been? According Mr. Nader and my tally

  • He did not raise the min wage to $9.50 as promised, it is still $7.25
  • Did not press for deregulation of workers ability to form and empower trade unions
  • Did not revise NAFTA and the job depleting off shoring
  • Did not bring the troops home
  • Has engaged the United States in several additional wars under the authority of the UN and without legislative approval
  • Continued the expansion of the military industrial complex, war on drugs, Guantanamo, torture, rendition, foreign policy and secrecy of the Bush doctrine
  • Spearheaded one of the largest increases in the violations of natural rights and loss of civil liberties in this nation’s history, through the massive expansion and militarization of Bush’s Department Homeland and federal police enforcement.
  • Continued the practice of presidential signing orders and presidential directives
  • Extended bush tax cuts, waivers and incentives on corporations and the very, very wealthy
  • Created HMO and insurance PAC drafted fascist state/corporate waiver healthcare model
  • Has implemented carbon caps, regulations and taxation with multinational corporate waivers, under presidential EPA powers, accelerating the off shoring of  jobs to nations with no environmental safe guards as well as caused massive manufacturing and power facility closures through out the country
  • Put the American taxpayers fully on the hook for over 600 trillion in toxic and fraudulent debt
  • Gave over 27 trillion dollars in bailouts directly to Wall Street firms, financial institutions and global corporations with no oversight (through TARP, QE1, Federal Reserve Practices,  etc)
  • Helped create in 2009 the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) as a New Deal for American recovery, it has awarded 275 billion dollars and actually given 175 billion to date
  • Obama Signs NDAA 2011-12 into Law, ending 222 years of the Bill of Rights?!!

  • Now, near the last year of his Presidency, he has announced a 500 billion dollar New, New Deal or New Deal 2,  for additional local infrastructure projects in the American Jobs Act (AJA)


Obama: “You Know I Tell The Truth”

That is the Obama Deception.

With the stimulus and bailouts that have been granted to date, President Obama has channeled over 27 trillion dollars directly to the global corporate state; while his direct local business and infrastructure bailouts are only over 900 billion dollars (275 billion from ARRA and other acts as well as 500 billion promised via the AJA)

All other examples of Bushism aside; with only 3.5% of total direct bailout dollars going to small businesses and local incorporation; and while 96.5% of direct bailout dollars are going to multinational corporations, Ralph Nader’s question can be answered.

President Obama has shown himself to be; 3.5% Uncle Sam for America and 96.5% Uncle Tom for the Multinational Corporations, for Global Governance

Look at the numbers, see the whole picture for what it is; a deindustrialization and removal of power from the American people.

Is Obama Uncle an Uncle Tom?

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