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DHS & TSA Stand Down on Opt-Out Day – Public Relations Over Safety?

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DHS & TSA Stand Down on Opt-Out Day – Public Relations Over Safety?

Airport Security Measures Stood Down In-Spite of Increased Threat Level and Increased Travelers For Holiday

If the ‘Secret National Intelligence’ allowed the DHS, CIA, FBI, PENTAGON, to know that there is a massive imminent Danger of PETN use and Terrorists Threatening and Actively Attempting Attacks…

If the Enhanced Genital Pat Down was a ‘Needed’ Security Check…

If the Radiation Biometric X-Ray Scanners Were ‘Needed’ for Safety…

If the Danger is to this extent, requiring total violation of the Individual’s Body, a Total State of Military Police Emergency Overriding Fundamental Natural Rights…way was this stood down?

The Threat of Attack was so great that it demanded suspension of Rights for anyone that purchased a ticket.

Federal Officials and Officers all Repeat ‘You give-up your rights when you buy the ticket’ and enter these National Security Check Point, Constitutionally Suspended Martial Law Zones

Could the Threat have gone away starting the day before Thanksgiving until the Tuesday-Wednesday After Thanksgiving Day Weekend?

There was a National TSA Opt-Out Dignity Day, Protest TSA Felony Groping. This was a Say-No to Public Stripping and Radiology Scanning, Say-No to Molestation and Enhanced Inside Pants Pat-Downs, Conducted by non radiologists, without radiology standards, that have no medical experience, using unsanitary screening processes massively increasing Travelers Exposure to Diseases that can only be transferred by Contact, Especially Genital to Genital Contact.

If the 4 day stand down was to avoid this TSA Revolt Public Relations Nightmare at the risk of this hyper threat state; then criminal Negligence or Criminal ‘Over’ reporting of the Actual Threat appears to have occurred.

In the DHS, TSA “We’ve got…a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.” as the Standing Military.

Federal Policey Enforcement is the Only Steadily Growing Work Force in America.

The People employed at TSA couldn’t be thriving in today’s Private Sector, They Couldn’t Even Make it in the Real Military and so this unhappy, ‘disenfranchised’ Demographic of society has become this empowered brown-shirt style national Security Force.

Federal Police Started with DOJ after the Civil War  to ensure that state and local governments weren’t violating the Individual’s Constitutional and Fundamental Natural Rights, were have we gone that 90% of the Federal Policey Force is Focused at Individual’s in Violation of Federal Regulation? It Can Happen Here, for it Has Happened.

Those that stand up and Say No to this Tyrannical Public Molestation are labeled and attacked as Belligerents to the State or Put on a List.

Are the people that stand-up and say no to this invasion of privacy and humiliating dehumanizing public treatment, really threats and domestic terrorists?

Where is the Fear and Terror coming from, who is keeping it in our daily thoughts and hearts?

I have never seen so much poor theater suspending so much disbelief of open hypocrisy.

Liberty Guard’s Chairman Bob Barr points out that any evidence suggesting deliberate manipulation of security procedures for political purposes must be investigated further.

In addition, Liberty Guard has requested all internal TSA material that mentions the terms Matt Drudge”, “”, “Alex Jones”, “”, “John Tyner”, “national opt-out day”, “Opt-Out Alliance” and “domestic extremists”.

Any material that surfaces containing such terms may prove that not only did the TSA act in backing down because of the efforts of the leaders of the Opt Out movement, but that it also considers those organizations and individuals a potential threat.

Liberty Guard’s FOIA request can be viewed here (PDF).


The Federal Government’s Police State Oppression Brings Civilians Together (Despite Decline in Air Travel)

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TSA Crotch Checks & Federal Reserve Bounced Checks Bring Americans Closer Together

Will this wake us up and gring enough of us toghether before it’s too late?

DHS/TSA violations of Fundamental Natural Rights and Private Civil Liberties is not a Left/Right issue.

USFR/USFG violations of Fundamental Economic Rights and Public Civil Equity and Justice is not a Left/Right issue.

We must come together in this Constitutional Republic under Democratic Representation and demand the Natural Rights and Constitutional Laws are followed.

We must reclaim direction, wisdom and discernment in the Central Fight against Tyranny, oppression and known corruption.

We must meet in the middle to Fight Gross Open Infringements Over the Hearts, Minds and Lives of the Individuals.

We must return to The Democratic Republican Party of Jefferson vs the Federalists

We must return to Normalcy of Inviolate Individual Personal Private Freedom of Protected under Law, Order, Truth, Equity and Justice.

If we do not arise out of the Hell we are in and of nothing but belligerent hostility against the NWO agenda of Collectivism over the Fundamental National Rights of the State and Fundamental Natural Rights of the Individual; then we are destined for Slavery and Homelessness on this once great and peaceful nation that our forefathers created.

Knowledge, Understanding and Truth will Give us a Real Pathway to Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity.

President Obama re-declaring on September 10, 2010 the following statement that was made by former President Bush after the 9/11 attacks: “The terrorist threat that led to the declaration on September 14, 2001, of a national emergency continues. For this reason, I have determined that it is necessary to continue in effect after September 14, 2010, the national emergency with respect to the terrorist threat.”

The “terrorist threat” that is used in the statement above is so ambiguous that it is applicable to any threat against the Washington Establishment. The list includes anti-war activists, political dissidents, environmental activists, right-wing groups, etc. Basically, anyone who does not like the criminal Establishment is deemed a “terrorist threat.”


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Owen JJ Stone and John Tyner – TSA Caught with Their Hands Down Our Pants & Groping Our Rights

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 The Federal Government’s Police State Oppression Brings Civilians Together (Despite Decline in Air Travel)

Patriots Owen JJ Stone (aka OhDoctah) and John Tyner TSA Caught with Their Hands Down Our Pants under New Enhanced Pat-Down Enhancement, with the objective to intimidate fliers to submit to Pornographic Biometric Scan rather than molestation.

Owen JJ Stone’s DHS/TSA enhanced ‘pat’-down included TSA putting there hands down his pants. He was offered a private ‘screening’ but he preferred to have the screening done in public view in hopes that it would keep the guy from ‘going down’ as far.

TSA Targets Tyner In Effort To Chill Nationwide Backlash

The TSA is intensifying its efforts to intimidate the nationwide backlash against invasive groping procedures by targeting the brave, peaceful, belligerent and valiant enemy of DHS/TSA Tyranny when he told a TSA official this past weekend, “If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.”

John Tyner, the man who was kicked out of a San Diego Airport for refusing to submit to invasive TSA groping measures, is now the target of a DHS/TSA investigation and an $11,000 dollar lawsuit.

If you say no DHS and TSA will charge you with probing and resisting Big Brother’s Rules.

TSA said to Tyner ‘You lose a lot of your rights when you buy that ticket.’ 


If your boss at the office said to a few employees, ‘I want you to take naked pornographic photos of all everyone; men, women, children, everyone, as they get off the elevator and come into the office. If they don’t want the naked photo then you will need to touch their genitals as least twice from the front and twice from behind, breasts and really all of their body to make sure that they are safe. Does anyone have a problem with doing this to other people? We’ll…You all are fired. For the rest of you, we’ll get HR in here to go over some training and thanks so much. This will really help keep everyone here safe.’

If this practice were in place at your office it would be simple to see that it must be stopped, the employer would need to be fired, tried and imprisoned, while the employees that followed the order would also need to be fired and those former employees that would not submit their fellow public to the tyranny must be rehired.

End the enhanced, enhanced and still more enhanced pat-downs, intimidation, violations and evil that this clearly is.

Fire those that gave the order and put them on trial.

Fire All TSA Workers that have followed the orders to molest and infringe on the most intimate privacies of the men, women and children of this nation.



Government Mandated; Pornography or Molestation – FullBody Biometric Scan or Enhanced Pat-Down and Crotch Check

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