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Internet Theatre of War WWW Lock Down Due to False Flag WikiLeak CypherPunks and Hacker Provocateur Terror Hype and Propaganda on Info BombShells

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WWW Theatre of War Internet Lock Down Due to WikiLeak CypherPunk Hacker Info BombShells

The Internet Is the Frontline of the Information Theatre of War, Will the War be Lost, Side Tracked by WikiLeak Misdirection, Hacking Fear Mongering and Cypherpunk Terrorists?

This is Information Warfare, a Bomb of Information, Corporate Information Bombs, Business Intelligence, Military Intelligence, Government Intel, National Security Intel, etc.

The Federal Information Intelligence is the Largest Intelligence gather System ever Created. 1984 Big Brother TeleScreens BBTS and Ministry of TRUTH, Pale by what we live under today but The WWW puts Their BBCCTV is under threat

Is WikiLeaks the 9-11 to Close the Ports and Enact a “Patriot” style Act; the “Anti”-Infringement Act? For a last Ditch Effort at Total “Smart Web” takeover.

Did the Smart Web System actually Become an Intelligent Prison Used By the Inmates and Now the Only Option is to Shut It Off Before the Giant Is Fully Awake?

There is a global swell of understanding Around the World…

it is like the exposure of the beach before a Tsunami hits. The Magnitude of Corporate Statism Crimes, The Scope of Lies and Decades of Propaganda is quite a Dream, a nightmare to awaken from. The Crash that could be brought down, as we see how big, Big Brother is, would be a Globally Devastating Wave.

There is an over exposure of information, Elite agenda’s published, blogged printed, logged and waiting for a news story to cause all of those 100’s and 1000’s of pages that had 20 hits total to all get 50-100 every week for months.

Those pages, blogs and Private Investigations of sovereign thinking against Tyranny are Information Land Mines Lying in Wait for a Slip a Crack of Light, a Sliver of Public Interest, an awakening experience, an Exposure to truth that causes recognition of Hypocrisy or Violations in Principles and begins the Search into the Field and Sovereign Thinking.

The Internet is this field of land mines of Collected Concentrated Damning Information that is causing a global awakening. The Information and discussions this makes available inspire resistant action and peaceful tempered opposition.

Resistance is Victory.

The Prescribing of Off Label Government Function is understood by More and More Individuals and it is only a matter of time before the Local Offices are reclaimed and The City, County and State’s Authority and Duty in protecting the Sovereign Individual’s Private Fundamental Natural Rights and Integrity of the Public Domain Over Throws the Federal Mandates, Magistrates and Agents.

If the Internet and the Mechanism that is built into the structure and nature of the E-Linked-Translatable-Ever-Storable-Infinitely-Replicable-Gutenberg-PC-Presses and Electronic Voices is silenced, then the technocracy and Dependant Majority Could Cause an End to Individual Private Personal Domain, Fundamental Natural Rights, Civil Liberties as well as Our Once Just, Free, Open, Honest and Equitable Nation.

Wiki-Leak Could Be the Nazi Burning of the Reichstag, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident to Inspire General acceptance of Mass Murder and Tyranny.

Our Government Operations Are Secret to Most of Congress Who are then Supposed to Regulate those Agencies.

The WWW must remain and become even truly more Freed from the telecom’s, the google’s the FCC’s and the NSA’s. Get them out of regulating our Local Public Domains.

Truth is needed to Vote, to govern Government, to Be Free. Nothing else can allow Freedom but truth in action.

This is a Democratic RePublic and The Constitution Demands Disclosure to Congress.

Violation or Non Disclosure to Congress is Treason.


COICA Gives Federal Police Editing Power of the Internet – Goodbye Guttenberg

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COICA Gives Federal Police Editing Power of the Internet

Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved HR 3804

The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA)

The bill gives the Attorney General the Right and Power to shut down websites whether the website/owner has actually committed a crime. This is allows a Total Unilateral Police State of Authority Over the Individual’s Digital Guttenberg Press Access.

All in the name of Combating the Digital piracy that a handful of companies, (the fortune 500 companies) are experiencing but also the very ones inventing, creating and abusing copyright intention, purpose and laws.

Corperson Copy Right

Corporate Rulership, Corporate Domain, Corpersonal Ownership

It allows what has been deemed the “nuclear option” of Censorship that allows the Attorney General to turn merely ‘suspected’ websites off (denying DNS access). Illegal content on a site is not a requirement; links alone will qualify a site for the Digital Smart Web Denial.

HR 3804 Censorship Bill Sales Through Senate to allow;

Without due process

Without any criminal activity

Any named ‘Suspect’ Website

Links to Suspect Websites

Total Control with Mainstream Site Cooperation

All Via Total;

Domain Name System (DNS) Smart Grid Over-Ride

Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the world wide web, said, “Neither governments nor corporations should be allowed to use disconnection from the internet as a way of arbitrarily furthering their own aims.” He added: “In the spirit going back to Magna Carta, we require a principle that no person or organization shall be deprived of their ability to connect to others at will without due process of law, with the presumption of innocence until found guilty.”

The Recording Industry Association of America, which represents individuals that have given Lehy nearly a million dollars, praised Leahy for his work at controlling the Internet for them by insuring “that the Internet is a civilized medium instead of a lawless one where foreign sites, that put Americans at risk, are allowed to flourish.”

see Wired Magazine Online “Web Censorship Bill Sails Through Senate Committee” 

By Sam Gustin

What if Google was found to be a ‘suspect’ website or to link to a ‘suspect’ website? Would google be turned off? Would the google network not be allowed access to the world wide web, effectively shutting down the governments main contracted email provider, security intelligence provider, surveillance camera operations provider, officer GPS and navigations provider, work force tracking and allocations provider  and the many, many municipal cities, counties and states that have contracted with and set themselves up under google network of controls and services.

The Department of Homeland Security has some important issues before it with the ongoing violations that they are already facing with there TSA division and also activates that actually relate to “homeland security”, is expending time and resources to protect purely private interests really what we need to be empowering and directing them toward, do we need to imprison anymore non-violent citizens for Corporations Under Ever New Protection Laws.


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