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Infinite Indivisible Individual

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One man

What will he be? What will he do? 

It is easy to say what an animal will do. What a herd of elephants will do. What lions will do. Where they will be at any time in the year, what the food they will be eating and what there average weight and numbers will be.

We can know this if we have studied them and their environment for any length of time.

The real variable in most of their general survival or living patterns is in the influence of man. Otherwise they will change very little in every behavior from year to year and day to decade.

Man is the most unique, the most variable, the most uncontrollable, the most incalculable, the most self organized, the most capable, the most complex, dense, unique, novel, self realized, form of energy and matter in the known measurable universe. 

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

All of the universe is spreading out into space and increasing the amount of uniformity and neutral empty space at the speed of light in all directions.

This is known as the law of entropy. Entropy: the flow of energy in the direction of the most neutral base and lowest level of potential energy possible to the system.

The opposite of entropy is reverse entropy or negentropy.  Negentropy: the flow of energy in the direction of the most complex structure and density with the highest level of potential energy possible to the system.

Any living organism or system is an example of reverse entropy. An organization and increase in complexity and density. And the living organism that has more negentropy by a multiple of millions is the human being.

We each individual human being are the equal and opposite reaction to the entropy of the entire known and measurable universe.

All life is unique and rare opposing answer to the way rest of the rest of the universe functions.

Only a system that places the individual as most the most valuable and sovereign and acts to protect the unalienable sovereignty of the individual from force, fraud and coercion will be just. Freewill and the responsibility of that freedom is the very nature and motive of man. We are the greatest potential expression of energy in the known universe.

The only just purpose of a governing body politic would be to ensure that each individual is unmolested and uninfringed to pursue and posses the wealth and happiness that their unbounded priceless potential can bring to them; that they are able to retain all that they create in an unobstructed, uninterrupted and impenetrable expression of life with an infinite novelty potential.

This will give us the greatest number of Mozarts, Gandhis, Jeffersons and Teslas possible.

The richest world, the most diverse, the most colorful and the most joyous.

The true weakness and downfall of any system of body politic that places any man in a position of less freedom, liberty, rights, power and sovereignty to any other man, group of men, majority, or government is that you will have a system that is unjust (even if only to one individual, one infinitely variable potential).

It is corrupt in the foundation thought.

The Just Law

No instigation of force, fraud or coercion against any individual.

Force, Fraud and Coercion may only be used defensively in RE-action to these very actions.

The only just system must hold the individual as the most rare, the most valuable, the most unique, the most protected and guarded treasure, the highest form in nature, the greatest security, the only sovereign.

We value rarity, we value the original, we value purity, we value unique, we value that which has infinite use and infinite potential.

Each human being is one of the most rare, complex and powerful systems in the world. Each must be safeguarded; each has value beyond anything else.

The values of nations, the values of states, the values of international bodies, the values of the body politic seem to have forgotten…me.

There is no way for a body politic to know what is best for me, what job I should have, what I should learn, what I should eat, what I should do for others, what I should have done for by others, what I can say, where I can live, what I can own, what I can keep or what I can do.

For I am the most complex expression of reverse entropy in the universe, I am unknowable, unpredictable by the very nature of freewill empowered by infinite potential.

No central planning can understand, predict or control the individual. The nature of each individual empowered by freewill and infinite potential will always destroy and surprise the greatest Brave New World-Looking Back global governance monopoly that any body politic tries to impart or enforce on the individual.

It only takes one Gandhi of Porbander or one Jesus of Nazareth with no sword drawn, no bullet fired, to wake the spark of the true sleeping giant in every individual. Once the multitudes unleash the infinite potential power of each individual’s sovereignty there is no force that can stop that energy from expression. It is the energy to reach the moon, to create and produce more goods, food, innovation than nations with ten or twenty times the population, recourses and infrastructure.

That is the expression of the energy of individual liberty, despite continued erosion and increasing obstruction, policing and governance.

Even with more than 90% of our wealth taken from us since 1913 through inflation, still more through direct taxation or confiscation and with ever increasing infringements upon the sovereign state of the individual, we have still continued to produce and innovate with the spirit and American dream of individual sovereignty.

But this continued forced fleecing; this controlled systemic break-down, bail-out, buy-up; this redistribution of infinite potential, this crude destruction of trickle down to those now destroyed, Sisyphus Keynesian National Social Welfare State is not constitutional.

It is not worth my infinite potential and it has taken and required by force so much from me.

I fear we are losing the homestead. A guarantee to not just our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness but our very food, clothing and shelter can be taken by ‘lawful’ forced taxation.

The very life necessities needed to sustain our priceless expression of infinite reverse entropy potential are not being protected under our body politic but are in fact under siege by them.

This is beyond the pursuit of happiness.

This is a question beyond liberty.

We are forced to give the necessities of our life to others.

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what your country can do to you.

If one could truly own a piece of land and the necessities for life with no infringement and free from threat of taxation, you would be able to build a self sustaining, lifelong savings and plan a future life that could be built upon and passed to my family forever growing richer on our labor and art. This true protection of the individual would give you the ability to attain true safety, security and prosperity for you and your children’s children.

If you could choose your own debts, your own guilt and your own sins and not be liable for others.

The world already produces more food, wealth, water, power and necessities of life than the people of the world need.

Only the body politic prevents the world from feeding itself, from clothing itself, from healing itself, from cleaning itself and from growing free of others debts.

Only the body politic has that force of power.

The body politic must allow us, the individuals, freedom of choice, the freedom of action, the freedom of property, freedom of information, freedom from force of debt, freedom from having to use their systems (education, medical, legal, monetary, etc)

We must be allowed by the body politic to act, give, speak, participate and live voluntarily. That is Freedom. That is the definition of Liberty.

There is an oath that each constitutional officer of the body politic of our beloved constitutional republic has taken. They have sworn that each individual is sovereign and endowed by our creator with the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The rest of the laws have been made so complicated, the policies are not readable in one human’s life time, and orders are given in secret, to the point that the law is unknowable.

But protecting the unalienable rights of each sovereign individual to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is an easy law and It is the supreme law.

It is the law first and above all other laws, it is the reason that there could be agreement on founding the nation.

This is what they have sworn to uphold and defend so help them god.


I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind and sovereignty of man.

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

There are only two forms of government, one where the people rule the government or one where the government rules the people.

Each individual is infinite in what they can become, let no rule or ruler use my name to molest or alter that infinite individual, for they and all they could become are natures answer to the stars.

Sovereign Think –

Article XI
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
Article XII
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Mixing – Politics & Religion – Church & State

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‘Where We Are’ or ‘How We Almost Got There’

A thought on Evolution of Religious Philosophy and the Political Systems that are built around them. (Very, Very, Simple Version)

Stage One

What – Poly Theism/Gods = Poly Debts

Who – The God-King Emperor (i.e. Ancient; Egypt/Greece/Rome/India/China/Europe/Eurasia)

Why – Many Gods and Everyone are Debtors to pay for whims of the Gods and/or sins of man.

How – Mass ‘Societal’ Sacrifice; All Must Build, All Must Slave, All must Worship, in any manner commanded. (Humans are Inherently Worthless – Appeasing the Gods is All)

Stage Two

What – Mono Theism/God = Mono Debt

Who – Priest Leaders (i.e. Moses) – Nationless Group/Tribal Group

Why – Only One God and One Debtor to pay for guilt for your own actions and the sins of men

How – Individual Sacrifice – Scheduled, Measurable and Predictable (Humans are Inherently Evil/Bad/Sinful – Penance to God is Salvation)

Stage Three

What – Personal Theism/God = No Debt

Who – Every Individual is Sovereign and worship according to their own choosing (i.e. Jesus, Gandhi, MLK)

Why – Personal God with No Debt, Lean or Judgment; Only Introspection, Individual Growth, Wisdom, Patience, Forgiveness, Understanding, Prosperity, Love, Peace and Joy for any who seek them and to each in their own time.

How – No Sacrifice – The Act of personal meditation and honest thoughtful introspection for the Truth offers Understanding, Patience and Wisdom. These in turn develop into Forgiveness and Generosity that in turn builds and grows into Love. The Love is overwhelming, thus Peace and Joy are inevitable. (Humans are Inherently Good and Now Free of Debt and Lien, Responsible for Own Personal Salvation)


The Stage Three in that evolution Embodied the Philosophy that; ‘All Men’ or Everyone is a Child of God or ‘are Created Equal, Endowed by Our Creator’ and Can Commune or Define God according to their Own Practices and Traditions or ‘Have Certain Inalienable Rights’ or (In Lienable Rights)

Jesus seemed to be a man that said to develop the temple that is you, you are to sacrifice your silver and alms at that temple and for its glory (for that is the most honest form of spending and currency we have). Tithe into your own development with actions that foster Truth, Wisdom, Patience, Forgiveness and Love. Nothing is more powerful.

America is the Nation that came the closest to ever implementing this last philosophy in a form of government that would sustain it. It was almost an enduring protectorate of the private individual as a sacred temple, a temple where each natural person could claim sanctuary, in themselves and for their lives.

Let us not lose our way or allow a man nor laws of our land to invade the sacred sovereign temples of our brothers, mothers, sisters, sons and daughters.

We must call that Invasion to the light of day, when ever and were ever we encounter it. For if we fail to defend ourselves we will surely parish from the face of the earth by allowing tyranny into the temples of our lives or corruption over our hearts and minds.


Sovereign Thinking

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Sovereign Thinking 

      Men have inspired with words the hearts and minds of men to heal the wounds and make of their infinite potential, all that they can. Please read the articles, bills, speeches and essays on these pages and really try your capacity and ways of thinking.

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