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Information Warfare

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Information Warfare

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End of the Dollar World Dominance

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End of the US Century with over 70% dominance in the entire world’s Currency. The World Reserve Currency will no longer be in Bankcorupt US Dollars.

We didn't move, How did we get here?

What is money and how does it work? Most debates miss the central issues. They focus on quantity based arguments, friedmanites vs keynesians, and do not address that money is a political power and part of the public domain. Today and through much of history the monetary systems are controlled, regulated and manipulated by the governments and rulers of the peoples.

Money primarily is a political factor because it is fundamentally a politically backed promise pay, between individuals, institutions, nations, groups of nations, etc

Ultimately the central Debate in the systems of politically controlled money should be; who has the power to issue, distribute, enforce and collect the final debt? The People or Private Central and Global Banks?

There is no secret to money. It is a standardized value of exchange. Economic exchange happen with every and in any form of monetary system regardless. In an honest system the ‘money’ is an un-manipulated extension of the economy, represented in a common uniform commodity. (shells, beads, grain, cloth, pelts, spices, herbs, salt, tin, copper, gold, silver, etc).

Economies just are, exchange, ‘currency’ and trade just happen. Money is legally binding system of promissory notes to pay a real commodity for the value of that monetary note.


1913 Private Federal Reserve Note (US Dollar) Banking system officially adopted as US currency and monetary policy control.

The monetary system of the western world officially adopted the US Dollar as the world reserve currency in 1945 with the Brentonwoods agreement, thus setting the ‘westernized’ world on the Private Federal Reserve Banking system.

1971 the USA ran out of gold reserves due to imbalance and inherent corruptions of the system. Nixon unilaterally ended the Brentonwoods agreement. Officially setting US Dollar solely on debt reserve based system and thus the world on a pure Private Federal Reserve Bank debt based, interest backed, monetary system. The ‘westernized’ world and nations of the cold war era could not retaliate.

Since 1971 through today the number of debt backed US dollars in circulation has increased over 2000%, a 50% average increase in the money supply that was available in 1971 every year since. That is almost 40 years of a US dollar world reserve currency on a purely debt ‘commodity’ based backing. That much debt based money no longer has value (500-700 trillion in derivatives to name one of the inflated markets) The debt and the interest are unpayable in their magnitude; the system has collapsed and is being abandoned.

2010 – The G20, WTO, IMF, World Bank, China, Russia, G8, EU, etc have all agreed and understand the US Dollar world reserve currency has ended. The Dollar is now in devalued to absolutely fictional numbers that can not work or function as a sole ‘westernized’ world reserve currency, let alone a global reserve currency. 

A new basket (portfolio) of currencies determined by same International Groups has been agreed to be created with Special Drawing Rights (SDR) (different guaranteed interest rates) available to VIP nations institutions and projects, set by the same groups. Carbon Credits through Global Governance on Cap and Trade Regulation. Controlled and created by the same Private Central and Global Banking Elite.

Things have changed dramatically in this nation since 1945, since 1970 and with the end of the 100 year reign that the Private Federal Reserve Bank Note has had, America is about to see the most dramatic change since the industrial revolution. Only this is a loss of power, freedom and world standing. This will not be an innovative expansion, individual enterprise freeing or the creatively empowering process of the Industrial revolution nor the declaration and successful claiming of Sovereign Independence.

1913 – 2012 Federal Reserve: 99 years of world currency control leader with 70% of currency in world is in US dollars.

2013 – 3012 Inauguration of new Global Nationless SDR currency controls, Austerity, Caps on industry and production, Trade controls, Taxes, Fees and penalties for violations.

There are criminals in the wall street and banking systems, the dollar has been used by the world elite to control global markets and that system is coming to an end. People need to go to prison, global central banks need to be liquidated and the assets used for restitution to be made to the victims of the fraud….

instead of being bailed out and then reporting Record profits and bonuses.

Each nation each individual should be self sustaining and independent. The technology exists for it.

Instead Global Control demands that every part be dependant on every other part.


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