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A Generation Lost in Space – 1970-2010

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A Generation Lost in Space – 1970-2010

Attention to Those that Reached Adulthood Between 1970-2010, they put a spell on you and we have been Under Attack and become – Generation Hypocrisy

Willie Nelson, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones – 2008 Part 2-3 

Willie what’s you take on why congress blocked medical funding for 9-11 responders.

Willie – Well first of all there’s a long list of things that we could talk about that we don’t like about this government and what it’s doing and what it has done. It goes back further than the Bush administration; it goes all the way back to other administrations, a long time ago, when this country started going the wrong way and started doing thing around the world thinking we were the worlds policeman, and also we were the worlds resource gatherer, ‘If there was something over there you had, we were going to come get it.

We’ll make you a deal you can’t turn down.’

So, That’s been going on as long as I can remember. As long as I’ve been watching our government operate.

This is just one more time I think they’re stepped over the line doing things they…as far as I’m concerned that’s not what I hired them for. They work for me, they work for you, they work for Jesse and they’re screwing up.

AJ – I think that like you said earlier, I think the people are finally getting fed–up and I don’t think they’ll go back to sleep again, I think the revolution’s on.

Jesse – I do, I do.

AJ – I know mister gloom here.

Jesse – I think they’re going back to sleep.

Willie – We’ll if we wake the Mother fuckers up, you know…

Jesse – Yeah, We’ll wake ‘em up, we’ll wake ‘em up, but I bet they’ll go back to sleep again. I hope I’m wrong, I hope I’m wrong.

AJ – Well Willie what do you say?

Willie – I don’t know, I believe, some of them will go back to sleep because what if someone don’t want to get woke-up. But there are a group of intelligent young people out there, not very many of them my age of your age, most of the people my age or your think just exactly like what you said, Things are the way they are, don’t’ mess with ‘em, go do you job, keep your head down, don’t stir-up anything.

But there are some young people out there with a lot of guts, a lot of balls, They’re going to stir it up, and they’re going to elect Obama, they’re going to elect some government officials, they’re going to elect some senators and congressmen who will go in there and start doing the right thing for a while and then you’re right, in a little while everybody will go back to sleep and the guys will say “Alright we are going to let them have it for 4-8 years because look at how we screwed it up, let’s back out of the way and let them have our problems that we created for a while and we’ll go over here and we’ll reorganize and think it over and we’ll raise some more money and we’ll go get it again.

Jesse – I agree fully, Alex we talked about history, if you don’t study history, the old cliché, you’re doomed to repeat it. Well look at my generation and Willie’s, we’re the generation of the 60’s . We were supposed to be the rebels. We were supposed to be the ones who were anti establishment, the ones who learned from Vietnam, the ones that saw  all this stuff go down were and yet what happened to all of us, were did we all go?

Willie – I was so proud of the peaceniks, I was so proud of the guys that got out there and fought against the war, that came home from Vietnam and said ‘hey that’s wrong’, but they went back to sleep

Jesse – That’s right, that’s right. But our Generation, We’re the generation supposedly of…We’re in charge now. But yet when you go back, the hypocrisy, we’re the generation of free love, now we’re telling you abstinence. We’re the generation that used drugs, and yet today we’re fighting the biggest war on drugs in the history of the land. Exact opposite of what we were. We’re the generation that should have known about war, that should have known about getting into a deceitful war and yet here we’ve allowed…? We’re the leaders now and we’ve taken the young people into the same thing we did and that’s what troubles me the most. Were the hell are all the people? Did we all go to sleep? Did we all become born again Republicans? What did we… what happened to the generation? The Vietnam generation that aught to be in charge today, that aught to know better?

Willie – What happened to peace on earth? I remember growing up, that was what we were all taught was going to happen one-day. I go to church, you got he price of peace, Jesus, he’s gonna come then there’s gonna be peace on earth for a thousand years. Where is it?

Judge Napolitano; “It is a Religion of Control Freaks that think the Government can do what ever it wants.

53% of Americans believe that the government is operating outside the constitution and aren’t doing anything about it!

“If the Government is operating outside the constitution, it’s time to change the government. I mean, that is about as reckless a thing as you could be. The Constitution equals the Rule of Law. If the Government is not obeying the Rule of Law, how can they impose Laws upon Us?

“But one person isn’t listening and he could stop this with a phone call, and that is the President. Who wants to induce us to conform to his way of behaving and thinking, just… like… his… predecessor.”

That is Barack Obama and George Bush in the seamless B&O Railroading of America.


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