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National CyberSecurity Operation Perfect Citizen – Trustmark Citizenship

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Perfect Citizen, TrustMark Identity and the SmartGrid CyberSecurity Agenda 2011

The National Security Agency has Deployed Multiple Levels of Surveillance Sensors Within Strategic Computer Networks and Critical Infrastructure Hubs. As Part of Operation PERFECT CITIZEN these sensors will be triggered and database any Unusual and Anomalous Activity that is suggesting an impended Cyber Attack, Extremist Activity or Domestic Threat.

Presently a Centralized Total Systems Operation Monitoring Program has not been put online as has been recommended. Global Security Elite Fear Internet Could Bring About A Total Collapse of the Established Systems and Global Social Order.

Operation PERFECT CITIZEN is designed to detect cyber assaults on private companies and government agencies running critical infrastructure as well as disarm extremist activity and identify potential domestic threats and terrorist activity. PERFECT CITIZEN Agenda is supported by Numerous Governmental Departments, Commissions and Agencies, the U.S. Military Armed Services as well as Full Executive Corporate Assistance

PERFECT CITIZEN Occupational Training and CyberSecurity Readiness Through Early Student Cognitive Training and Threat Awareness Programs  

PERFECT CITIZEN Strategic CyberSecurity Human Resource Development Project for the Purpose of Fulfilling Future Increasing CyberSecurity Personnel Demands


National Strategy for Trusted Identities in CyberspaceNSTIC

State and Corporate TrustMark Registration Service Providers

Identity Ecosystem Governance Directorate

Domestic SMART GRID Integration

Network Surveillance Sensors/Dark Fiber Junctions

Corporate CyberSecurity Infra-Guard Perfect Citizen Employee Integration

Integrated Metro, Transit and First Responder Surveillance Network

National Security

CYBER Security Military Command

CyberSecurity Infra Guard Threat Fusion Centers

Future Attribute Screening Technology – FAST

Department of Homeland Security DHS MALINTENT

Anomaly Detection At Multiple Scales ADAMS

PERFECT CITIZEN Human Factors Behavioral Sciences Projects

Office of Science and Technology Policy OSTP Executive Office of the President

Human Factors Division, National Institute of Science and Technology Directorate NIST and DHS

These projects advance national security by developing and applying the social, behavioral, and physical sciences to improve identification and analysis of threats, to enhance societal resilience, and to integrate human capabilities into the development of technology.

Wake Up to the Control Grid Police State Agenda of Total Population ControlTPC


Engineering a Generation of Domestic CyberSecurity State Policey Enforcement

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Engineering a Generation of Domestic CyberSecurity Officers – The UN Generation of a Digital Police State

Times are hard and jobs are Still Vanishing, While The Prison/Corrections Systems and Federal/Government Enforcement Might be the King of the Blue Collar Growth Industry… Cybersecurity is The White Collar Growth Industry

United States Cyber Challenge

Based on their Own Federal policy institute commission’s findings; on CyberSecurity Regarding the Human Capital Resource Issue, The Center for Strategic & International Studies created the program called the United States Cyber Challenge.

Be the Next Cybersecurity Top Gun, The Next CSI, Jack Bower, NCIS, BONES, or Federal CyberSpy

  • Earn Respect Among Your Peers
  • Get Noticed by a Nationwide Cybersecurity Community
  • Help the U.S. Beat the Bad Guys, Defend, Survive, Win


The U.S. Cyber Challenge has become a nationwide effort to fill a demand for professionals not only in government but also for Public/Private Corporations.

Target Youth – Engineering a Generation for the New World Policey State

Strategic National Domestic Security Education Training Programs Under U.S. Cyber Challenge

Through Early Student Cognitive Training and Threat Awareness Programs 

Students Gain Preparedness Training for Identification in Cybersecurity Warfare and Domestic Threats;

-CyberSecurity Threats, Domestic Extremist, Controversial or Violent Political Hate Speech (Cyber Attacks, Hacking, Domestic Threats, Inciting Riot or Rebellion, Belligerent, Anti Government, Anti Federal Enforcement, Anti Taxation, Anti Federal Regulation, Anti Bankers, States Revolt etc.)

Suspicious Criminal BehaviorIdentify, Record and Report

NSTIC TrustMark IDentity Ecosystem Registration, Participation and ‘Envision It’ Awareness

Active Opperations

  1. READY Training Program
  2. If You See Something Say Something
  3. Stop Think Connect
  4. School Community Security Service Activity Programs (With Internet Integration through SnapScouts, AppCatcher, etc)
  5. Student Department of Communications and Advertising contest attracting high school teams from around the country (children created marketing with Federally Established themes and criteria)


Cybersecurity Human Resource Occupational Training Programs

  1. National Security Student Civilian Task Force Alliance
  2. High School CyberSecurity Brigades Hands on Training in
  1. Cyber Foundation – National 2011 Digital Forensics Challenge
  2. University Platform Creation and Research
  • The Information Systems and Internet Security (ISIS) Laboratory is a NSF-funded lab consisting of heterogeneous platforms and multiple interconnected networks to facilitate hands-on experimentation and project work related to information security.
  1. Cybersecurity Boot Camps
  • Air Force
  • Commerce
  • DHS
  • NSA
  • Public/Private Foundations
  • DoD

(DOD’s U.S. Cyber Command is expected to hire at least 5,000 new cybersecurity workers alone.)

Promoting Occupational Training for the New Generation of Domestic CyberSecurity Employees, Officers and Agents

       #1 Information Security Crime Investigator/Forensics Expert

       #2 System, Network, and/or Web Penetration Tester

       #3 Forensic Analyst

       #4 Incident Responder

       #5 Security Architect

       #6 Malware Analyst

       #7 Network Security Engineer

       #8 Security Analyst

       #9 Computer Crime Investigator

       #10 CISO/ISO or Director of Security

       #11 Application Penetration Tester

       #12 Security Operations Center Analyst

       #13 Prosecutor Specializing in Information Security Crime

       #14 Technical Director and Deputy CISO

       #15 Intrusion Analyst

       #16 Vulnerability Researcher/ Exploit Developer

       #17 Security Auditor

       #18 Security-savvy Software Developer

       #19 Security Maven in an Application Developer Organization

       #20 Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Analyst/Manager

Congressional Laws – Cybersecurity Act of 2010  – Cybersecurity Student Occupational Training and Career Outreach

Federal Cyber ScholarshipForService Program (Section 102)

This section would create in statute the Scholarship‐For‐Service program at the National Science Foundation, which is focused on recruiting students into a cybersecurity curriculum program. Upon graduation, these students would enter public service, joining an agency or department and leveraging the skills they’ve learned. This section would increase the number of students from 300 to 1000 annually.

Cybersecurity Competition and Challenge (Section 103)

This section would authorize the NIST Director to establish cybersecurity competitions and challenges to attract, identify, and recruit talented individuals to the cybersecurity field.

Cybersecurity Workforce Plan (Section 104)

This section would require the head of each federal agency to annually complete a cybersecurity workforce plan that details recruitment, hiring, and training of cybersecurity employees and contractors. Each agency would make their hiring projections publicly available on their website.

Measures of Cybersecurity Hiring Effectiveness (Section 105)

This section would require each federal agency to measure cybersecurity hiring effectiveness with respect to recruiting and hiring, from the perspective of hiring managers, applicants, and new hires. This information would be reported annually to Congress and the public.

Advanced Cognitive Training in Threat Awareness Programs

The National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF)

Forums are offered in a variety of topics and career fields, including national security.

The Remarkable Practice of Keeping America Safe

From FBI Headquarters to the Pentagon, foreign embassies to the Capitol Building, the National Youth Leadership Forum on National Security (NYLF/NS): Exploring American Diplomacy, Intelligence and Defense provides students with a detailed and thorough introduction to the diplomatic, security and national defense issues facing America in the 21st century.

  • Students face off in security simulations, taking into consideration important aspects of foreign policy, national security goals and long-term strategy. This six-day program introduces students to challenging careers in defense, intelligence, the diplomatic corps and more.
  • National Security scholars bring current affairs to life through peer debates, acquire new skills for decision making, critical thinking and leadership, and gain a new appreciation of the work that goes on behind the scenes every day to keep our country safe.
  • Forum on National Security students are special guests at super-sensitive sites where critical decisions are made, and speak to the people who make them.
  • The government’s leading academic institutions open their doors to our attending scholars, where they are introduced to diplomacy, international affairs and military strategy.
  • Students participate in thought-provoking question and answer sessions with highly respected, internationally recognized civilian policy makers and senior military officers, who provide rich insights into current issues and discuss the strategies that helped them succeed.


Open Tyranny

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Open Tyranny

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Border Wars with Mexico

Military Engagements at Mexico Border and in the US



The Borders and Our Pants – Two things Wide Open by the Federal Government

Government Mass Scale Humiliation of the Individual



Pants Wide Shut – TSA Grope Stapo to Strip Search Anyone

Terrorist Police State Security System Now Turned on Citizens as Target Threat


Foundation X – Joel Skousen

Foundation X

Lord James of Blackheath, Speech on Foundation X (House of Lords, 01/11/2010)


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Global Climate Elite Cancun  – Global Population Relocation

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