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Egyptian Internet Kill Switch – United States Internet M.A.D. Switch

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Egyptian Internet Kill Switch is turned On – Turning Off the Freedom of Speach and Ensuring the Government Desired Riots to Create Division and Fear.

As Egypt’s Citizens Protest an Oppressive and Tyrannical Government and seeks to have a Peaceful United Public Assembly and Demonstration the Central Government, that is Under the Anti Government Protest Seige for Corruption and Oppression, has Removed the Civil Liberty and Fundamental Natural Rights of the Individuals to Speak by turning off Tele Communications of the Public.

This will Prevent the Public from being able to Keep the Community Trust and   Communicate to maintain order and safety. The Egyptian Government is Forcing Violence and Rioting.

I pray for Peace and no loss of life in Egypt’s Battle for Individual Liberty. May Egypt Find a Re-Publicing that Restores Justic to Their Local Sovereign National Public Domain and Community Trust.

as well as

Individual Freedom and Liberty from a Silencing and Tyrannically Controlled Policey State.

You are the resistance, resistance is Victory.

V for Victory over the Tyranny of Mankind.


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