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Max Keiser, Peter Schiff and L.F Baum; Right About Silver Fairytale

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The Rise and Fall and Rise of the Bi-Metalists

A Return to Normalcy? I’d Take a return to anything rather that this privately controlled debt/slave based value system

($dollar bill$=federal reserve bank debt obligation note) 

The Dead Liberty Dollar and the Silver Death Sentencing?

They will send you to prison in the land of OZ if you find the courage to mint a coin that could compete with the Private Federal Reserve Bank.

They will confiscate all your life’s work in the land of DC if you have the brains to see where the yellow bricks lead and discover the way to sovereignty.

 They will take all that is left of your name, love, life and dignity in the land of NC if you have the heart to set free, set sound and set real value to the individual creativity in your community.

If we click our two pieces of silver together, each of us, that much demand in the markets will dissolve the wicked east and west, global international corporations, it will dissolve the financial conglomerates.

 It will expose the Inflationist, the Balloonist, of the Green City and the Illusion that has been propagated in its controlled service sector society.

It will expose the unfounded, unnecessary and imposed system of fraud and control that sets debt to be owed as the only legal measurement of our very lives and accomplishments in the emerald paper we pay to produce.

The Bi-metal wars before corporations were people have long been forgotten.

Lincoln remembered, Kennedy remembered.

Who will have; the courage, the brains and the heart, to click the silver together one last, final and third time to bring us home?

Who will be the ones to stand cornered, in the fortress of the wicked East/West to dissolve the corporate power and stop the very enslavement of those that hold the spears of the distant governance and global corporations?

Who will innocently and peacefully wash the filth away with water?

Who will liquidate and dilude the solidified corruption?

Who will pull back the curtain?

Who will over turn the tables,  make the silver count and count the silver to reveal the secrets of the temple of OZ?


State Interposition Act, State Nullification Act

It would set us free to return to home with absolute property rights.

$500 Dollar Silver – Idaho Silver State Bank ACT

The Balloonist of the Emerald City – The Inflationist of the Greenback DC

California Water Story – This is Chinatown USA – a planned, controlled fleecing of America

$500 Silver?!? – Max Keiser

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California Water Story – This is Chinatown USA – a planned, controlled fleecing of America

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In 2009 the water was turned off to the central valley in California in order to preserve the albatross that is the EPA and ESA.

It took three years to bankrupt generations of farmers that had been producing over 50% of the United States crops, doubling world food prices. Farmers that had paid for the California aqueduct have had their water rights foreclose on and dumped into the Ocean, only to reopen, ‘in the nick of time’, to Dole out some water and replant under the new China Bank owned tenant farmers.

Was there Fraud? The district court also found that:

  1. Federal FWS, Fish and Wildlife Service, failed to rely on scientific data available, in direct violation of the Endangered Species Act
  2. Limits Water flows set by the smelt biological opinion were arbitrary and capricious, relying on a deeply flawed and inappropriate methodology
  3. Federal FWS Fish and Wildlife Service’s manipulation of data created material bias, a violation of the Endangered Species Act;
  4. No support in the scientific evidence for the biological opinion’s assertion that operations of the state and federal pumps have contributed to the impacts of other stressors on the smelt. 

A blackout, water dump and the Forced wholesale of America. White House BlackoutRolling Bankruptcies of Municipal Utilities

“It is prohibited to attack, destroy, remove or render useless objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population, such as foodstuffs, agricultural areas for the production of foodstuffs, crops, livestock, drinking water installations and supplies and irrigation works, for the specific purpose of denying them for their sustenance value to the civilian population or to the adverse Party, whatever the motive, whether in order to starve out civilians, to cause them to move away or for any other motive,” states Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions, 1977


States Bailout Accounts Zeroed Out – Trillions More For Bankers

Utah Austerity – Strip Mining Bryce Canyon for Cheap “Federal Coal” Exports to China

Food Safety Modernization Act Unconstitutional – Caps Agriculture, Destroys Local Farms

Feminizing Uranium Added to Water Supply – Worldwide Water Conspiracy

Fluoride Water World – Fluoride Poisoning – Somba Poisoning

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