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The Power of Ideas – A Nation Divided DEM v REP – A Nation United The Democratic Republican Party

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Under the Double Eagle – A Nation United The Democratic Republican Party

A Nation Divided Democratic against Republican Vs A Nation United –Enter The Democratic Republican Party

Ask someone, ‘What kind of government does America have?’

The usual answer from anyone under 30 is a Democracy, some may say a Republic.

Both are partially right and both are partially wrong.

We The People Have Been Fooled into thinking that Our Nations Government is a Republic OR a Democracy.

We live in a Constitutional Republic Under Democratic Representation for the Protection of the Individual’s Fundamental Natural Rights From Rulership by Tyranny from Afar.

Under Our Father's Double Eagle - The Democratic Republican Party

Under Our Father's Double Eagle - The Democratic Republican Party

Both the Democrats and the Republicans are needed to make our government work and function.

For a Government that,

First Holds The Duty to Defend Inviolate, the Sacred Sovereign Private Domain.

The Private Domain is Sovereignty of Individual Members of the Public, with Personal Authority and Unalienable Fundamental Natural Rights as the Indivisible and Original Authority of Contract.


Second Holds The Responsibility to ensure a Truthful, Just, Equitable, Honest and Free Public Domain.

The Public Domain is Truth, Redress, Justice, Equity, Access and Liberty within the Areas shared by the public in Information, Ideas, Land, Resources, Records and Government Protections from Violations or Actions of Force, Fraud or Coercion within the Private Domain.

Through the Looking Glass of the Civil War's Double Eagle - The Nationalization of the Democratic v Republicans as Parties

Through the Looking Glass of the Civil War's Double Eagle - The Nationalization of the Democratic v Republicans as Parties


Our Nations was Established with the Individual as Sole Sovereign and the Public Domain as subject to the Individual.

The Public Domain Established Local Elected Officials to Protect as the next in Sovereign Line of the Granted Authority to prevent Distant Regulations, Policy and Rulership From Afar, Then Independent States and Finally Last in line for Authority within the Public Domain, to be enacted and utilized only from External Threats or If a Higher Authority from within the Public Domain requested Arbitration or a violation of the Private Domain was not being secured and defended by the Higher Public Domain Authorities.

Corporations are Public Entities, Issued at the State Level of Authority and are part of the Public Domain. They are not Private Businesses or Private Individuals nor are they any part of the Private Domain. Their Authority Does not even reach into the County or City Levels and they are subject to their regulations and local conditioning.

Under Today's Double Eagle - The Democrat Vs Republican Party - Central Planned Econnomy in Both Parties

Under Today's Double Eagle - The Democrat Vs Republican Party - Central Planned Econnomy in Both Parties


We live in a Nation that is awakening to having our children’s genitals touched for the Signal National Party’s ‘Security’ Measures. Both Party’s Support and Have Every Paycheck, Transaction, Debt, Deposit, Phone Call and Email tracked tagged and data-based by corp/government agencies. Both Administrations have given tens of Trillions of Dollars (each of which is a note of debt to the private bi-party supported Federal Reserve Bank) being given to the very companies and banks that gave us bad loans, high debt, moved jobs to china, froze the public domain with copy right law and invaded the private domain with Corporations Posing as and Claiming the Rights of Real People.

We live in a Nation that has been divided into Democratic or Republican Since just after the Civil War.

Thomas Jefferson had Formed the Democratic Republican Party the Anti-Administration Party.

We live in a Re-Public Under a Voluntary Constitution

Entered into Under Democratic Representation of Independent State Representatives

Empowered By the Soul Sovereign Authority of the Individuals

For a Government that is

Of, For and By

The People, the Public from which It Stands,

One Nation

For the Protection of the Indivisible Individual People and Their Liberties.

We have had Left and Right pitted against each other to Our Own demise.

Both are essential, Both Parties have needed Ingredients and Both Parties are Voting the Incumbents Out.

Vote Democratic Republican Party

And Resist Tyranny, Resistance is Victory.

A Nation Divided Can Not Stand, we must be united under the two Principles of

1. Sovereign Free Personal Private Fundamental Natural Rights, Property and Individual Civil Liberties.


2. Honest, Open, Just, Equitable and Secure Public Domain, Subject to serving the Individuals and Unauthorized to Regulate their Fundamental Natural Rights.


B&O Railroading America, The Bush & Obama Railroading

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The B&O Railroading of our Nation A Nation Divided DEM v REP

The ‘Bush & Obama’ Railroading of America and the world is just like the Hoover and FDR’s race to the Bottom in the 30’s.Hoover spent a hundred million, FDR spent a billion; Bush spent a trillion, Obama is spending a quadrillion.

They divide left and right defenses to slit the middles throat. It is republic against democracy within our constitutional, democratic representative republic, of, for and by, individual civil liberties, fundamental natural rights with freedom and justice for all.

A constitutional republic against democratic representation is railroading this nation by making people choose between two fundamental necessities of our nation’s basic structure of justice. The agenda to both sides are one in the same.

Bush spent more in office than all other presidents before him combined. So has Obama. B&O Railroading

Bush increased the size of government more than any other president before him. So has Obama. B&O Railroading

Bush used executive orders and signing statements to enact policy, bypassing congress and used national security to bypass the judiciary and maintain secrecy from both branches as well as the people. So has Obama. B&O Railroading

Bush supported a preemptive war abroad and in the mid east and increased our waging to additional nations under false pretences. So has Obama. B&O Railroading

Bush supports a war on ‘terror’ that has the authority to violate sovereign individual’s constitutional and natural protections or civil rights and liberties, in order for the government to protect the safety of the ’system’ or majority. So does Obama. B&O Railroading

Bush supported giving bankers and those controlling Wall Street, who created the derivates fraud, high positions within government and oversight as well as our tax payer bailout dollars, and regulation waivers; all so they can consolidate real American assets and competitors, driving the US into zero production. Deindustrializing us. So has Obama and the dollar is dead as the world reserve currency, it is become a toxic asset. B&O Railroading

The Bush and Obama Railroads are indeed on ONE track.

Pick the stop, any stop and both B&O are there at the station, hand-in-hand, arm in arm with ‘Vote B&O’ banners waving from the platform.

Secrecy, big G-government control, drugs, education, corporatism, banking, NAFTA, Wall Street, immigration, environmental policey, foreign policey, domestic policey, policey state, new world order, torture, war, just a g.d. piece of paper or the NDAA… B&O railroading stations all.

If the B&O railroading is really a controlled left & right railroading of our country then what is the point in voting?… because it is our duty to stop the B&O railroading of this nation, the individual, the sovereign.

‘The B&O RR is now arriving Pottersville.’

It is as if George Bailey never wanted to live or Mr Smith never went to Washington.



The purpose of our government is to protect the justice, peace, sovereignty of the individual; it was created by the people to ensure and defend our personal, private and posterity’s liberty and freedom; a land of unmolested infinite indivisible individual potential in pursuit of happiness.

That is what is meant by of, for and by the People.

The era of Big Government is Over, the Era Global Governance is fast approaching on the B&O RR.

Can we change lines in time? The bridge is out ahead, it’s a short-line to the end.

Flip the switch and derail the B&O RR.

Intercede on the individual’s behalf, on your behalf, with our states, our counties, our cities, our churches, our fellowships and friendships and most importantly our selves.

Awaken the defense of justice, demand knowledge of what our government is doing and ensure that there is no violation against the liberties of the individual.

If an individual acts privately and voluntarily without force, fraud or coercion against others; then they should be what they were born to be; free and independent from government interference, molestation, encroachment and enforcement from any enemy foreign or domestic.



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