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Iceland V World

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There is a pressure in the Social Democratic Party leadership of Iceland to going the EU, in order for Iceland to become part of the EU and ‘benefit’ from the EU partner trade.
Iceland Banks were privatized 5 years ago and sold to international bankers (Goldman Sachs) at wholesale rates.
Iceland’s new bankers (Goldman Sachs) offered derivatives, unsafe loans and predatory loan practices with ‘cheep’ money.
This false boom was targeted especially toward the elderly.
The inflated money from the banks sucked up the real savings of the nation and sent it over seas.
The fake bubbled boomed and then popped. Unemployment, Food shortages, crisis, instability, the Icelanders have their backs hard against the wall.
The EU required Iceland change their systems to start pre-qualifying for EU membership and if they don’t they will be cutoff from the world financial market and become the Cuba of the north.
Iceland’s fake banks failed and the USA, UK and Holland banks required that the nation of Iceland be liable for the failed banks debts.
They (the internationalists) want Socialization of Private Debt. They want Iceland to Socialize the international bankers failed bank debt. They want the citizens to be responsible for the private failed banks and not hold the negligent bankers liable.
(This is like the US banks committing; criminal, negligent, predatory, fraudulent banking, going under and the FDIC tracking to the Private Federal Reserve Bank and the FED tracking to the People of the USA and China/The World demanding the USA to sell them our roads/utilities/prisons/taxes/etc to pay the bankers debts)

The Paris Club helps set interest rates in the IMF and World Bank for Nations with Debt moratorium within the EU.
Gordon Brown; set Iceland as a terrorist nation.
Declared anti-terror powers against Icelandic financial institutions and seized Icelanders property..
Over 60% of Icelanders voted and over 90% of those voted to not accept the liability for the failed banks.

They are threatening Iceland’s destruction if they do no capitulate and become a financial debt slave state.
This has been done to many nations, many, many times by the UN, IMF and World Bank players over the years.
The UN, IMF and World Bank institutions make loans to nations and have requirements that the debt moratorium nations must follow.

Nations paid into the IMF for ‘insurance’ in aid from the other nations that pay-in.

The IMF is not supposed to infringe on the nations internal processes. But…

Things become ‘too big to fail’ in the debt moratorium nations (without the bubble popping), but the debt and leveraged ‘real’ assets becomes too much and a default is inevitable. Then the “privatization” or the selling off of the real national assets to the UN, IMF and World Bank players to pay the ‘nations’ debt occurs.
The IMF is listed as one of the prime assets for Un-Conventional warfare in USA military manuals.
Remember that Argentina was once a 1st world nation, I can’t remember because it was killed before my lifetime. Will Our children know that Iceland was not always a land of savage fishermen and pirate criminal terrorists?
Less than 10 years ago Iceland was listed as one of the world wealthiest nations.
Greece is caving in to the IMF blackmail.

Go Iceland! We caved in the USA when they threatened martial law!

You have shown us peaceful strength in victory and Liberty in Justice.

We must do what is Just as well.

Birgitta Jónsdóttir, member of the Icelandic Parliament and a sponsor of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, a proposal to create a global safe haven for investigative journalism in Iceland.


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