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Google Gates Jobs gate; The RanD Giants Conspiracy

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Google Gates Jobs gate has seen the 20 year Implementation of a Globally Centralized Big Brother, under an electronic Smart Grid, A.Intelligent Prison Planet and the birth of the Electronic Citizen Rating Eco-system in Determining Individual Trustmarks (e-C.R.E.D.I.T.) System


A Price Tag and Tracking Tag for Every Person in the World, the marked beasts of burden.

This has been reached with total government and private market integration of mobile phone movement tracking, auto filtering all electronic communications, all purchases and transactions, monitored in home activity and energy usages, Centralized Circuit (C.C.) Cameras with bio, plate, behavioral monitoring systems expanded integration into private/municipal surveillance grids, as well as network accessible IP cameras in the Hands of Every, Thought Crime, Suspicious Activity and MALINTENT Reporting, Child.

This in addition to centrally regulated integration and data basing requirements of the public and private; financial, transportation, communications industrial, and commerce institutions, have allowed TIA and intelligence factoring of individual predictive capacity to 80% of actuaries.

Under the banner of Lowering Costs, Integration, Limiting Waste, preventing APGCH, Identify Theft, Patient protection, Patent and Copy Right protection, Child Protection, Drugs, Terrorism, Domestic Extremism, Inciteful Radicalism and for Home Land Investment Security enhancements, we have been enslaved in a valueless Credit system of speculation and fear.

There can be no Speculation on Personal, Private, Individual; Freedom, Liberty and Justice. We the people either have it or we don’t.

The most rare, the most unique, the most singular creation on earth is the individual human being.

For any Individual to be rated, determined, planned, controlled, ordered, regulated or limited by force, fraud or coercion is the gravest of all Crime.

It is the Crime in Violation of the Law and the Principle.

It is Tyranny and Oppression over the heart, mind, will, spirit, soul, value and potential of an infinite singularity of untold capacity for creation. 

It is slavery of every action and a lien on every increase that any individual ever dares to dream to do.

Standup, Speak the Truth, Go Local and Re-Public


Camera on Camera Crime – Illegal to Take a Picture of Feds Taking Our Picture

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If you see something say something  – I See Camera on camera crime and unequal camera protection under the law.

When the Criminals Control the Cameras


  1. West Point Grad, Iraqi War Vet Attacked & Arrested for Photographing Police
  2. 15 Years in Prison For Taping the Cops
  3. Chicago Artist Faces 15 Years In Prison for Recording Cops
  4. Artist Could Face 15 Years In Prison For Recording His Own Arrest
  5. Citizens organize rally to defend raw dairy farmer facing three years in prison
  6. Former Army Ranger Set-Up by APD: Infowars Nightly News
  7. Chicago Man Shot 28 Times By Cops Sentenced To 40 Years In Prison
  8. Feds, Cops Attempt to Shut Down Legal Gun Sales in Austin, Texas
  9. Bank Works with Cops to Arrest Protesters
  10. Facing prison for filming US police
  11. Brave Rifles train with Austin Police
  12. Baltimore Cops Arrest Couple for Asking Directions

The Government is Spying on and Invading the Rights of All of U.S., All of the time and it is ‘illegal’ for People to investigate and monitor the Government for Injustice, Fraud, Abuse and Reach of the Power and Authority Granted by the People. 

In the 70’s-80’s we first saw that CCTV security cameras in the parking garage and knew that the security guard just inside the door had ‘eyes’ in the back of his head and if something were to happen to us we would have instant backup.

Now in every small town, on every highway, on every officer, there are Lens, Cameras, Tracking Towers and Total Information Data Collections within every Infra-Guard Corporate/Private Interaction through Smart Grid Dark Fiber Connected Fusion Center Collection Protocol.

No dark parking Garage, Trespassing and No Attack. The target is not the criminal. It is everyone.

Tracking has moved in complexity through incremental pendulum progression, Overton Widow Ideology, Fabian Sociology, Brave New Rhodes to Global Usury Controls. Read Looking Backward at the Birth of a National Socialism and the NWO.

The progression has been slow and steady with member reward cards, free email and Free GPS theft recovery service, just give us all your rights.

Dissent is America

We have no Constitutional Republic when the Corporations are Internationally Immune

We have no Democratic Representation when the Government is Immune From public Opinion.

Dissent is America

America is a Democratic Republic of Individual States for the Primacy of Protecting the Sovereign Fundamental Natural Rights of the Individual from Rulership from Afar.

Post The Following

If you are Monitoring this Screen, Quite your Job!

Your Police State Tyranny is Killing Our Nation!”

on Your License Plate and In the Field of View of Every Big Brother Closed Fusion Circuit Surveillance Lens.


Felony Groping of Human Civil Rights

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Felony Groping of Human Civil Rights

The United States is Seen throughout the World as a Police State of Mass Criminal Internment of the Public for Policy Violations and Suspicion of Belligerence against State Activity. While the State Activity is often Fraudulent and Criminal in many parts of the World.

Human Civil Liberties and Individual Fundamental Natural Rights are Not Granted By Government; Rather they are the Sovereign Domain and Born of the Original Holders of Autonomy in the Nature of Each Individual Child of Man.

They Can Not Be Infringed, Violated, Liened, Regulated, Policed, Certified, Licensed, Censored, Denied, Molested, Searched, Groped, Fondled, Restrained, Detoured, Abused, Forced, Granted, Limited or Encroached under any manner of Action Prevented from One Individual over Any Other.

Congress Shall Make No Law

“If every person has the right to defend – even by force – his person, his liberty, and his property, then it follows that a group of men have the right to organize and support a common force to protect these rights constantly. Thus the principle of collective right -–its reason for existing, its lawfulness — is based on individual right.”

Lame Duck Officials voted out of office are vying for corporate jobs by pushing such legislation as the Food Safety Modernization Act and the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act which are now on the fast track to becoming law.

Food Safety Modernization Act

  • Preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes.
  • It will more than likely make Michael Taylor (former Monsanto executive) the Food Czar.
  • End U.S. sovereignty over its own food supply by forcing compliance with WTO guidelines.
  • Even direct sales of food between individuals could be defined as smuggling under the language of the bill.
  • Codex Alimentarius, a global system of control over food and food supplements, would control all U.S. food and supplements. Access to natural food supplements would be removed under Codex rules.
  • Control of all seeds would transfer to Monsanto and other global multinationals.
  • The National Animal Identification System ( NAIS ) would be enacted, forcing bio-chipping and other identification and tracking methods for all animals, whether food or pets.
  • What is left of the American food system would be transferred into total control of Multinational Corporations under the guise of global governance.

Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act

Federal/Private National Intelligence Operation “In Our Sites IOS

Allows Total Black Box Black Listing of Websites from the Federal Bureau of Inter-Intra Electronic Virtual World Censorship. Total Control Switch Power with Impunity and Immunity, U.S. Shuts Down Web Sites in Piracy Crackdown.

From Wired: The content companies have tried suing college students. They’ve tried suing internet startups. Now they want the federal government to act as their private security agents, policing the internet for suspected pirates

From ITWorld: office workers sharing songs on iTunes could get you in trouble if the files are exposed outside the firewall, or if some of your PowerPoint Rangers are a little too free with the quotes or movie clips they use to liven up the presentations, especially if the .PPTs are distributed across the WAN or Internet to branch offices and other divisions.

–         Sovereignthink

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