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Sovereign Liberty Belling

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Sovereign Liberty Belling 

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The Spirit of America

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The Holy Spirit of America

The Spirit of a Re-Public, the Government is a re-extention, a re-allocation of the Public but it is Of For and By the Public of Sovereign Individuals.

We may not all believe in aliens

We may not all believe in ghosts

We may not all believe in God

But we all know that Spirits are Real

We have all felt the Spirit of victory and defeat

The Spirit of nature, of grace, beauty, pride, generosity.

The Spirit of humility, guilt, forgiveness and love

And of the Infinite Triumphal Spirit of Man.

We must embody those higher Spirit of Equality toward each Individual’s civil rights; justice, exchange, duty, enjoyment and defense within the public domain.

We must Steward the Protection of Liberty in the Individual’s natural rights; to allow ownership and expression of one’s, life, mind, body, action, property, speech, worship, assembly, press, privacy and the right to Defend them from force and petition against grievances in the private domain.

We must Defend the Sovereign Individual

We must Protect the Right to Govern Ourselves Locally

For in the Innocent Liberty of the Individual we create a society that does not punish the possibility that the earth is round, that there is something smaller than the atom, over unity can exist, that a nation can thrive without a Federal King or of the existence of God, ghosts or aliens. We thrive and grow on those sovereign thoughts and ideas.

A society that does not value order and power over Liberty and Justice and will not go to war or use force in the name of Gods and Mythos or for any Idea, Reason or Purpose; save in the Defense of hostility against the Preservation of Individual Liberty and acts within open Justice in that Defense.

We must reclaim the Spirit of 1776

We must reclaim the Spirit of Concord and Lexington

We must reclaim the Spirit of Standing our Ground and owning the ground we stand on.

We must reclaim our Duty to Defend Individual Freedom against the most cunning, constant and dangerous fire that eternally threatens our tender paper house of written ideas.

We must remember the Spirit of the Liberty Bell and the very reason for the city bell. They toll for all that can here them and those that can hear the bell toll make up the township.

It is a call to meeting, a call of warning, a call to arms, a message of joy, a toll of sorrow.

It is the Alarm Bell.

The Bell of Liberty is for all to hear Her and the Spirit of Liberty rings within every heartbeat of every infinite human being. Indivisible.

The bells must ring until they split and peel and break apart with the Spirit of the ringing.

That is the sound of Spirit.

The Freed Spirit of Man.

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