Upholding Individual, State then National Sovereignty against the Enforcement of Global Governence and Tyranny

States Sovereignty V Religious Sovereignty

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The Most Powerful and Peaceful Liberty Against Tyranny can be the Freedom of Religion

There are none of the other Liberties that The People have, that also has an immediate, moral group and system already built in; None that can fight Tyranny or Uphold it better and They can be called to stand as one instantly with peaceful moral conviction to the death.

What if there was freedom of religion? (No 501c3 to speak of. No, ‘Don’t talk politics, or we’ll shut you down’ mockery of separation of church and state ideology)

What if religion was not infringed; in its practice, words, works, worship and politics?

What if religion was not regulated, as long as it was voluntary and did not restrict or violate the public domain, Churches free to administer, to repair, to heal, to function?

What if a Church decided to reclaim Religious Freedom for its people?

And What if they did that by just doing it…

IF the majority of some Church declared in a service meeting that;

All properties of the members of this church are under threat of control by evil tyranny that does not value human life nor recognize the Individual Liberties Endowed By our Creator.

That Evil dominates our lives and industry with supernatural soulless corporate persons; in alliance with Corporate Statism that Rules our Government and Law with Force.

and therefore we perform a covenant of Consecration on our lives and property where by herein;

All private properties now held by the members of this church are here and now property of the church and under it’s sovereign protection from threat.

And that;

All current property owners are here by declared stewards of the church’s property, each with the exact stewardship and responsibility to the exact private property that they had possessed and for all time and eternity or as they see need,

And With;

All endowed legal rights that are currently held to ensure that each individual will be able to continue to manage the church’s property most efficiently (in doing the works that are good to their own lives and their loved ones, without the threat of evil tyranny’s oppression).

This contact shall offer not further obligation to the stewards only to continue as best they may now under the church’s protection thus without fear of current Tyranny and legalized Usury, Theft and Bondage.

This is a binding and legal contract by oath and affirmation that we are adopting this covenant and contract in adherence to a simple doctrine within the laws of our religion and nation, all in favor say aye?

Those apposed?

By unanimous verbal contact we have consecrated our property to god and imbue it with a blessing to prosper and make this world more unique and more beautiful with the gifts of each generation. We have freed ourselves from the bondage though the wisdom of our father and the promise of protection and prosperity, if we but act according to truth and love. This was laid out by our forefather’s by divine direction that this land and this law would be recognized and understood as Righteous, Lawful and Just.

On the back of your program you will find the title and contract in duplicate, please sign them and leave them on your way out.

Let it be said on this day the tables were over turned and our individual temples were cleaned.


What if indeed…

SO think about your Freedoms,

And specifically the Freedom of Religion if you go to a church.

Take back your community under its protection and auspice. Adopt the idea of being a steward, to the land, the community, the world and Defend the Rights and Liberties of Your Church. Protect it. Empower it.

Think about the Idea of Consecrating the Land for the Freedom of the Individual as it was debated and dreamed of but not realized in its time. That is our Republics Legacy.

Now the Clarity is Real and Tangible. The Wisdom Apparent

Make your own piece of Heaven on Earth and have Peace.

What we would have to steward, would be free; to make better, not to be taxed, liened or taken; we could make it flourish and dream in the security of generations of stewardship, uninterrupted.

We would have regained some true stewardship and personal freewill.

What if this majority was a Church the size of The Roman Catholic Church, Southern Baptist Convention, United Methodist Church, The National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, etc?

The Number of People Exercising their Religious Freedom would be larger than most State Nullifications of Constitutional Violations and it would be more powerful as it is exercising an Individual Right!

What if all those Christians did it, or all Muslims, Hindus, Jews, etc? It would be the peaceful national reclaiming of individual freedom that we need and can’t see how to attain.

The Quakers have been fighting this battle a long time, more Churches should join them in really draw a line in the sand. It was why our Fathers came here and fought and why The People still come, it is why we must fight.

A Moral Group of this Size could peacefully Defend the Position of their Personal Mortal Liberties and Individual Freedoms against Immoral Infringement and any Wacco style Federal, State or Local attempts at Violent Tyrannical Violations.

Think about the Freedoms and Rights we still have and how we can still peacefully exercise them.



Written by sovereignthink

2010/06/22 at 10:22 pm

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