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Senior Counterterrorism Adviser – Will Not or Cannot Define Jihad

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Republic Officer of the Executive Branch- Chief Counterterrorism Adviser John Brennan Visited the Washington Times Editorial Board.

On June 24

-Senior Counterterrorism Advisor John Brennen (JB)

-Washington Times Senior Editorial Page Writer James Robbins (JR)

JR: You mentioned Jihad, would you agree with the Lesser and Greater Jihad Framework?

JB: Sure it is Absolutely

JR: Can you give me an example of a Jihad in History? Has there ever been a Jihad, an armed Jihad, anywhere in history


JR: Has it ever existed for real or is it just a concept?

JB: Oh Absolutely yes.

JR: Oh, well…Example…

JB: …I’m not going to go into this sort of history discussion here.

JR: But, It is important to frame the concept. We want to say that what Al-Qaida is doing is not Jihad, they say it is; and Abdul Ahsan says, in fact, ‘there’s not even a greater Jihad, that that’s just a myth’. That Hadifa didn’t even really happen, that ‘there’s only Armed Jihad’,… Iatola Komani, said ‘There’s only armed Jihad.’

(Mr. Brennan starts shaking his head, this questioning is not going to continue, ‘I already said no to this questioning’)

JR: …It would be useful be able to characterize or to contrast what they are doing and with what they claim against a legitimate armed Jihad in the past.

JB: I think we’re finished. I have to get going.

Aid 1: Yeah, Yeah… I guess we’re going to do another…

Aid 2: Yeah, Yeah… These, Those people are asking for you right now.

Watch, Understand the Context of the Silence.

Communication is not only words.


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2010/08/31 at 9:56 pm

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