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ToonTown Merry-Go-Round Broke Down

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Is this really an allegory about the framing an innocent corporation and the total destuction of the public domian?

The wizard of OZ is a well documented allegory for the Politics of L. Frank Baum’s time, Gold Road, Silver Slippers paths that all travel to emerald city (federal reserve temples green notes), the Heartless (Industrialist) Tinman, Brainless (Farmers) Scarecrow, Cowardly (Politician/Plebe) Lion, Dorothy the citizen, the everyman, who only wants to get back home (freedom, liberty safely, that is theirs) after the storm turned everything upside down.

The Wizard of Oz is to unrestricted Interest Free government Bi-Metalism, 1789 => Gold Standard, 1900 => Fiat Debt/Interest Based Land of Balloonist/Inflationist Make-Believe Standard, 1913.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit is to Corporation Personhood, 1895 => Corporate Charter Mongering, 1920 => Total Corporate Autonomy, Consolidation and Ownership/Partnership of the Public Domain by National-ess Corporate Statism, 1945.

Roger Rabbit’s ToonTown the Prelude

 Like Before the Twister, Dorothy’s United State of America was secure, hard and boring but secure and Roger Rabbit’s Toon Town was the ACME of success.

The Success came from a time when corporations were locally government granted charters, legally drawn-up to provide the strictly defined permission, purpose, actions, function and service that a corporate would equitably provide for the local Citizens by the uses of and operation within the Public Domain. That was Toon Town and it worked for over100 years.

If at anytime the corporation acted outside the purview of the charter, the objectives and permissions, if the Private Domain was violated, citizens were not being served equitably in violation of the public trust or as per any breach of the charter and if the charter simply was no longer needed or effective and just not renewed, then the Corporation was dissolved and the assets of the public domain in use by the corporation returned to the control and ownership of the Public Domain and Trust for future use.

As a Government created entity under contract, for enabling the use, regulation and enrichment of the public domain the corporation is a politically bound and created entity and purview to all laws, justice and equity of the public trust.

A corporation was not a private business, private property or private person. A corporation was not a sovereign entity. They are Man Made, Un Natural and Didn’t have the protections of Natural Laws of a Natural Person but rather what ever superficial regulations, duties, limits, and actions are drafted in the Contract of Charter with the Public. They worked for the public interest, it was in virtually every charter, ‘they work for peanuts’ as RK Maroon says.

The Public Domain and how it is supposed to function is Toon Town, Well Roger Rabbit’s Toon Town. Toons are the local charters that operate in that communities Public Domain.

The Twister/ The Creation of Judge Doom

What is Corporate Statism? Corporate Statism is Judge Doom a Toon/Corporation that bought the election and becomes a Corporate Entity equal to a Natural Born Person by Government Authority.

This was played out in reality during the Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad court case of 1895. 118 U.S. 394 (1886) was a United States Supreme Court case dealing with taxation of railroad properties. The case is most notable for the obiter dictum statement that corporations are entitled to protection under the Fourteenth Amendment.

This Amendment that was meant to treat all Natural Persons regardless of race, color, sex, etc. with equal protection of Constitutional and Natural Law of Private Individual Liberty and Freedom over your own sovereign life and Equitable Civil Rights, Justice and Access within the Public Domain. That did not come about for Natural Persons until the 1960’s.

The Fourteenth Amendment was used quickly however to free the corporation from the charters that service to the public domain placed on them and the 5-10 year expiration date (working under permission and contract).

It was used to free corporations from being a part of the public domain and moving them into the private domain. It was used to give the corporation the rights, liberties and protections that People, living breathing people are given by God, Nature, Natural Law and the Constitution.

The Superficial UnNatural Entities (Manmade, draw-up and drafted entities) of the Public Domain Law Became Super Natural Entities by gaining protections of natural law. 

It made Toons appear as Real People in the eyes of the Government and Law. Thus the Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad court case of 1895 was the creation of Judge Doom. That was the election that was bought off and when he transformed into a ‘real boy’.

Those supernatural persons could buy up industries, change the shape of a city, a county, a state. They could mold the public domain and reign it in without infringement, unless that infringement was imposed down to every natural person as well. Buying the red car, dissolving all of Toon town, all of the corporations that had served the public welfare, the now gone, local power canyon power stations, the city utilities, the local manufacturing, infrastructure, the parks, the hospitals, the public retirement homes, the local grocer, the non-corporate everything, the red car?

But in Reality, Judge Doom Won , Dorothy didn’t realized that clinking her two pieces of silver together and choosing to restore the value of Her World was all that is need to claim HOME.

He won, Because we as the Valiant Private Investigators didn’t stop drinking, didn’t stop policing the natural people and work on the Corruption in Toontown. They all got dissolved in dip. The Freeway was built, Judge Doom was working with his Oil and Automotive Super Natural Entity Friends, Senator Standard and General Motors.

The modern Corporate Charter Usually Reads…’To Make Profits’ and that is it.

Is this really a story about the framing an innocent corporate charter and takeover of the public domain by unnamed evil forces, real men that had corrupted the system to allow corporate charter the freewill of the a-moral ‘to make profits’ and grant the corporation the legal equivalence and protections of personhood?

When Judge Doom is first introduced, Lt. Santino confides to Eddie Valiant that Doom spread a bunch of Simoleons around town a few years back, bought the election.

He is the much-feared Judge of Toontown (judiciary of the charters in the public domain).

Despite presiding over a city of Toons (the public charters, the good in society, the charity, the service to and utilities of the community), Doom is totally without mirth and passes capital punishment on Toons at will and with pleasure to remove competition, further his agenda or from simple annoyance

Lt. Santino;

‘You know how we thought there was no way to kill a Toon? Well Judge Doom found a way, turpentine, acetone and benzene. He calls it “The Dip”’.

Placing them in a chemical vat of this concoction will dissolve Toons, permanently killing them. Or to put Santino’s ‘it’s china town’ moment another way,

‘You know how we thought there was no way to dissolve the locally charted corporation of the community trusts (perpetual local utilities, services, etc)? Well, the evil men of the money trust, big business, monopolies, international/global conglomerates, the bank, city hall and judges found a way. They call it the depression or “the Dip” and it dissolved most of the local Corporate Charters.’

Services needed to be provided so these new Super Natural Corporate Charters came in with the bought off politicians and corrupt judges. These new corporation did not serve and protect the public domain and civil trust. The Judges employed Toon henchmen (the “Toon Patrol”) to assist him in hunting down Roger for the murder of Marvin Acme.

Later (knowing that Toons must perform according to how they were drawn-up in their charter), Doom uses the “Shave and a Haircut” trick to lure Roger out of the Teminal Bar’s secret room (from the speakeasy days of anti-freedom prohibition) then prepares to execute him.

After they escape Eddie learns that studio head R.K. Maroon is connected to the plot to frame Roger, Eddie interrogates him, but Maroon pleads that he is “a dead man” if he confesses. Just as Maroon is about to spill everything (who drafted the charter creating Judge Doom), he is killed by an unseen gunman who nearly shoots Eddie as well.

Upon chasing the killer to Toontown, Eddie catches Jessica Rabbit, thinking she’s the murderer, but Jessica reveals that Judge Doom was the one who killed Acme and Maroon. At the film’s climax, Doom traps Eddie, Jessica, and Roger in the Acme Factory to explain his scheme: Erase Toontown (local corporate charterings history in American education and thought) from the map using a giant, mobile vat of dip linked to a high-pressure water cannon, and then build a freeway over it to zip by and never know what was there, to keep consolidated the now not so poor population in big cities. Doom also reveals that he is the sole stockholder of Cloverleaf Industries (The United States Railway System), and explains that he bought the “red car so I cold dismantle it” for the sole purpose of putting it out of commission. Doom then plans to retire from being a judge and control all the profits from the new road system.

He then orders Jessica and Roger Rabbit to be tied up and raised into the path of the dip cannon (that will disolve toontown/the public domain from existance).

Valiant distracts the weasels using hilarious antics while singing The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (clicking his heels together, he had the power all along, he has to embrace the joy of the public domain, of the purpose of the corporate charter, to serve the public, to enhance the lives of the common man in equity and justice, that is joyful) to make them literally laugh themselves to death, then attempts to rescue Roger and Jessica when he is interrupted by Doom.

The two ‘men’ then fight. During the fight, Judge Doom is run over by a steamroller, but does not die as expected. As the steamroller crushes him, Doom’s body is flattened, revealing him to be a Toon/Corporation wearing a human disguise (Corporate PR ads ‘how this corporation cares’, this Toon has feelings, this Toon has rights, this Toon is real, façade).

Eddie recognizes Doom as the bank robber in Toontown long ago who murdered his brother, Teddy Valiant, thus triggering his hatred towards Toons (Corporate Bigotry, Not all Toons are bad, How were they drawn?) and explaining how Doom managed to buy the judicial election and the trolley car company. (someone still had to draft Judge Doom as all Toons must be drawn up by real people…the Bankers perhaps, we never learn who the true elite are)

In the end, Eddie lucks out, using doom’s own dip concoction to dissolve him leaving behind his human disguise. (How do we defeat them? Simply dissolve the charters of GOON TOONs and all you will have left is the facade) Doom melts and burns away screaming before he dies (saying the wicked witches line from the Wizard of OZ) and saving toon town from distruction as a ToonTown train destroys the dip machine.

A crowd of various Toons then surround his burned empty suit and melted face. The will of Marvin Acme suddenly appears in Roger’s possession, granting full ownership to the citizens of Toontown.

How do we really win and live happily ever after?

Find the Will and Restore our Individual Local Toontowns.

The Public Domain belongs to us. Restore the Corporate Charter to the place of service under the public domain, pay once build the local power, water, etc have low or no cost for the rest of your life, to advance the quality of the community for all equally without infringement on the Private Business and lives of People, the superficial laws and the 5-10 year corporate charter ensure it.

Make sure you don’t have GOONTOONs for Law Enforcement or Justice. Make sure they are Protecting the People Liberty and Serving the Public Rights. The oath is part of their Corporate Charter Contract.

It will end the public domain controlling the people and allow people to set their own agenda, to control their public domain and protect the Sovereign Liberties of the Private Domain at the local levels, making it a little more DIP proof with each battle, and the return of diligent private investigators into all levels of the Public Domain

Keep Sovereign Thinking


Written by sovereignthink

2010/07/24 at 3:00 am

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