Upholding Individual, State then National Sovereignty against the Enforcement of Global Governence and Tyranny

Of, For & By the ‘Natural’ People? Can We Answer Yes?

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How is the Individual American Really Protected from the Rise and Oppression of Tyranny?


Sovereignthinking Government Checks and Balances In Local, State then Federal.

We are taught that “The Federal Government was created to Protect us from Tyranny and The Three Branches of the Federal Government are ‘Checks and Balances’ against the Federal Government from Tyranny.”

However their actions are, more often than not, Smoke and Mirrors to obscure Tyranny.

I have also heard it taught and said “We are not a Tyranny because we are/have a Democracy” that is entirely false on its face and I won’t get into the evolution of that Orwellian doublethink. But can only say Constitutional Republic.

I propose that there are indeed three branches that offer the checks and balances in our government but they are not taught nor learned, debated or discussed.

These three branches are The Hierarchical Foundation written into the Constitution. It made up much of the initial Debate, Success and Inspiration of our Nation. This Sytem of Goverance is what I call the ‘Weight, Balance and Check’ system or Individual/Local, State and Federal system. (listed in order of power)

1)      Weight – Federal – Protectorate – Offers Last Defense and Judgment, When Needed and Called Upon. All States join to Protect against violation of Civil Rights in Public Domain and Individual Liberties in Private Domain of Every Individual Natural Person in the Republic.

  1. Supreme Court, Legislative, Executive
  2. Weight in international protection
  3. Last protection in arbitration against State abuses and violations of the Individual’s rights and liberties.
  4. Regulate and grown the Public Domain for the use of Natural Persons in Its Laws, Equitable Availability and Maintain freedom from Infringement or Fraud.

2)       Balance – States –All States have individual power to Protect against violation of Civil Rights in Public Domain and Individual Liberties in Private Domain of every Natural Person in Their State.

  1. Everything and Anything but the 17 powers delegated to the Federal Government, so long as it doesn’t violate the constitutional Liberties of the Individual.
  2. Nullification, Inter Position, Grand Jury, National Guard are Great and Powerful, Just not used often or effectively enough.
  3. Constitutional Convention
  4. Succession from the Union for Breach of Contract from the Federal Government (The Secondary or Created Party) and Inability to Redress Grievances with the States (The Primary or Creating Parties).

3)      Check – The People – Of, For and By The People; We, The People check Everything they (Local, State and Federal) are doing against that creed. We Check to ensure the Private Domain, the Doom of each Man is a Free Doom, Unmolested and has Protected Sovereign Liberty for the Individual and the Public Domain, the Doom of the Community, is in Service to the Individual in Just, Equitable, Lawful Action, without Instigation of Usury, Force, Fraud or Cohersion against the Individual or Public Domain. 

We must break past smoke and mirrors to the governance, the agenda, the actions and what policy is made; to get to the actions, if they violate an individual’s Rights and Liberties, within the Law, We must Judge the Law in Error. For Our Rights and Liberties are the Object of the System, we are the Creators of the Parties and should be most Free, Powerful and Able within it. If we are Tyranny can not prevail and the Republic is not in Breach of Contract.

  1. We can act with Every Right and Freedom The People posse, to what ever degree it is still possessed. Every action you can lawfully make is a peaceful check and balance against Tyranny; Voting, Redress Grievances, Confront Accusers, Speech, Press, Assemble, Secure in Privacy, Arms, etc.As well as local protections; City Hall, County Commissioners, County Sheriffs, County Judges, etc.
  2. Knowing your rights and knowing how we can say no and back it up with peaceful lawful Rights and Liberties is the ultimate Check.


Written by sovereignthink

2010/06/22 at 10:42 pm

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