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How ‘They’ are Kicking the Legs Out From Under America

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How ‘They’ are Kicking the Legs Out From Under America


This is the way I see it may happen this tax ‘season’.

This last year the Withholding Law was changed so that businesses didn’t have withhold taxes according to current tables.

Older tables were used or low withholding rates were allowed.

This was because the market had collapsed and liquidity was needed for small businesses and consumers.

The Tax table was amended but not the taxes that were still going to be due.

Therefore this year there is a majority of tax payers that are going to owe a large amount. These are the average taxpayers; they have usually broken even or maybe got a little back. This is going to be a big blow to most America.

I am talking true Lowest Minimum wages, small-medium business, office workers, Middle America and on up the line.

All of this is coming into an environment that is already primed and hostile with extreme tension over tax tension, brought on by Bailouts, Fraud, Inflation, Increased blanket IRS Harassment, Unemployment and Waste.

The main boiler that I have seen as the real driver; but not spoken of in the tax debates most people have; or is not in the news, is a big one. It has destroyed a stop gap and protection that most people have felt is their saving grace. It has been removed by stealth, the change of the CPA (certified public accountants) market; their purpose and role of protecting their client’s property.

The CPAs are now working for the IRS because they are under the screws of the Tax Man.

Increasingly over the past few years CPAs have been held more and more liable by the IRS for miss filed claims. The CPA is now almost as liable as the taxpayer.

Now the CPA tries to have the taxpayer over pay because if the taxpayer forgot something or did not disclose all of their lives expenditures (intentionally or not) then the CPA will be audited as well as the taxpayer by the IRS. Every client is now a liability.

Pitted Craftsman against Customer.

By Hook or by Crook and the CPAs are now on the hook for each filing.

‘We’ll I’ll try, but things are really tight out there and the IRS is coming down hard.” Is the bait.

And the FISH?

Well That’s US.

The IRS has put the CPA and Taxpayer at odds with each other, the customer can not trust the quality of the product because the CPA has been put in an impossible position.

This is something that the American people and CPAs are standing silently for, even with the knowledge that…

  • The EAO gave 10 Tax Men the same Taxpayers information and got 10 different answers.
  • DAO statistic 80% of notices sent by the IRS to taxpayers are incorrect notices.
  • Half of Congress doesn’t pay taxes. Rangel doesn’t , Doesn’t Gietner.
  • The IRS is driving citizens to not just bankruptcy but suicide.

Why is Congress not looking into the environment that the IRS is creating in this nation?

What are these taxes being spent on anyway; that the Tax Men are willing to steal, imprison and kill for it?

‘Not One Red Cent’! Remember?

That was true in 1981. That was the call to action. The Alarm clock for the sleeping Giant. The Peeling of the Liberty Bell.

‘Not One Red Cent of the United States Income Tax goes to run the country, it goes to pay the interest, the usury, to the international bankers that created the debt at their Federal Reserve.’

That was a public declaration of total bankruptcy. Financial, legal, moral.

It was a statement that the Vault of Freedom is empty and we are indentured, we were sold.

We are much more in debt now as a Nation than in 1981. 

  • over 60 trillion in foreign holdings
  • over 500 trillion in derivatives

Until 1920’s the Federal Government only ever ‘minted’ or ‘controlled’ 20% of the total Federal Currency in the circulation for the entire Nation.

The other 80%… State Bank Notes, Local Bank Notes, Private Reserve Notes, even credit accounts with local merchants, made up the bulk.

These are financial instruments that this nation was founded on that do not exist today.

(The Bank of North Dakota is the only state-owned bank in America and is doing much better than most States in America because of it. They protected the right to their own usury)

These exstinct interments were backed, owned, created and controlled by the local people and economy.

They are real value in relation to the work in the community.

They are now gone to new era of a total centralized monopoly control of the nations currency and central ‘value’ control of the planned market system.

With 20/20 hind sigh, now that we are “Looking Backward” 2000-1887 this ‘Nation Socialism’ has been growing.

This has been since 1913, let in by depression, State and Local Charter-Mongering, Race to the Bottom of 1887-1895, several precious medal seizures, Property Rights Vilified, Forever-Blowing-Bubbles, So that we are now all but a cashless, valueless, surf-state, welfare-state, police-state, control-state, paycheck-to-paycheck, in Terror of the Tax-Man.

Primed for the next race to the bottom. 

Next will be an increase in Nation Charter-Mongering.

NSA, EPA, CDC, FEC, FDA, NATO, NAFTA, EU, NAU, UN Charter-Mongering race to the bottom.

State, Local and Private need to stand-up and say no more.

It starts from the roots, the grass roots, with the Private individuals and moves up the tree of Liberty. Up the trunk to the powerful Local Branches of the Community, then the further out smaller State branches, then to the little limbed, fat fruit politicians in Washington.

Peacefully we will shake them loose from there over ripe cling perch and eat of the knowledge of Liberty and Freedom shall be restored.


Written by sovereignthink

2010/03/07 at 4:10 am

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