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The US is Arming ‘Osama Bin Laden Brigade’ a.k.a. Syrian Rebels

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When US and NATO forces overthrew the most democratic and prosperous Africa nation, Libya, they in turn ‘liberated’ the Libyan defense industry and indeed the national defense by shipping the nearly all of Lybia’s arms abroad.   With over 10,000 heat seeking missiles alone being shipped to the Free Syrian Army and its ‘Osama Bin Laden Brigade,’ the US is thereby enabled the overthrow yet another sovereign country, Syria, and the Syrian government.

These Libyan national stockpiles where stored in and shipped out of Benghazi.  The arms deals were supervised by US Ambassador Chris Stevens,  who was under direct orders by the US and NATO to do so.

The Islamist Militants, now placed in ‘control’ of Libya by the US and NATO, attacked the Benghazi storehouses in order to ensure that they could keep control of Libya’s armaments themselves and thus keep their militant control of a US/NATO overseen Libya.

Since these attacks put a wrench in the arms deals, they were sure to cause congressional hearings in the US,   This would expose the nature of the Libyan invasion and indeed the US/NATO overthrow of the Syrian government with the very same Islamist Militants which had helped the US/NATO overthrow Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain during the ‘Arab Spring.’ It would even reveal that these are the same Islamist Militants, our “enemies,”who perpetrated the 9-11 attacks for which the US and NATO invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, the same militants who now make up the ‘Osama Bin Laden Brigades’ a.k.a. Al Qaida a.k.a. Terror.

If Stevens, even though a ‘yes’ man, had survived, he surely would have broken the entire nature of his arms shipment orders from the US and NATO in the congressional investigations.  (Continue this, with no paragraph break.)  For this reason the US and NATO gave the stand down order and Stevens was killed in the attack.

So far the 30 survivors of the attacks on the Benghazi storehouses have not been allowed to testify in public on their whistle-blowing case.

Yet even without these 30, the testimony already given by those; who were not actually working in Benghazi, who nonetheless were directly involved in the arms deals and shipments or knew of the US/NATO nature of the stand-down order, has been the direct cause for Grand Jury investigations and indictments.

We must stop trying to overthrow the world.

We Must End All US Government Wars: Terror, Drugs, Hunger, Education, Guns, Industry, Family, Freedom, etc.

Restore the United States of America.

Please God…

Let us restore our own house and retain the title of the light on a hill.





Written by sovereignthink

2013/05/20 at 9:26 pm

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