Upholding Individual, State then National Sovereignty against the Enforcement of Global Governence and Tyranny

If Europe had been disarmed prior to WWII as it is today…

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If the European countries had been disarmed, as they are today, what would have stopped the Third Reich from establishing total control of the entire region?

What would have stopped the Nazi’s from invading all of Europe, including Spain, Portugal, Italy as well as England, and her islands.
Today what would stop a Military power NATO, Russia, etc. from conquering the whole of the EU, With the exception of Switzerland, where every house must hide a machine gun in order to prevent an invading army from confiscating them. Their government perform an annual search of every home and the owner is must pay a fine if the police can find the citizens hidden machine guns?
Today the very few single and double load shot guns in Europe would not stand a chance against a unified invasion from the armed population of the middle east.
If the United States of America had been so disarmed during WWII, Japan would have invaded after Pearl Harbor. The US military did not prevent an assault on the mainland. The Only thing that prevented Japan’s attack on the continental US was the private firearms ownership of the public and the militias that would rise against any invading force; for as Isoroku Yamaoto said, “There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”
European nations are in a primed position to be conquered and are indeed being made dependent to a Reich of the unelected EU.

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