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The Kingdoms New Clothes or The Old Mantle of Liberty

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A Democracy allows for only one debate, for the argument to happen only once, until the consensus is reached; then the unconsent of the minority is overruled, the shearing begins and we pretend we are all still clothed, that we have freedom and that this is good.

 A Constitutional Republic allows for perpetual differences to co-exists in peace and liberty, then every mantle is maintained, to set an honest example, to truly retain, reflect and respect each individuals achievements.


It is simply pretending the Kingdom is cloaked in justice, liberty and humanity, while the majority binds the minority…


It is knowing the Republic, is secured and bound in the iron clad Constitutional Armor of the oath to defend and uphold the civil liberty, natural rights and free individual conscience of mankind as the unalienable, the sovereign, the purpose and the law of our free and independent public.

The real mantle of individual freedom, owning property, retaining personal agency, enterprise, effort and energy, without threat and fear of plunder, frees the individual to grow, save and prosper in security from day to decade and from genealogy to unknown generations.

Our Sacred Oaths and adherence to that principle is what has made The United States of America exceptional.

That is the fount of wealth for our nation and of any nation. Our peace and diversity, empowered by individual sovereignty, are what have made us the most prosperous example of liberty to the world.

While our actions as a democracy or rule of consensus, which violate the free agency of man and our foundations of natural law, can make us the most feared example of tyranny in the world.

For a nation ruled by democracy is madness and truly believes the kingdom created is still clothed in liberty and justice for all.

It is Democracy rule of law


It is Constitutional rule of law

It is Kingdom


It is Freedom


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