Upholding Individual, State then National Sovereignty against the Enforcement of Global Governence and Tyranny

Government Declares Soldiers and Vets ODD disarmed and detained for Political expression

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If soldiers, officers and military only vote and offer no political input into society, we will never be aware as a public of illegal, immoral, corrupt, usury and abusive activity in our government.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey: Politically active veterans erodes public’s trust in military

2012-08-24 / Viewpoint / The Fort Gordon Signal

By Jim Garamone of the American Forces Press Service


ABOARD A MILITARY AIRCRAFT – Using the uniform for partisan politics erodes the trust the American people have in their military, Gen. Martin E. Dempsey said Wednesday.

During a discussion with reporters aboard a C-17 returning from Afghanistan and Iraq, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff addressed a question about a group of Navy SEALs who have put together a political action committee.

Dempsey has been outspoken that service members have truly earned their right to vote, and that all Americans are entitled to private and personal opinions.

But, the chairman said, he and his fellow members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are the stewards of the profession of arms, and must ensure service members don’t cross an important line.

“One of the things that marks us as a profession in a democracy is it’s most important we remain apolitical…”


On what subjects must our officers and soldiers remain silent general?

US War Crimes; Overt public violations of constitution by the highest offices in the land; or the utilization and upholding of the illegally declared power to unilaterally arrest, detain and strip citizens, servicemen and veterans of their rights indefinitely?

Our citizens, officers and veterans can be labeled with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD),  mental instability, insane or enemy belligerents and can thus be civilly detained for public safety, without hearing, warrant or recognized right; we need to peacefully stand up to demand justice be restored. 20,000 people in Virginia alone last year were detain via government decree; that would 3,700,000 people a year nationwide.

Veterans have truly been tagged reds or ‘un-friendlies’ on the Governments systems.

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Veterans, those under Oath to the Constitution, those dedicated to public service more than any have earned our respect to be unfettered, expert, revered and indeed must speak their political minds, truth and experienced understanding.

They must fulfill this duty, role and oath, in order to stop fast and furious abuses of government authority and must disregard entirely the ideas and threat of Gen. Martin E. Dempsey and the federal government.

Truth is the only way to peacefully restore and uphold our Republic.

Loud and clear blow the whistle on unconstitutional activities and orders

Keep ringing your personal, veteran Alarm Bell of Liberty.



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