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Obama Anti-Universal Health Care Passes Every Branch

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Obama Care Does not cover preexisting conditions, if you had been getting checkups like you should and we know about a health problem too bad, should have let it go and gotten free coverage from Obama Care.

Now, with $2.11 for federal  tobacco tax and $0.87 for ca state tobacco tax, for a total of $2.98 out of a $5.00 for a pack of cigarettes, $2.02 is left to the retailer and manufacturer to split.

$1.01 for the retailer, who paid the clerk, the cleaning staff, the city permits of operation, the county and state licensing and filing fees, the insurance, the shipping cost, rent or mortgage, etc.

$1.01 for manufacturer, who complied with the EPA, factory unions, drought season, irrigation fees, processing costs, mandatory label changes, more shipping costs, leases or mortgage, etc.

$2.98 for the government and $2.02 for the sellers.

The thing is, funds from the tobacco tax go to pay for cancer research, health education, and many other fine things in the medical industry.

Now on top of that I as a smoker must pay this abomination of a ‘tax’.

I am forced, like social security, to buy into a health care insurance system; however a system that will not cover or pay for care of my pre-existing conditions (i.e. smoking and all related illness,).

This is like paying into social security but any ‘old age’ related costs or illness will not be covered.

Yet those who don’t smoke will draw healthcare from funds derived from the federal and state sales taxes paid for by each individual cigarette pack tax dollar; near 300% tax for the manufacturer and retailer and 150% tax overall (where is the Boston tobacco party when you need it), as well as my President Obama Care Tax.

I know that smoking is a cause of cancer, it kills and such, but people have been smoking for centuries and cancer rates have gone up by 300%-5000%, ONLY in the last few decades (statically depending on; age, demographic and type of cancers)

Smoking has not increased by 300%-5000%, we would all be smoking 4 packs a day; there is another environmental cause.

Yet we now have Obama Medicine, at least as big an enactment as the creation of social security, with no state ratification, we have created ‘again’ an American universal health care system that is really just federal regulation to create monopoly over state and individual liberty. (see Flexner and ama)

Yet, I with this; legislatively, executively and judicially certified federal law, I am already excluded from their universe.

Smokers don’t fit into their global plan, I guess I get to die for my country without their cancer cures or heart transplants.

 Are you a smoker, a drug user, over-weight, are you old or outspoken?

Would you also like to sacrifice for this countries central medicine system? You already are.

Let us instead Republic our communities, cities, counties, states and union against violations of liberty, agency and freedom under the local liberty tree.

What is the Tree of Liberty


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Written by sovereignthink

2012/06/29 at 8:51 am

2 Responses

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  1. Note: As mentioned before, we used small print and will continue to do so with all of the reference articles in this section. Get your reading glasses if you must. There is so much here, that space will not permit larger type to fit efficiently. So . . . let’s analyze what you’ve just read. First, it seems that the anti-tobacco groups, who were highly instrumental in killing this bill, believe that tobacco bans would not be effective and at least one member felt a ban would drive tobacco use underground. Now I ask you, what is the difference in a partial ban, which is precisely what higher taxes and regulation on smoking is, and a total ban. Both would seem to have a similar effect, the partial ban (tax) perhaps less so but still an analogous effect. In other words, as far as consumption, these anti-smoking groups, all well established, self-appointed protectors of the health of everybody, made it clear that banning tobacco may not reduce its use – at all. This is a fair representation of their statements, I think, perhaps even understated. They also bemoaned that they would lose all the revenue they live on (anti-tobacco once again is a very BIG business) and all of their cessation programs would suffer. I ask simply, “If there were no tobacco to be smoked, why would their cessation programs be needed at all?” What we have here is a clear example of the dichotomy operated under by the entire anti-smoking movement, whose very existence (and paychecks) rely on tobacco taxes (and other taxpayer funded government programs), donations from dupes, and, of course, lawsuits. These organizations are clearly as “hooked on tobacco” as the members of the legislature whom the bill’s sponsor admonished – for being just that.


    2012/07/06 at 1:06 pm

  2. You can do this. Head up. Face to the wind. My heart aches for you. While the Spirit of Liberty is part of every heart – the tempter always inserts the hellish hope of security. All you have to give up is everything. Oh, and force everyone else to give up everything.

    The Daughter of Roland FREEMAN Baird

    2012/06/30 at 12:40 am

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