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Droning on about Homeland Police State

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Droning on about Homeland Police State

Are there Police Homeland Drones or just a Homeland Droning on?

Is the US government using public airspace to monitor the citizens on their private land or spy on them?

Is the government monitoring nearly all citizens’ public and private activity?                                 

Or is this simply hysteria of the times?

I think we can answer these questions.

As for the airspace and the drones? Yes, this is not denied. For Federally admitted agencies, to name a few, there is the; FBI, ATF, EPA, NFS, DEA, NSA and locally there are county sheriff, city police and state’s departments.

Some of these government offices breach the public’s trust in expected privacy, not from drones but manned Cessna’s, while other agencies and departments use exclusively drones in their local aerial surveillance.

The FAA has authorized US Airspace for private and local public UAV ‘Drone’ Operations, to aircraft that fly high enough and are large enough to enter regulated flight paths.

Under a FIOA order, the FAA was forced to release a partial list of entities authorized to operate UAVs in US airspace. This is outside federal agencies or the military industrial complex operations and again does not include small, off-the-shelf, radio controlled craft.

Department of Defense Caught Lying About Use Of Domestic Spy Drones

List of All Certificates of Authorizations (COAs) Issued to Public Entities

List of All Special Airworthiness Certificates issued to Private Entities

Take a look at the Cirpas program and their projects demonstrations like the Autonomous Searching and Tracking of a River using an UAV. However they started a long time ago with one of the first CIRPAS projects the Pelican UAV Surrogate System, where a Cessna and twin engine pelican craft were easily converted into unmanned surveillance drones.

But we can’t all be tagged and tracked. Where is this police tracking system? Where is the technology and infrastructure?

Three words Radio Frequency Identification.

Where can these RFID tags go, aren’t they just for theft protection or trucking and transportation, can’t the public just avoid them? Could one be put in my car without me knowing it was there? Could it be hidden in my wallet or driver’s license? In my cash? In my garbage and packaging, in my food…could I eat it? How small are these ActiveID chips? Smaller than a pinhead? Yes, oh yes, a Nano sized yes.

So let’s see…

With RFID smart grid scanners and ActiveID antenna are already on every highway and every ‘major’ road under the DOT’s RITAIntelligent Transportation Systems Program Advisory Committee (ITSPAC), Prepass systems infrastructure integration and implementation of other federal initiatives for the shipping, transportation, communications and data industries, things are looking worse.

Need more info, well what is the Prepass RFID infrastructure?

According to the IRS

In 2001 through US Dot’s Intelligent Transportation System and other initiatives, tag and reader technologies have been developed and deployed. By 2005, deployments are expected to cover the Nation.

One of the new technologies is the “Prepass” Electronic Preclearance System.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) in many states uses PrePass, on the interstate highway network.

The next step in Information Technology is expected to turn the entire day to day operations of trucking into a “no touch” process from beginning to end. This step will take companies closer to being defined as a “digital firm”.

These digital firms will be handled by the same companies now supporting Prepass and other ‘virtual’ ID-ing in transportation and individual ID-ing.

Companies like TechAmerica which is focused on promoting technology and ensuring best practices for Identity Management Security.

TechAmerica is owned by HID GLOBAL with more than 2,500 enterprises, government agencies, financial institutions, and service providers around the world relying on ActivIdentity infrastructure from TechAmerica.

TechAmerica’s identity management committee provides the industry with a forum for working with federal and state governments to develop identity authentication and verification best practices. The group focuses on a variety of issues including the Homeland Security Presidential Elective (HSPD)-12, health identity authentication, biometrics, the Real ID Act, RFID and federated identity and government credentialing programs.


HID Global – The Secure Identity Object (SIO)

ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System

HID iCLASS Contactless Smart Card presentation

HID Global Mobile Access Pilot at Arizona State University

Australian RFID Traffic Control GRID

US confirms (RFID) high-tech driver’s licenses

HID GLOBAL Mobile Access will try to secure the identity of objects (SIO), through the contactless Active Identification Management System (AIMS) and depending the RF iClass will know what is being transporting and who is permitted to possess and purchase what is transported can be monitored, processed and determined.

With Cameras are at nearly every intersection, freeway entrance, interchange and interval connected to the DHS threat fusion scanning systems, all faces and license plates are monitored and filtered.

What about the government monitoring every phone call or tracking everywhere we go? That can’t be possible, right?

You could try to avoid the cameras but then you would also have to get rid of you cell phone and computer communications…

Because, yes, government agencies are really monitoring all citizens’ communications?

Under the Federal CALEA law (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act), since 1995 all cell phones are required to be ActiveRFID integrated and all features must be remotely accessible in real time.

And now since 9-1-2001, via the PATRIOT act, NDAA, ACTA and under general national security all; emails, internet activity, power usage (smart meters), phone calls, purchases, finances and any digital personal data, automatically passes through government filter programs like CARNIVOR, ECHELON, Narus-Insight, etc. and are also stored in backup by corporations to be and shared upon request (or for purchase) by government agencies.

But even without the electronics there still could be RFID tracking in anything you own, buy, wear or eat and even without RFID tracking there are the recon satellites, planes and drones with infrared night vision scopes sending your location to the threat fusion centers.

This is the NSTIC we will be beaten into submission with. This is the technopticon. This is the Smart Grid; Integrated Infrastructure and recognition software in place for; License plate, speech, voice, facial, digital information, RFID data all sent to threat fusion centers for ‘threat pattern’ and monitoring of potential criminal activity.

DARPA, RAND, Huxely and Hitler all planned for total information awareness to allow for total population control.

How do you get on the list?

Do you resist and point out government oppression, fraud, corruption and tyranny in anyway?

Then you are on the list.

How do we stop this?

By getting on the list.

Peaceful, legal and just resistance can be angry, powerful and loud.

Against such a threat as this and open acts of tyranny, it should be defining.

Ring your alarm bell of liberty as often and loud as you can.

Get out of the left right and get on the list.




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