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The Increase of cannabis growers in Utah Mountains

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What has happened to cause this change, what are the problems faced and how can they be remedied?


  1. Use of public land illegally for enterprise crop sharing  without public compensation or authorization
  2. Destruction of local grow areas with litter and damaged foliage
  3. Growers are illegal immigrants, funded by drug cartels, operating outside of Mexico and us society
  4. Public Safety – growers willing to kill for crops
  5. Federal officers allowed into state to patrol and enforce what should be local public law

Cause of Issues

  1. Use of public land to grow cannabis has not been authorized since WWII and use of private land for personal and local use has also been rendered illegal, since around the same time.
  2. Because mountain grow sites are an illegal operations, concern for the treatment of land and stewardship of the public domain is a very low or a nonexistent priority for growers.
  3. Recent external changes in cannabis market have caused the illegal immigrant growers expansion into Utah’s mountains, some of the larger influences have been;
  • Increased violence, destabilization and corruption in Mexico’s Cartels and government has caused the local farms and production to be un-defendable from competing cartels. (federal actions such as operation gunrunner, fast and furious as well as tens of billions admittedly laundered by the feds and US banks annually have added greatly to the destabilization)
  • New increased border security has decreased easy cost effective border arteries and closed down some of the smaller cartels ability to cross the border with shipments regularly.
  • Regulated, taxed and legal private grower competition from California’s interpositiona and nullification has cut off this enormous market share and demand for nearly any illegal cannabis within California’s borders.
  • and lastly
  • Massively increased production, distribution and competition out of Afghanistan
  1. Cannabis is illegal under federal mandate; it has a prohibition street value of millions of dollars from a single Utah mountain grow. These growers will be killed, their families, friends and loved ones back in Mexico will be killed by the cartels for this much black market money.
  2. This is due to illegal federal prohibition on drugs without constitutional amendment, as was required for alcohol prohibition under the long ago repealed 18th amendment. Without a constitutional amendment, the prohibition of a non-processed cash crop or processed commodity, is in direct violation of federal authority as well as state authority and individual citizen’s fundamental natural rights.

Federal solutions to the issues

  1. Tougher laws and sentences for drug offenders
  2. Drug dealers are terrorists; provide more drug enforcement officers, better equipment and legal ‘tools’ to stop offenders
  3. Just say no…

Local solutions to issues

  1. Remove need to illegally grow crops in the public mountain lands by providing secure public farm lands for development, to citizens and Mexican nationals.
  2. Decrease local street value and illegal black market influence by legalizing local personal private use, growing and processing. Remove the criminality of this crop from the local public domain.
  3. Create large groups of local deputized citizens to scout and patrol the public lands, making the environment less appealing.

That was some grammar and logic of the situation so now here is the rhetoric in my sovereignthinking.

Cannabis, known as the weed crop, is one of mankind’s earliest and oldest cash crops. It is very easy to grow and cultivate in almost any climate with even the shortest of growing seasons and with minimal soil degradation. As a cash crop it holds top annual acreage yields in textile, dietary fiber, protein, bio-mass and natural medical applications.

If the federal or state government without any constitutional amendment made alcohol illegal, cotton illegal, corn illegal, soybeans illegal, pine products illegal or any staple commodity there would be a revolution.

Show me, in the constitution (state or federal), where the people have given the government the power  and authority to dictate, regulate or prohibit what private  crops may be grown and how those private crops may be privately treated, processed and utilized for voluntary public consumption.

The local issues in Utah’s mountains rise out of federal, international and interstate black-marketplace, While we can’t change these external causes, we can locally interpose against and nullify the effects of their unconstitutional, federal and state, mandates on cannabis and hemp.

To do this the sheriff can deputize enough men to patrol the mountains in armed militia groups of 100 or more; to act as scouts, stewards and guard sentinel over own public domain, removing any need of federal/state agents with orders and allegiance to Washington/SLC not the local people of Utah.

We then legalize growing cannabis. If the county authorities authorize specific areas of the local public domain which can be secured, regulated and maintained; to be leased for no cost to public and potentially could be a very high revenue lease and public property development process; this system would allow the cartels to legally lease safer more desirable farmland, with much higher yields than the mountain grows; thus removing the public from danger while enjoying their mountains and public lands.

The county could also constitutionally allow private growth and production for individual and local uses (obviously regulating distribution to minors or danger to the public, such as impaired motor vehicle use).

Sheriffs must understand that they are fighting a losing battle by try to fight the Capone cartels under unjust, unconstitutional laws (that is under prohibition of a staple commodity without constitutional amendment) and allowing federal officers to operate without constitutional authority and arrest the peaceful citizens they swore to protect. The rules of that game are being broken and good can never win by using evil. We can’t force our goodness it will only create evil.

Instead we the people and the sheriffs must uphold just laws, for just farming, with just local regulation only insofar as to provide for just public safety and complete protection of property.

We the adult public then must provide an example in the wisdom and benefits of a productive sober lifestyle, with real empathy, patience, forgiveness and love for those addicted.

Is this tradeoff in allowing the free exchange of commodities, worth removing machine gun armed cartels from our mountains? Is that not the purpose of our government; the securing of free agency, free market, free trade, freedom to personally grow without threat or government infringement  and regulation?

I do not promote or decry recreational drug use (with use, addiction and excess are always a risk and very destructive), however I support fundamental natural rights and personal liberty under my nation’s declaration of individual, local and national sovereignty; and with that authority, I will defend with eternal hostility every form of tyranny over the hearts, minds, lives and free agency of man.

Then let us fight this battle.

Let us celebrate this freedom, we can have our universities and colleges study the uses and new science applications now available to hemp and cannabis to create products and industry.

If we invest our public domain into the freedom we create, we can cause a force multiplier to increase our local investment with the markets created in our local public domain of liberty and justice.

It is the reinvestment which creates the community trust and treasury of wealth within the public domain. (a domain which serves its public and maintains its value)

Utah is rich with wealth but this wealth is untapped because there is fear of acting freely, producing, creating and growing something of value, under the constant threat upheld by our Utah and Federal police state.

Keep your oath to the constitution, to the principles of individual liberty, life, property, pursuits, justice and freedom.

This is our public, our city, our county, our state, our lives and our duty to this nation for the generations yet to come.



Written by sovereignthink

2012/06/25 at 5:57 pm

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