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Marshalling Ron Paul’s Momentum

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Marshalling Ron Paul’s Momentum


If Ron Paul does not support Mitt Romney’s nomination in 2012, he can retire from federal service; however he must not retire from public service all together, rather he must take the wave of delegates and continue the campaign for freedom, touring the nation and focus on the local liberty movement.

He must continue ringing the alarm bell of liberty, leading marches against known
injustice; demanding redress and restoration.

A movement for a limited federal government with limited powers used only to protect, state’s rights, local authority and individual sovereignty.

2014 will be the year of Re-Stating the Re-Public

Spearheading the movement state by state fighting the tsa, epa, dhs,
etc. I nominate.

Ron Paul governor of Texas, county commissioner or mayor of a city  – 2014

Sheriff Mack Texas Representative, Texas sheriff, Texas state rep or lieutenant gov  – 2014

Joel Skousen governor of Utah, city mayor, county commissioner, state representative – 2014


In 2016 – Run on a ticket together from day one as a third party

President – Judge Andrew Napolitano
Vice President – Governor Jesse Ventura

Restore local authority within the republics ‘tree of liberty’ system.

We need to reclaim local authority and justice.

We need state banks, state commodity depositories and research
institutions, state corporate law reform, local control of public
domain and defense against federal government violations of state and
individual citizen’s fundamental natural rights.



Written by sovereignthink

2012/06/08 at 8:09 pm

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