Upholding Individual, State then National Sovereignty against the Enforcement of Global Governence and Tyranny

Did you order water bordering?! You’re g*d-d@mn right I did!

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We need more than a Few Good Men, to fight for principle and stand that hard fast line in the earth.


                               You're goddamn right I did!

                               Please the court, I suggest the jury be
                               dismissed so that we can move to an
                               immediate Article 39a Session.  The
                               witness has rights.

                               Lt. Ross?
                                              (as a friend)

ROSS looks at KAFFEE, then JESSEP, then nods his head "yes" to RANDOLPH.

The Sergeant at Arms will take the jury to an ante-room where you'll wait until further instruction.

                               What the hell's going on?
                               Captain, what the hell's going on?  I did
                               my job.  I'd do it again.  
                               Now I'm getting on a plane and going back to my base.

                               M.P.'s, guard the prisoner.

                               What the hell-

                               Colonel Jessep, you have the right to
                               remain silent.  Any statement you do make
                               can be used against you in a trial by
                               court-martial or other judicial or
                               administrative proceeding.  You have the
                               right ...

                               I'm being charged with a crime? I'm--
                               that's what this is—
                               I'm being charged with a crime?  I'm-
                               that's what's happening?  This--I'm-this
                               is funny, you know that, this is--
                               I'm gonna tear your eyes right outta your
                               head and piss in your dead skull.  You
                               fucked with the wrong marine.
                               Colonel Jessep, do you understand those
                               rights as I have just read then to you?
                               You fuckin' people.
                               You have no idea how to defend a nation.
                               All you did was weaken a country today. You put
                               people in danger.  Sweet dreams, son.
                               Don't call me son. I'm a lawyer, and an officer of the, 
                               United States Navy.  And you're under arrest you Son-of-a-bitch.

It is a crime to order the troops, soldiers, officers and agents to commits violations of their oath to the constitution, human liberty and fundamental natural rights of any individual, at any time, especially outside of ‘battlefield’ conditions.

President George W. Bush admitted he personally approved the use of waterboarding, A method of torture in the CIA’s “enhanced” interrogation techniques that has since been banned by the Justice Department.

George Bush has admittedly committed war crimes, those soldiers, officers and agents he admittedly ordered to commit those crimes have served prison sentences from, by and of the United States Justice System.

‘Mr President, Did you Order the Code Red? ‘

 ‘You Don’t have to answer that!’  

‘Illanswer it!’

‘Did you order the Code Red?!’

“Damn right,” Bush says that he said.

a source close to Bush says he would have done the same thing again “to save lives,” though there’s been no proof produced that the torture technique has.

“Bush previously had acknowledged endorsing what he described as the CIA’s “enhanced” interrogation techniques – a term meant to encompass irregular, coercive methods.

Raw Story

Where are a few good men in the justice department to follow the chain of command and bring those admittedly responsible to before a grand jury and court of law?

In failing to bring the executive branch to justice, we have since allowed the president to grow and ship the world’s opium, launch missiles into nations for months and years, sit ‘in dual’ office and allegiance, (as the head of the UN security council as well as the POTUS), we have allowed the president to sight the UN/NATO as authority for US wars and the decision as to informing congress or not of the action would later be determined by the president, US military powers and councils from UN or NATO, as well unbarred federal action into citizen privacy, surveillance, detainment, re-education, interrogation and execution.

Impeachment for Bush

Impeachment for Obama

Do we really want to a have to call for another impeachment… of Romney in 2014?

Restore Justice 2012 – Ron Paul

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  1. I love what you guys are up too. This sort of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the great works guys I’ve included you guys to my personal blogroll.

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