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The Real Costs of Going Along to Get Along

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When, in 2008, the company I was working for closed down, I did not file for unemployment.

Even though I was completely eligible and a filing service was provided by the company’s hr department, I could not collect unemployment.

This was a moral line in the sand, a principle I could not cross.

The company which was closing could have revolutionized the market, but they were forced to pay nearly double the price of each employee’s salary due to the government requirements to purchase unemployment insurance, disability insurance, Medicare, Social Security, etc.

This force is in violation of the principles in which I believe. 

The Constitution, this Republic and the principle, for which they stand; that of fundamental natural rights, inalienable from each sovereign individual, is what stopped me.
I could not remove myself from this system but I would not be voluntary to it. By receiving this forced distribution of wealth, I would be condoning the action of taking by force without due process.

One might say I was over reacting, that it was a good thing the company had been forced to buy the government unemployment insurance because hundreds of people were now unemployed and clearly in need of it.

However if the operating costs had been lower, the company would still be around and could have filled the signed contracts, easily getting into the black within another year or so and hundreds of people would still be employed as well as an industry revolution.

This violation of force is the epidemic that has gutted our nation’s economy.

In good conscience I simply could not claim the money that directly killed the company into which I had put so much.

Explaining this to my wife and family was not as easy but they are patriots to the cause of individual liberty and we all set-in for the journey ahead.

Instead I created my own employment, generating around $18,000 per year and owe the government a portion this ‘income’ I must pay under the same threat of force that killed my company.

The $40,000+ I could have collected in unemployment, but did not, is worth nothing in the government equation. Neither is the massive change and sacrifice of my family’s style and quality of life, in transitioning from a $60,000 annual income to an $18,000 annual income.

Indeed the government student loans, home loans, food stamps and disability, I could have claimed all throughout my life, would total hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The value of these un-collected services in a just ‘equitable’ system should derive me some cover of merit in self sufficiency, a credit of citizen independence; to keep the $18,000 I created by my own power to feed myself, to cloth and provide for my family.

Of course within a system of a forced loss in private property, for the redistribution of the social good, there can never be justice or equity.

A Nation which once asked… ‘not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country’, has become a populous of, ‘Ask not what your country can take from you…ask what you can take from your country’.

The answer becomes ‘anything it wants’ and ‘everything you can’.

If one person collected; disability, unemployment, medicare, foodstamps, hud loans, government education grants, etc, etc, etc…what could be the potential controlled of wealth of that ‘poor’ individual. If we include the government’s cost of administering the distribution of this wealth, then the average ‘poor person’ is worth much more than we might expect.

They are ‘worth’ much more than everything I have earned in my 15+ years of full time employment.

What do you cost your fellow man? How much are you involved in creating a demand for more force, to feed growing ‘needs’ and government provided welfare security?

Where do we stand as a nation on principles?

Don’t think I am cold hearted to suffering. I believe in kindness, forgiveness and generosity for my fellow man, for my principles truly value the infinite potential within individual liberty.

I donate my time, money, support and energy to taking care of those in need, the less fortunate and where I can to improve things. My voluntary contribution to my society and the community is a positive creating more positive.

Force is a zero sum game at best, at worst, without due process; it is always an act of tyranny.

The loss of liberty, of property, of sovereignty is the loss of our principle and justice.

Restore it personally, communally, locally, publicly.


Re-public your city, re-public your county, re-public your state

and re-public our Republic,

 to this principle.

Defend, expose, arrest and prosecute all those who would violate it.


We do not have to live under corruption, fraud and force.

To the principle of individual freedom from force,

Be an active informed public.

Don’t fight city hall, reclaim it, republic it to the principle, restore justice to the public halls in freedom for the private individual.


Ring the alarm bell of liberty.

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  1. This is how America is Really Protected from the Rise and Oppression of Tyranny

    Protection from Democracy’s Tyranny


    2012/03/29 at 4:15 pm

  2. federal directives, policy and regulation

    super congress

    judicial legislation

    executive war powers

    War on poverty, war on disease, war on illiteracy, war on hunger, war on inequality, war on extremists, war on global warming, war on climate change, war on terror, war on drugs, war on over population, etc. etc.

    Done in the open, for all the public to see, in direct violation of the constitution of the united states

    overriding states jurisdiction, infringing unalienable civil liberties,

    with worldwide and complete disregard of every sovereign individual’s fundamental natural rights

    every member of the United States government must ensure the orders, directives, policies, regulations and laws which they are enforcing do not violate the oath to uphold and defend The Law, the Constitution of our republic, from violation,


    anyone foreign or domestic.


    2012/03/29 at 3:58 pm

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