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How to make a Phonebook Info-Bomb – Infowars Stencil Press

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How to make, a peaceful information weapon, in defense of freedom, liberty and justice, in this war to save all mankind from enslavement and murder.

(instructions below)

Telephone Book Info Bomb

Telephone Book Info Bomb

Often have I heard; ‘What can I as an individual do?’ 

But really what as an individual can you not do?

In fact individuals by doing something, usually small at first, have changed the course of history.

Look at MLK, JFK, Gandhi, Bastiat, Jefferson, Locke, Jesus or Moses

Each individual is actually infinite within their capacity to act. Humans are an unpredictable quantum potential of will, sentience and free agency. This is the nature of man and the fundamental natural rights of John Locke, the Magna Charta, the individual sovereignty of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, earlier to some extent in the Roman Republic and in the teachings and actions of Jesus.

Truly you can do an infinite number of things. Start by doing something simple.

Make flyers and signs; hang them on public posts and hand them out!

And here is how to have a big effect for very little cost and time, with step by step instructions on how to start changing the world.

The Telephone Book Info Bomb

            or the Telephone Stencil Sign Making Book

1)      Take one of the telephone books which arrive weekly/monthly on your doorstep

  1. tip: the larger, the thicker, the better.
  2. tip: the thicker glossier the covers work best and should be saved.

2)      Stencil your idea, slogan or information on the cover and cut it out, leaving the cover on the phonebook

  1. tip: take care to not cut the pages, use a piece of cardboard as a backing
  2. tip: make sure the stencil font is easily readable
  3. tip: the information is easily understood, simple and true.

3)      Cut the pages along the binding, two inches from the top, bottom and most of the way through the center; leaving two, one inch connections near either edge.  (see pic)

  1. tip: this is to make it easy to quickly, cleanly tear our each page/poster.

Telephone Book Info Bomb Press

Telephone Book Info Bomb Press

4)      Get contrasting (black) thick paint and a small roller

  1. tip: too much paint on the roller or watery paint will run under the stencil and wet the pages underneath.
  2. tip: paint color should standout from the color of the page to be easily readable

5)      Roller the paint on the stencil and quickly remove each post to dry.

  1. tip: place the book on a flat surface to roll your press evenly over the stencil.
  2. tip: once you have rolled a few pages the stencil edges might start to roll up, put wax paper over and under the stencil and place another phone book on top to keep it flat, let dry for an hour (fan can help) repeat until paint builds up on stencil and it does not curl. Also a spray seal can be used to prep the stenciled cover before painting.
  3. tip: very small, delicate, narrow stencils will curl more easily

6)      Where is the local legal public post? Call your local public county office and ask them where it is legal to post a sign.

  1. tip: if you do not want to tell them you are going to post political or ‘belligerent’ information you could ask them ‘where you can post a sign for a found lost dog?’
  2. tip: if you get resistance explain you are not trying to make money, operate a business or claim a reward, you just want to make sure where you can legally post. There are public areas you should be able to legally post election signs.
  3. tip: ask any additional questions; ‘Should I use tape, wire, staples or nails?’, or ‘Are there local city laws or someone else I should check with?’.
  4. tip: be polite. Thank them for their time and help. Let them know you will make sure no damage will be caused to any property.

7)      It is now time to go post. Be strategic and effective.

  1. tip: find places with high, yet slow traffic volumes (stops, bottlenecks, dips, turns, intersections, etc.)
  2. tip: find places with high volume foot traffic for smaller font stencils

8)      Inform in a way which allows the public to get more information and get active.

  1. tip: include informative websites, neighborhood organizations, local chat rooms, group meet-ups, etc.
  2. tip: organize, gather more info, share, inform, resist corruption
  3. tip: get people into public city and county council meetings and offices; as well as police and sheriff meetings and offices.

9)      Now go further, post more

  1. tip: get addicted to seeing the change you create, to the awakening you are creating.
  2. tip: be creatively legal;  windshields, public boards and legal public areas
  3. tip: find private property owners who will allow big banner hangs and big freeway side signs

10)   Share your success with others, by posting photos of signs, video of town meetings and stories of how you’re winning.

Support and purchase an official Infowars Stencil and Citizen Rule Books

Reclaim your local domain and your personal duty. Get active in activating neighbors who are waiting like you for direction and awaken the sleeping public.

Re-public our Republic domain

It is a revolution in truth, information and the idea of liberty

Restore America now from tyranny

Restore America now from the mindset of 1984

Restore America now to spirit of 1776

Restore America to the Constitution Now.

One person can change the world.

Look at Ron Paul and the end the private corporate federal reserve, ‘tea party’ movement he has started; as well as the public, end the federal reserving of private corporations in the occupy Wall Street or world ‘occupier’ movement.

Both have awakened to the government/corporate state of our union.

Ron Paul understands the cause of these symptoms and the treatment for both.

You can start a local revolution to standup against fraud, force and coercion in your halls of justice, in your streets, in your homes, in your domain.

You have been ordained by creation, to have infinite capacity within your free agency. What can’t you do?

By defending liberty, freedom or justice for all…

…there is no way to know what you as an individual are capable of achieving.

Ring your alarm bell of liberty.



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